What Is Rcp Components On My Android Phone?

Just imagine; apps are consuming too much memory space of your phone, which is why you want to check the entire list of apps. But there you find an app that you never heard of before. It is called RCP components. And then you start to panic and ask “what is rcp components on my android phone?”


Well, you might also accuse it of being malware. And most importantly, if you never installed it, how did it end up here?


Okay, if you can relate to any or all of the queries above, this is the article you were searching for. Here, we will let you know the nature of this app, why it exists, how it works, and what actions you should take.


So without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into it!


Find out What is RCP Components on My Android Phone:



what is rcp components on my android phone




RCP is the abbreviation of Rich Client Protocol. It is a program for app developers. If you are not a developer, you would hardly ever need this. It has built-in features like Microsoft language compiler, header files, name service location, run-time libraries, and so on.


These components are essential to make an application or software in your gadget. Luckily, android does most of it for us. And they do it through the RCP components. But how does it work?


Well, every developer with an idea for new software can use the RCP components and start writing codes instantly. No complicated tasks like compiling language, looking for header files, run-time libraries, etc are needed. The RCP components were designed to have all of these features integrated into a strong framework.


This framework is available for any android user. Any time someone wants to create software, they don’t have to start from zero. A foundation is already built and laid out for them.


The thing is Android depends on local app developers for enriching the play store. The flexibility to install any app we want is the most attractive quality of android. And there are hundreds of applications stored for the users.


Now, guess what? Most of these apps were not created by an app developing company. Instead, local app developers contribute the most in launching amazing applications in the Play Store.


However, local app developers don’t have the access to resources and files, unlike an established agency. Even if some developers have access, it is not enough to build a large army of apps. The solution would be to give necessary resources to the people dedicating their time to launch an app.


Without the rise of RCP components, we wouldn’t have such an abundance of applications in the android gadget like today. Here the developers can just write high source codes like C++ and the RCP components will convert it and make it understandable to the machine. And it gives the coder access to header files whenever needed. In simple words, the job of an app developer is shared and lessened by the RCP components.


Where Can You Find The RCP Components?


You can find it listed on the ‘apps” list. For that, you have to enter the application manager of your android gadget. You will easily find this in the settings.




what is rcp components on my android phone




Can I Delete The RCP Components Permanently?


This is a built-in program in your android gadget. So you can’t uninstall or delete it like any other app you download from the play store. You might not use the RCP components ever in your life but it works in the background to keep the operation smooth.


So “force” deleting it will cause harm to your gadget in the future.


But is there no way to get rid of it? There is one way to do that. And that’s through rooting the device. But we don’t suggest rooting since it has many negative effects too. Plus, you lose the warranty for your android phone after rooting.


Can I Disable The RCP Component?


If you can’t delete or uninstall an application permanently, you always have the option of disabling it. After you disable it, it won’t run in the background and interrupt you. Seems like the perfect plan, doesn’t it? So here’s how you can do it:


  • Go to the settings first. Then move to the “applications manager.”


  • Click on the “RCP components” app. It will present the app information.


  • Now you will get two options like “disable” and “force stop.”


  • You have to click on the “disable” option and agree with the following notification. One thing to notice here is that you shouldn’t go with the “force stop.” Because force stopping an app, only stops it from running in the background. On the other hand, disabling it will make sure you can’t use that app again.


And with that, you get to disable the RCP components.


Nonetheless, if you ever need to enable it again, follow the steps below.


  • Enter the settings and look for the “application manager.”


  • Search through the “apps” and you will see the program having a “disabled” tag beside it.


  • Click on that> choose the “enable” option.


And the ‘tag” will be removed. It will now work as before.


RCP Components and the IOS



what is rcp components on my android phone




Many of us wonder whether the iPhones have RCP components as well or not. The answer is “NO.” If you understand how IOS works, you will understand the reason. First of all, IOS is different from android in-app development programs. Anyone can make an app and launch it on android.


But that’s not the case for the App Store. There you must be enrolled in a program to have the developer option turned on in your device. Having RCP components embedded in the device would open the privilege for everyone. And that’s not what Apple wants.


In android, even if the Google Play Protect rejects an App to be added to the play store, developers can launch it on different browsers and attract users.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Are RCP Components In Android?


“RCP Components” is an application designed for android app developers. The primary purpose is to offer them the necessary resources and a framework. Furthermore, it makes the app development process way quicker as well as easier.


2. Why Can’t I Delete The RCP Components?


Some apps are default and can’t be removed. The RCP components are one such software. Maybe you are not a developer, but you still can’t delete the app permanently.


3. How to Delete the RCP Components without Causing Harm?


You can go with the “disable” option rather than trying to uninstall it. Because uninstalling is not possible. But you can go into the application manager and turn on the disable option.



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People sometimes assume this application is a disguised virus and try to uninstall it. And when the uninstalling gets failed, the fear only increases!


That’s why in this article, we tried to debunk the myths related to the RCP components on your android. We started by answering what is rcp components on my android phone, and then we dived deeper to explain the disabling or deleting processes.


So hopefully, you have got the answers you were looking for!

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