What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Fix: Plugin Container for Firefox has stopped working

If you go through your Mozilla folder, you are likely to locate the plugin-container.exe file in it, especially if you are using the Firefox 3.6.4 version. Or perhaps the antivirus tool has warned you that this file is taking up too much CPU space and causing your PC to lag.


So, the questions that can pop up in your mind are what is plugin-container.exe? Is it a virus or malware? Put a smile on your face as you will get all your answers right here!


Not all executable files are harmful. In this case, you cannot suddenly conclude the plugin-container file is a virus or malware. And to know when to remove the file, we will make you familiar with its ins and outs. Let’s jump right into it!


What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Is It A Virus Or Malware?


The plugin.container.exe file belongs to the Firefox Plugin Container process. And it is also associated with the Plugin Container for Waterfox. Mozilla developers have developed the exe or executable files for the Windows 7, 8, XP, or 10 OS.


As some executable files contain viruses or malware, you might think it is also viruses or malware. But as this file comes officially from the Mozilla developers, it is not a malicious file.


You can locate the file under your Mozilla folder. It helps to run the Mozilla software and some of its processes. Usually, you shall not face any problem with it, but in case the task manager fails to show any verified signer value for it, you can remove it following our next section.



How to Remove the Plugin.Container.Exe File from Your Computer?


Not many users found uninstalling the plugin.container.exe file because usually, the file is not harmful to your OS. But if your computer is running slow and the antivirus software detects the plugin.exe file as a threat, you can consider removing it. Here are the methods to do so –



  1. Remove the Associated Program

You can remove the program or software that contains the plugin.container.exe files. Once you remove the software, it will remove its exe file as well. So, follow these steps to do so –


  • If you are not sure whether the executable files are safe or not and still want to delete them, we suggest you make a restore or backup point.


  • Windows restore point gives you the freedom to revert some changes you have made if you create specific restore options. It will save you big time to restore some files that are essential for your computer.


  • Open the search tool from the Start Menu, or you can press the win + S keys on your keyboard to open it. Then with the tool, look for Restore Point and click to open the “Create a Restore Point” window.


  • Go to the System Properties followed by the System Protection, then choose “Drive C.”




What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Is It a Virus or Malware?





  • Turn on or activate the System Protection option from the Configure section and select the Create button.


  • Then, you can use the uninstaller program to remove the plugin.container.exe file if it is a part of any other software program. So, remove the software with the Uninstaller located in the following directory




What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Is It a Virus or Malware?




  1. Uninstall the Mozilla Firefox


It should not be much of an issue if you delete the Mozilla program. You can download and use any other search engine if the executable file associated with the Mozilla Firefox starts acting up.  And here are the instructions to follow for that:


  • From the Start Menu on your computer, go to the Control Panel, if you are on Windows 8. However, if you cannot find it, press the Windows and the S buttons on your keyboard to bring the Search tool.


  • On the search field, enter the “Panel” keyword and click on the Control Panel program from the search results that appear on the screen.




What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Is It a Virus or Malware?



  • On the Control Panel screen, you will need to click on the Programs option. Then if you are on Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, or 10, you can go to the Uninstall a Program section, but if you are on Windows XP, go to the Add or Remove programs section.


  • Now go through the programs to find the “Mozilla Firefox 45.0 x86 en-US” and select it once you locate it.


  • For Windows Vista, 10, 7, or 8.1, you need to right-click over the executable file to select the Uninstall program. But for Windows XP, you need to select the Remove or the Change section that is on the right side of  the Mozilla program.




What Is Plugin-Container.Exe? Is It a Virus or Malware?




  • Finally, follow the instructions that appear on the screen to remove the program, after your computer uninstalls Mozilla, you will no longer see the plugin.container.exe file on the process section.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • Will It Affect Your PC If You Remove the Plugin.Container.Exe File?


Usually, removing the executable files from the plugin-container shall not affect your PC. But it may affect some of the processes related to the Firefox program.



  • Does the Exe File from the Plugin Container Use A Lot Of CPU Space?


The plugin exe file is 80 MB in size, so it will take up some space on your processor. And some users have reported that it eats up 99% space of their processor.



  • Does the Plugin.Container.Exe File Cause Your PC to Slow Down?


If you are a heavy PC user, the plugin-container exe files might slow down the PC. But it is not always the case with the newly activated OS.



The plugin-container.exe file is a sub-process of the Mozilla Firefox program. But as there is no additional information about this file, no wonder even if there are so many questions posted on social forums regarding what is plugin-container.exe? Is it a virus or malware!


If your PC is not lagging, you can keep the file. But in case your PC is operating a bit slow to load apps, you can uninstall it with our reviewed methods.



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