What is s.yimg or YIMG? | Can I Remove it?

What is s.yimg.com

Recently, a new wave of fear regarding the application “yimg” is noticeable. People are accusing it of being a virus, and therefore, are looking for ways to delete it permanently.


That’s the topic of today’s article too. But first, we will start with what yimg actually is, how it works, the purpose of its existence, and how you can know the presence of a virus in the computer.


And more than that, we will try to justify whether it’s worth trying to remove it or not. In case you have more queries left after that, we have prepared a FAQ section.


So don’t go anywhere else and keep on reading.


What Is Yimg or s.yimg.com and Why yimg.com Used For?


Wondering what is yimg.com used for? Well, you might not expect but yimg is a registered domain of Yahoo. It makes sure the requests deliver to multiple servers within time and help the pages with multimedia content to load faster. The web pages that contain animation or large images can be loaded pretty fast through this software. That’s why it is a legit component of Yahoo.


The assumptions you had regarding what is yimg.com are purely a misconception. Most people look at it as a threat because of extremely slow loading. Sometimes it will open pages that you didn’t request. Since the virus does the same thing, it is understandable why people have such perceptions.


Is It Dangerous For Your Device?


Technically the answer is No, it is not dangerous for your computer. We have heard many users complain that yimg.com is making the pages load slowly. And many assume that yimg com malware is a threat.


Although it is true that Yahoo uses this domain to track records, your personal data is always safe. It helps Yahoo to improve loading time when the content has images or stylesheets etc. so you see the purpose is totally different. You don’t have anything to be alarmed about.


Yes, we know the annoying message at the bottom corner of your browser is scaring you. but it has nothing to do with your speed issues. We think the DNS system of your computer can be the real culprit.


And for the removal part, it is not possible to get rid of it if we use Yahoo as a browser. Yahoo can’t operate without 1.yimg. And even if you block it, many of your files will stop working too. So that’s a caution.


How to Remove Yimg or s.yimg.com?


As we have already explained why you can’t remove s.yimg, in this section we will provide some alternatives that are going to break the obstacles you face.


1. Use Adblockers


Turning the AdBlock system on can solve this issue. This tactic is used by people who face this problem.


The loading time argument related to yimg mail is an assumption. So, if you are going through the same hassles, try blocking ads. Go to the browser settings and click on “redirects and pop up.” Then push the block ads button. This should be enough to prevent future ads from disrupting your user experience.


2. Delete Third-party Cookies


Another effective technique to resolve the l yimg issue is deleting third-party cookies from the browser. Cookies are accumulated after every web visit you make. Mainly it is for authentication purposes.


But it has the capacity to track your personal detail too. You can select and delete the cookies you want from the browser settings. To do it, go to the settings you can also nuke all the cookies at once by just disabling the system.


3. Change Flash Player Settings


Flash player is a plug-in that runs different audio or video that comes up as you surf the internet. Updating the flash player settings can help you with the yimg yahoo notifications. Turn on the “always allow” button to grant permission to yimg com for saving important information.


How To Detect Virus And Get Rid Of It?


Now that we know the removal procedure of yimg, let’s talk a bit about how you can detect the presence of a virus and clear it out. You can use this guide for not only windows 10 but the older versions also. Just follow the steps:


  • We assume you are on the home screen. Click the “start” icon. Choose “settings” and a new window will pop up.


  • Scroll a bit and you will notice updates and security. Click on that security option and on the left-hand side you will find a “windows security” button.


  • Once you are inside windows security, there you will see many protected areas. We will enter the virus and threat protection for this specific purpose.







  • Now you will be offered a quick scan for your device. Just click that and you will see the scanning progress.


It is available and completely free for any windows user. So, no worries.


Okay, so we are over with the first part. You have identified a virus in your device. What is the next step? If you don’t see any malware that’s a relief. You can go to sleep without any headache. But in case you noticed multiple files with malware injected into it, you have to remove them as soon as possible.


  • Again, click on the start icon and press on “run.” Soon a window will show up.







  • In the typing bar write “cleanmgr.” Then press enter.


  • Now choose the C-Drive from the options and click okay.


  • After that, all the cache will show up. Make sure you give a tick to each of them. The amount of cache depends on how frequently you scan the pc.


  • Click on “delete files.” With that, the second stage is over.


  • Open the “run” window again and this time write “temp.”


  • Choose all the malicious folders by pressing shift and delete. All those junks will vanish.


  • In the final step-type “%temp” on the run window. Moving on, you will get a list of virus-infected folders. Press ctl+A and delete them all.







It is a good practice to restart the computer at this stage before using it.


Small Tips to Prevent Malware from Entering Your Device


Malware is nothing but software with motives to exploit the computer system. The most common reason why malware exists is to force your device to show you spam advertising and content. These contents or files are not approved by authentic browsers like Google. And that’s why the makers have to use malware as a weapon to bypass such restrictions.


So here are some tips that will keep these annoying bugs away from you and your computer.


  • Be aware of downloading files from unprotected sources. No need to roll your eyes if you do that too. The thing is, there are apps we would love to use that didn’t pass the Google Play Protect scanning test. As a result, you can’t have them in the Play store.


Instead, you have to download it from websites using third-party links. But here’s the thing, you can never be sure that the file you are downloading is a real one until the process is over.

Plus, it is quite easy for hackers to disguise their files as genuine apps, so people don’t suspect them. To be on the safe side, we would suggest you not get stuff from unreliable sources at all.


  • Another piece of advice would be to avoid public wi-fi networks. These networks are free for anyone to use and that’s the issue. Any hacker can easily get into your phone while you are connected to the same signal. And they can track your records or inject malware to harm you.


  • Using a reliable anti-virus app goes a long way. This seems obvious. But trust us, many users don’t have a highly efficient anti-virus installed on their devices. The detecting of that specific malware file gets super easy through this.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is S.Yimg A Firefox Component?


No, it is not. It is an important component of Yahoo. Firefox or Chrome has nothing to do with it.


2. What Is Yimg Domain?


It is a legit domain that helps to load animated web pages as you use the internet. So, it is necessary. Many anti-virus companies present it as a virus for their sales increase only.


3. How to Remove S.Yimg?


If you use Yahoo as a browser you have to deal with S.Yimg. However, to resolve the loading issues you are facing, take steps such as: using adblocker, deleting cookies, flushing the DNS system, or changing your flash player settings.



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A virus is harmful and nobody wants it. It is normal to be afraid of software that is showcased as malware all over the internet. Through this article, we tried to clear out the myths surrounding it. So, what’s your opinion about yimg now? We believe that everything turns crystal clear now!

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