What is SKMSAgentService? Virus/Spyware or Secure? [How to Remove]

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What is SKMSAgentService? SKMSAgentService is Samsung’s popular critical management system service. It is a client application for android devices. This service helps to support NFC services on ESE-based mobilesIt deals with the management of various protocols associated with SKMS. Also, it can take forward many instructions in the ESE.


Moreover, the SKMSAgentService interfaces between the client application SKMS and ESE. It’s an internal app of the android system, which is only offered on Samsung mobile. This management system can combine many databases and tools on mobile. It manages all the knowledge and data. ESE or embedded secure element can also be a tamper-proof microchip. It is available in different sizes.




What is SKMSAgentService on Android




Understanding the SKMSAgentService

SKMS refers to an integrated collection of databases and tools for organizations. It provides clients with IT services. Its repository has many roles. It analyzes, presents, updates, and shares information between IT providers and clients. There are some valuable levels of this SKMS.


  • Data and information level: This layer usually collects basic information. Then converts it into useful information.


  • Data integration level: The function of this layer is to process and integrate data from the previous level.


  • Knowledge processing level: This level broke down the data of the second level and prepared to spread towards specific areas.


  • Presentation level: This is the last level of SKMS, and it is a point that allocates services to clients.


  • Understanding the embedded secure elements (ESE) of the SKMSAgentService


Any solo mobile device has a temper–proof microchip for secure data storage, available as the hardware it is called ESE chip. When any data is stored in an ESE chip, it is considered safe because only authorized personnel can access it. The IT world has a variety of ESE chips that are now available in various shapes and sizes.


What is SKMSAgentService on Android?

The SKMSAgentService, in general, contains several instructions for managing various protocols with SKMS and for ESE. It’s an internal android app that supports NFC services on ESE-enabled devices. To see the app’s permission on android, you need to check the app and the permission option. It’s good that you don’t need approvals to see anything in the app, but only storage permissions.




What is SKMSAgentService on Android




What is the SKMSAgentService app?

Simply, it’s a built–in-app or a pre-installed app. Many people may think this is malware. But it is wrong. Since this built-in app is a system app and system apps are not viruses. They are important to increase the device’s functionality. You may get different alerts to run this app. It may come from a separate app that you overlooked. You do not need any special permission to run the SKMSAgentService app, but you need storage permission for the device.


Can this app be uninstalled?




What is SKMSAgentService on Android




If you want, you can uninstall this SKMSAgentService android app. However, it will not be safe for your device. ESE allows secure application expansion on any device. It also applies to specific areas such as payment ticketing, access control, transportation, etc. This service works very well for the security of these things. So, instead of uninstalling this app, you should find another way to fix it.


Is The SKMSAgentService Virus/Spyware or Secure?

Many mobile forums claim it as a virus or spyware. Trust us; it’s completely wrong! SKMSAgentService is not a virus, malware or spyware, app. It does not harm your device and does not sell or spy on your valuable information to any third party. It is a built-in secure android system app that provides information using NFC to make payments. So it cannot be a virus or malware, or bloatware in any way.


Is There Any Disadvantage with SKMSAgentService?

It’s normal to want to know the disadvantages of this SKMSAgentService app. The primary issue with this application is its power usage. This app is pre-installed, which consumes power while running in the background, so the phone may need to be changed repeatedly. In addition, this SKMSAgentService app covers a lot of RAM, so taking up a lot of space often slows down the device. Due to consuming a lot of memory, which is a matter of great concern, especially when the mobile phone is slow. It is more harmful than beneficial.


Should this SKMSAgent app be removed?

You can uninstall this app in some cases, mainly if you have never used the NFC mobile ESE service. Many argue that the software is similar to bloatware or it contains malware. But you have to get that this is a legitimate application. It has nothing to do with viruses like OMACP. But, if you run NFC, you will need to delete this app.


How to delete SKMSAgentService using app remover?

If you do not need this SKMSAgentService android app, you can delete it with app remover without losing any information. It will simply erase the files and clear the data associated with the application. The way you need to delete with app remover is mentioned below.

  1. First, open the Play store and download the app uninstaller.
  2. Install the app uninstaller on your mobile.
  3. When you open the app, it will gather all of the apps on your device.
  4. Find the SKMSAgentService app from the list and tap the uninstall option.



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Final Verdict

SKMSAgentService is a system pre-installed app on android mobiles. It uses ESE microchips, works with tickets or payments, point of sale services, and other activities. At such times it couples SKMS to NFC and NFC to ESE.


Also, this system service app is essential for your device, and there is no need to remove it. Studies have shown that SKMS is a client app, and there is nothing harmful in it. So, we sincerely hope that this article will dispel many of your doubts. After knowing everything, you should use this SKMSAgentService app without any hesitation.

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