What is Red Cable QR Code? Red Cable Club? Uses? Benefits?

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Whenever you buy any OnePlus product, you get a red cable card with it. Especially if you have purchased a OnePlus phone. And behind the card, there is a QR code. Before scanning it, it is usual for you to want to learn more about it.


And to make you familiar with it, we will explore what is red cable QR code? & what’s the use of it in detail.


Knowing about the QR code alone is not enough to get the best out of the red cable program. In this case, you need to know the different benefits you can get so that you can understand whether to go for this program or not. So, we will discuss the best deals for you too.


Let’s get ready to move forward!

What Is The Red Cable QR Code & Red Cable Club?


Before you can understand what you can do with the red cable QR code, you need to get into the details of the red cable program. It is the loyalty program offered by OnePlus itself. Whether you buy their earbuds, power banks, TV, or any smartphone you are eligible to be a member of the program.


The Red Cable Club membership program aims at spreading the market of OnePlus products. If you join this club or program and acquire Red cable points or coins by signing up for new features or buying products, you will get discounts, lucky draw entry, extra features, and extended device support.


what is red cable QR code


The QR code at the backside of the red cable card is there to help you get familiar with the program. The Quick Response or the QR code stores information about the Red cable features and benefits.  If you point your OnePlus phone camera or any scanner app to the QR code, you will instantly receive the necessary information on your phone.


To know the uses of the QR code, you need to be familiar with the deals and offers or benefits the Red cable club program offers. For that, go through the next section.

What Are the Uses & Benefits of the Red Cable Program?


Unlike the other loyalty programs, Red cable offers better deals with every upgrade. It means that the more you earn coins and become a higher-tier member, the better support and features or discounts you will get for your next purchase or service.


To make you more familiar with its uses, we have listed down the benefits that you will get after using the program –


  1. Extended Device Support or Features


If you own the latest version of the OnePlus phone, it is better to scan the Red cable QR code and join the program. Because it offers not only an extended warranty but also provides offer upgrades for all OnePlus phone models.




what is red cable QR code




If you buy the OnePlus 6 or the latest version, you will get one year of extended warranty. And if your OnePlus phone is under one year of warranty, you get 3 more months of warranty after you become a member of this program.  You will also get a 50% discount while replacing the battery of the OnePlus 5 and 6 series.


  1. Spacious Storage


Once you join the program, you are eligible to get at least 50GB of cloud storage. And it will be free for one year.


If you need more space for your photos, videos, or other content, the Red cable membership is only a QR code scan away. However, the free storage offer is only for the latest versions of their phones for now.


  1. Jackpot


Even if you do not purchase anything after joining the program, it still has something to offer. And that is the Jackpot offer.


Every day you get one chance to win the lucky draw until the 31st of December. If you win, you can get gift boxes and a 50% discount on different products.


Now that you know the Red cable membership comes packed with such benefits, you can scan the QR code without any worry to get the best out of these features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):



  1. Is It Safe to Scan the Red Cable QR Code?


Yes, you can scan the red cable QR code with your OnePlus phone camera or any scanner reader without any worry. Because the code is not spyware. As long as you get the QR code from the official website or official red cable card, you are good to go.


  1. Can the Red Cable QR Code Steal or Collect Your Personal Data?


No, the red cable QR code does not collect or steal any of your personal or confidential data. It only stores how many times you have scanned the code and the OS of your device.


  1. Is the Red Cable Program Only For the Indian Market?


Initially, OnePlus launched the Red cable program only for its Indian customers and market. But gradually, it is now available and widespread in North America. Also, in the European regions, this loyalty program is available.


  1. Is It Possible to Hack the QR Code of the Red Cable Program?


No, it is not possible to hack QR codes. But if you do not scan the codes that come officially or from a trusted vendor, then you can be at the risk of a data breach.


  1. Is the Red Cable Program Free to Join?


Yes, it is free to join the Red cable membership. But in order to get the best deals, you will need to purchase products or earn coins from the program.




As the Red cable club program is not globally available, a lot of OnePlus users do not know much about it, especially if you are a new user of the OnePlus product. So, you have every right to ponder over the QR code you have received with the red cable card.


But now that you know what is red cable QR code? & what’s the use of it, we hope that you will be able to make your OnePlus Android user experience way better!


In case you face any issues while scanning the QR code, contact the OnePlus customer service. They will help you out with your queries.



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