What Is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung android?

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Have you found a weird app on your android phone and started scratching your head? It happens, especially if you’re not familiar with what is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung or com.sem.factoryapp?


No need to be worried as there is always a silver lining! Even though it sounds like a virus program, it is indeed not. In fact, it is the other way around. So follow this article from top to bottom to get the basic idea regarding what it is, how it works on your phone, and basically why you even need it.


Let’s get started!


What Is semfactoryapp or FactoryApp Samsung Android?




factoryapp samsung




Your android device comes with a nuclear button called “factoryapp android” to destroy every little data you saved on it. But, why do people use it? Before handing over the phone to a new user or to clean up viruses, this is a must. No more worrying about anybody else spying or spamming your data.


But the drawback of using a sem factory app is that you can’t restore any of your apps. However, data like photos or documents can be rescued if you save them on a hard drive.


Can Spyware Survive A Factory Reset?




What Is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung




Spyware or malware are the enemies always looking for gaps to infect your devices. The apps without play-protect backup are the hubs of such viruses. A factory reset is the most effective way for malware removal. But here’s the thing. Once you open the factoryapp android, there’s no way to go back.


Your phone will go back into its factory setting. That means any app that was pre-installed will be reinstalled. And all of your data will vanish. So, it’s wise to try other methods of malware elimination before going for the sem factory app.


How Does It Escape A Factory Reset?




What Is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung




Recently around 45,000 users encountered something called “Xhelper”. It is a malware app. Once you download it from anonymous sources, you can’t delete it. Even if you succeed in erasing it, it finds its way back into the phone. How? No concrete reasons.


Let’s look at the ways malware can survive a Factoryapp reset:


  • The backup system can have a virus in it.


  • An infectious recovery partition or the hard drive where you have data stored can be the reason too.


  • Any secondary device that has a connection to your android can be the reason for virus transfer.


What Is Com.Samsung.Inputeventapp?




What Is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung




As the name implies, Com.samsung.inputeventapp is a program that receives input through touch screen movement and provides appropriate output. It contains coding that can have malware in it. As a result, the whole system will be in danger.


How do you fix a problem related to com samsung inputeventapp? Simple. One way is to reset the phone fully using Semfactoryapp. Or you can try getting rid of some malware software.


Work Profile Setup Malware


What Is A Work Profile?


A work profile is a separate container in an android device that works like a wall between work apps and personal apps. Yes, you don’t need to carry two phones anymore. Once you set up this feature in your android phone, you can switch modes between official data and personal usage.


Here’s an interesting thing. The security system provides two different download directories and history records. The organization can only look into your work profile after you give them access. But your user data remains safe and secure. Even the copy-paste option is restricted so you don’t mistakenly copy personal data into the work profile. That’s convenient, isn’t it?


Is it Safe for You?


People get anxious about their organization spying on their personal lives through this setup. But let me assure you. Your apps, photos, or data won’t be visible to anybody other than you. Another good feature is its screen locking system.


You can lock the screen to prevent anyone from accessing the personal profile. Only the apps with briefcase icons will be accessible to your organization.


How Do You Find And Remove Malware On Your Android?




factoryapp samsung




When your android device has malware, you will feel it. Now that’s a very vague answer. But it’s true. Check out the list of symptoms that warns you about an uninvited guest on your phone.


  • Your phone takes too long to load anything.
  • It drains all of its charges pretty fast. In other words, you have to keep charging it all day.
  • Too many irritating pop-up ads.
  • Your data gets used without you knowing.


If you find the above signs on your phone, your fear is true. Now let’s learn the methods to clean it up properly.


  • First, try out restarting it in safe mode. Power it off and then press the turn on button. It works just like rebooting the computer when it gets affected by a virus.


  • If you download apps from unreliable sources, we have bad news for you. These apps are full of viruses and often act as spy software. You must uninstall them in the first place.


  • Install an anti-virus app from the google play store. It should be secure and useful. Scan your phone using this app and delete any app that contains malware.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Which Apps Are Harmful To Your Android Phones?


Apps like “clean master”, “Cleanit” or any anonymous anti-virus program can be a threat to your android phone. Plus, free VPNs, voice recorders, or music players are dangerous too. And, don’t trust a browser that doesn’t have the backup of trustworthy companies like Google.


2. How to Check For Malware On Android?


Go to the Play store and find the “play protect” option. Once you find it, check it on. This will show you any harmful apps on your phone and also provide a removal method.


3. What Is Semfactoryapp Com Sem Factoryapp Android?


On your android phone, you have an option to delete everything permanently. It goes back to its previous factory setting. This is the synonymous name for the setting “factory reset.”



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If you have an android phone, you must have encountered troublesome notifications for faulty apps. And when you mistakenly click the download option, that’s it; your phone starts malfunctioning and background apps run without your permission. With the preventive methods, we just described you can save yourself the trouble.


So hopefully, you’ve benefited from the article on what is sem factory app or factoryapp samsung or com.sem.factoryapp?

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