Google TalkBack is a feature by google that may help users to use a device without using eyesight. Nowadays, android is one of the most popular open-source operating systems. As a result, its user circle has increased. A lot of blind people, weak-eyed people depend on this feature.


Today, we’re here to make you introduced to the Google TalkBack service. We’ll also discuss its activating & deactivating process on your android device. After going through this writing, you’ll be able to operate the google TalkBack neatly.


What is Talkback for Android?

TalkBack is a screen reader service offered by Google. It is a specialized inbuilt feature for android devices. Google has built it for providing you with spoken feedback. It doesn’t require you to look at the screen for your desired activity. 


This feature has varieties of versions based on Android versions. It uses different kinds of feedback for reaching its users like spoken words, vibration, etc. This service became a part of the “Android Accessibility Suite” in 2017.


Why is TalkBack used?

Seeing the emergence of android users, developers thought about creating something special for visually impaired users. It was a hassle for blind people to do official work instantly using android devices. Without this function, the android device is nothing but a brick to them.


To keep visually unable people in touch with technology, TalkBack is used widely. Using android devices is no longer a dream for these people. Besides, if you are having trouble with over-using android devices, you can take TalkBack service occasionally for your eye protection.


How to Activate TalkBack? 

Now, you are going to learn how to activate TalkBack on your android device. Our step-by-step detailed process with pictures can make your understanding auspicious.


1. Using device settings

This is the manual & effective way to activate TalkBack on your device. Just follow the steps.



Turn on your device & type “settings” on your device search bar. You can also manually find out this option. In some devices, there are settings options in the short-cut panel. You can also turn it on from there.


what is talkback for android



You can find a search bar upside your device after entering the settings option. Type there “Accessibility” & search. If you don’t go in that way, manually find the option. According to the alphabetical array, this option will remain frontward. Sometimes, this option is hidden in the additional settings/ other settings option. If you can’t find it easily, going with a search bar is our recommendation. 


what is talkback for android



Now, time to select the TalkBack option. It may be categorized in a “vision” related option. Turn on this software by selecting the “Use TalkBack” option. You may see it as “Voice assistant” on some devices. Both perform similarly.


what is talkback for android



You’re done. Just select “OK” & enjoy.


what is talkback for android


2. Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is always ready to make your way easy. Just do it in two easy steps.



Just say “Hey Google” & this will activate your assistant. After activating, the virtual intellectual is ready to follow your command.



Say “Turn on TalkBack”. That’s it. Instantly, it will be turned on. No waste of time & super easy also.


3. Using volume key shortcut

Volume key shortcut can enable TalkBack but it requires permission. If you don’t enable the permission of using the volume key as a shortcut, you can’t use it. To enable, visit settings. 



Find the position of the volume key in your device. It may be placed on the left or right side of your android device.



After determining the position of your device’s volume key, determine the + & – volume button separately. Up volume button is symbolized by (+) & the down volume button is symbolized by (-).



In the last step, press both up & down volume keys for 3 seconds. After that, TalkBack will open automatically. 


How to deactivate TalkBack? 

Sometimes, people accidentally turn on TalkBack & fall in trouble. Its continuous vibration is ridiculous for some general users. So, in this part, we’ll discuss TalkBack deactivation settings.


what is talkback for android



Find the settings from your homepage. If you want to find it easily, use a search bar find.



Select accessibility after entering into settings. In some devices, it may remain in the additional settings option. Just find it out & tap on the option.



You can find TalkBack in the vision segment. Just turn it off by tapping on the “Use TalkBack” option.



Congratulations. You’re done. Just click on “OK” & move to your next task.


How to unlock the phone in TalkBack mode? 

If you are using TalkBack mode, you’ll face trouble while unlocking your device in conventional ways. You have to remember your password to unlock your device. Follow any of these methods to unlock your android device in TalkBack mode.


what is talkback for android



Two-finger swipe up is a popular & effective way to unlock your android phone. From the bottom of your device’s lock screen, swipe up with two fingers. It will respond instantly.



Most of the recent devices are providing fingerprint scanners on a cheaper budget. So, it’s almost on everyone’s device & just touches your finger to unlock it. If you have the face unlock feature, you can use it too. 



In some devices, an unlock button will be visible at the bottom middle of your device’s display. Double-tap on it. Keep that in mind trying with a single tap won’t work. 


How to disable TalkBack without Settings? 

You can disable TalkBack without using settings by doing a little task. For this, you have to repeat the work you did in the TalkBack enabling step with volume keys. Just do according to our instructions.



Find out the volume button on your device. Some of the androids contain it at the left & some at the right side. 



After that, find the up volume key & down volume key individually. It’s important to find individual keys as it will help in our next step.



Press up & down the volume key altogether. Do it for 3 seconds. After that, TalkBack will be disabled on your device. 





Now, get the answer to the common questions about TalkBack.


Can I uninstall TalkBack on Android?

Answer: No, but you can disable it.


How do I get rid of TalkBack?

Answer: By opening settings & disabling, you can get rid of TalkBack.


How do I turn off Google TalkBack?

Answer: After opening settings from your device, get in the accessibility option & after that, turn off the “Use TalkBack” option.


Why does TalkBack automatically start? 

Answer: If a bug affects your device, TalkBack automatically starts.


What is TalkBack mode?

Answer: TalkBac mode is a special feature of android, which works as an aid to blind & low-vision users 



So, now you have a vast amount of knowledge about TalkBack. If you have someone like a neighbor or relative with visual problems, suggest using this awesome feature. TalkBack is an older form of “Voice assistant”. But, their features & working policy are similar.


In this article, we’ve tried to show you what is TalkBack for Android. From set-up procedures to ending, we tried to elaborate in easy steps. Android TalkBack tutorial is easy to set up & also easy to use. We hope you’ll follow our ways to activate or deactivate TalkBack.

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