Outlook has the fame to get easy & fast access to office 365 email on Android devices. After seeing the expansion of Android users, Microsoft released an Outlook app for Android users for the Android 4 version & above. Outlook is free to use. Android users find a pre-installed Gmail app with their device & get habituated with it. 


Some of the professionals may prefer Gmail but most of the people go for the Outlook app. This article is dedicated to those who think Outlook is only an email app. We’ll clarify to them what is Outlook for Android. After going through this article, you’ll learn about its features & differences from the Gmail app. So, let’s move on to the writing.


What is Outlook?

Outlook is a free email app for Android with some quality features. The Outlook Android app is a complete package with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook.com, iCloud, Gmail & Yahoo Mail. In the early time of the Outlook app, the developers had enabled its UI (User Interface) to be translated into 30 different languages. The outlook was first released in 2015 for use on Android devices.


In recent times, the authority of outlook has gifted a turnaround of making the outlook more attractive & brighter. The outlook app’s interface is constructed with sharp angles, straight lines & large white space. People widely use this app for sending & receiving emails & composing mail on this app is easy. Besides, this app helps with managing meeting schedules, sharing cloud files & so on.


Features of Outlook 

People widely use Outlook for sending & receiving emails but some of them make this app more useful. Microsoft has developed some good features inside Outlook. Would you mind having a jump inside its awesome features?


1. Scheduling meetings

When you schedule a meeting, you need to run from contact to calendar and emails respectively. It’s both a waste of energy & time. Outlook offers you to create a meeting schedule without leaving the inbox. 



Enter into your email home page first. Tap on the drop-down menu to open some options. From the list, pick up your needs like contacts, meeting appointments, etc. Now you don’t need to open different apps for picking contacts or making a schedule. 


what is outlook for android


2. Send similar emails easily

A convenient situation for sending similar emails can be found on the Outlook Android app. If you save your message as auto text, next time Outlook will show suggestions to you while writing. 


All you need to swipe the line at the right side & the sentence will be completed. Besides, quick parts of Outlook permit it to be saved for the future. So, it will be very convenient & time-saving for the future.



To save any text, highlight the text at first. Select Quick parts from the top menu bar visible in the Outlook app. Then, save the selection to the Quick part gallery. You can save it as auto text & it will appear as a suggestion when you’ll write emails later. 


3. Scheduling emails

This feature of Outlook is very advanced & useful. Sometimes you’ll need to send an email at a specific time but you find that the time will be blocked for you. So, here is this awesome feature to eradicate your problem. 



After writing your email, go to the Delay Delivery option. You’ll find an option for scheduling the delivery time of your email. It will appear as the “Don’t deliver before” option. Select your convenient date & time to send this email. To understand properly, have a look at the picture below.


what is outlook for android


4. Customizable inbox view

Using an app by customizing is more enjoyable. You’ll find a way of making a default view of your inboxes. Let’s see how to perform this action.



To customize your inbox of Outlook, tap on the “View” tab. Then you’ll see a view-changing option. Select it & make your own choice. From the view settings option, you can do more detailed customization. Just save the view & enjoy your customized Outlook app.


5. View with your favorite appearance

Some people like to get messages in bold form with black color. Some of them only like black color. Thinking about different opinions, the Outlook app has come with an appearance customization system. 


The big usefulness of using this feature is filtering emails. You can have emails from your boss with bold black color, you can have an email from your partner with an aesthetic font. 



Select on the specific inbox. Long press on it and then, a customization option will appear. Make your favorite appearance & view your future emails by it.


what is outlook for android


6. Scope of using keyboard shortcuts

If you love keyboard shortcuts, Outlook will make you glad at this point. These shortcuts can make your way easy & save your time. Have a look at these shortcuts.

  • CTRL+1: Used for switching to mail
  • CTRL+2: Used for switching to calendar
  • CTRL+3: Used for switching to contacts
  • CTRL+4: Used for switching to tasks
  • CTRL+SHIFT+A: Used for making a new appointment
  • CTRL+SHIFT+C: Used for creating a new contact
  • CTRL+SHIFT+M: Used for creating a new message
  • ALT+S: Used for sending messages
  • CTRL+R: Used for replying to a message


7. Effective Task management

This option can be used when you’re working on a project. This option can allow you to create new tasks for your group. Besides, you’ll receive combined replies from the team. It’s a good function to decrease the problem of discussing & cross-communication. Now, learn the system about activating this option.



By selecting the New task from the Task option, you have to create a task at first. After inputting all necessary data to the task, select “Assign a task” & then select the person you want to send the task to. Just click on the send option to send. Microsoft office 365 offers a “To do” app which will help to organize & view your tasks together.


what is outlook for android


Why is it used for? 

Have a quick look at the list of usages of the Outlook app Android.

  • For ending emails
  • For receiving emails
  • For saving messages for the future
  • Creating folder for common searches
  • For filtering emails 
  • For ignoring spam mails
  • For scheduling appointments
  • For sorting emails


How to configure Outlook in Android mobile

In this stage, we’ll show you how to configure Outlook in Android mobile. Keep scrolling down.



Opening Google play store on your device, type Microsoft Outlook in the search box. You can see an install button. Just click on it & install.


what is outlook for android



After installing & opening the app, an appearance like the attached snap will be shown. Tap on the Get started option & move to the next step.


what is outlook for android



Here you’ll need to enter your Edu mail. Just fill up the boxes & move on. 


what is outlook for android



At this step, you’ll require selecting the account type. Tap on Office 365 to continue.


what is outlook for android



You’re almost done. After performing the previous command, we’ll need to enter the email once again & then continue. When you see the “Let’s do it” option with blue color, you’re done. You don’t need to tap on it if you want to connect to another account. You can move on by clicking “Maybe later”. 


what is outlook for android


What is the difference between Google and Outlook? 

Gmail is also a popular Android app for dealing with email. There are some basic differences between Google Mail & Outlook. Let’s explore.


1. User interface

A newly designed Gmail app comes with a big plus icon that allows the user to write an email. Outlook is providing a bottom bar menu for composing emails & searching.


what is outlook for android


2. Organizing emails

Microsoft has a “Focused inbox” feature for filtering relevant emails. The unnecessary emails are kept in another folder.


what is outlook for android


Gmail has a different system for organizing emails. There are some categories & based on the category, the app divides the mails. 


what is outlook for android


3. Calendar

Gmail provides a shortcut to take into the Google calendar app. 


what is outlook for android


Microsoft has an integrated Sunrise calendar option in the Outlook app. With switching between dates, you can create events using this calendar option.


4. Composing emails

By tapping on the plus icon, you can start composing emails on Google mail. On the other hand, you can compose your mail just by tapping on the compose button using the Outlook app.


what is outlook for android


 5. Additional feature

Gmail offers a Smart reply technology that generates automated replies. When typing a mail, relevant words appear on the screen to complete your sentence.


what is outlook for android


By using a swiping gesture in Outlook, you can quickly read an email. It should be mentioned that Google mail also supports gestures.


Why is Outlook better than Gmail? 

Let’s know some facts for which people call Outlook better than Gmail.


1. Access when offline

Using the Gmail app, the users have only access to the past month’s emails. You can’t do anything except scrolling those. On the other hand, Outlook allows you to do everything like you’re connected to the internet connection. When you’re in touch with the internet, the email goes immediately.


2. Organize emails in your convenient way

People have limited ways to organize emails in the Gmail app. But, Outlook offers more dedicated ways to organize your emails. You can sort alphabetically your emails on Outlook. 


3. Plenty of user information

Outlook offers plenty of information about senders. The photo of the contact card helps to find a user easily with detailed information. Gmail doesn’t offer a contact card in a convenient way.


4. Ignore conversations

Outlook offers to ignore your desired conversation with the help of a simple click. Gmail also has an option of muting the conversation but the function isn’t easily findable.


5. Use of flags

For achieving quick attention, Outlook allows sending flag emails. It’s the symbol of emergency. Some emails are really urgent to open & using this option really works. Gmail users don’t have this feature & it’s a big negative point for Gmail.



Do you have some questions in your mind? Spend some time here to get the answers. 


Is Outlook for Android good? 

Answer: Outlook for Android is good with its attractive advantages. It works with Exchange, Office 365, Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo Mail & iCloud email accounts. 


What is Outlook Good For? 

Answer: Outlook is an email sending & receiving app which is good for professional purposes. This app provides a huge customization feature to its users & its flag email system provides an emergency email delivery system.


Is Outlook being discontinued? 

Answer: No, it’s continued by Microsoft. Outlook 2019 is the latest update & this version is extended till 2025. You can find it from the Google Play store easily and use it, download & install it for free.


How safe is Outlook email?

Answer: Outlook uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt the data of the users. In the interval period before reaching the email to the recipient, it remains encrypted. So, it’s safe to use.


Is Outlook owned by Google? 

Answer: No, Outlook is an app by Microsoft for Android users. It’s supported by Google & available at Google Play store. But, Google doesn’t have the ownership of Outlook.


Should I use Mail or Outlook? 

Answer: Considering the convenience, Outlook is much better than Mail. Outlook offers you to use Gmail inside their app. It’s easy to operate everything using one app with good customization features. So, you should use Outlook. 


Is an Outlook email free?

Answer: Yes, Outlook email is free. Microsoft has combined Hotmail & Windows Live into one email service. All you need to open an Outlook account is a phone number. Without spending a single penny, you can open an Outlook email.



Outlook for Android is providing enough features to convince the users. But, some of the people hadn’t enough knowledge about it & so, they didn’t use it. After reading this article, you mustn’t have any questions about Outlook for Android. We guess, if you don’t use it, you already have decided to start using it. 


In this writing, we have pictured the key features of Outlook with its application. Besides we have told how to configure Outlook in Android mobile. After knowing the detailed comparison with the Gmail app, you should switch to Outlook. Just install the Outlook app & smoothly handle your official works. 

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