What Is The Android Star In Notification Bar?

what is the android star in notification bar

Are you missing a lot of incoming calls on your android phone? At first, you thought it was due to low volume. But even after you set higher volume, the problem is not going anywhere. And then, you notice a suspicious star icon in the notification bar!


So, what is the android star in notification bar? Does this icon have anything to do with the recent incidents?


If yes, then what is it? And how did it turn on in your device? If you have the same questions running through your mind, you are at the right place. Because here, we will discuss why you see this icon, what it does and how you can enable or disable it in the best way possible.


So don’t go anywhere and let’s get stuck with it!


What is the Android Star in Notification Bar?


What Is The Star In The Android 5.0 Status Bar?


Have you ever heard about the interruption mode? Another name for this feature is “do not disturb.” Now the question is, what is the function of this feature on your android phone? And what does it have to do with the start icon on the notification bar?


First of all, when you see a star image in the middle of the notification bar, it indicates that your interruption mode is on. Through the interruption mode, you can prioritize activities. For example, alarms or urgent calls. Apart from these priority events, the phone won’t give you any notification through sound or vibration.


Now it must be clear why you can’t hear the ringtone of incoming calls even though the volume is full. The culprit is interruption mode.


Okay, so why do we need this? Because we are not always in the mood to receive calls from friends who just want to chat. Or, you might be focusing on a project and don’t want the constant “ping” of notification. That sounds pretty helpful, doesn’t it?


What’s more interesting is that you can select certain numbers or activities like “alarms” or “reminders” to be excluded from this restriction. It means that whenever a person from this special or priority list calls you such as your client or boss, your phone will ring as usual.


However, if your friends are texting you, you won’t hear any sound. But that doesn’t mean that those calls from your friends and families will be hidden from you, and you won’t know about them. No need to be afraid. You will only miss the sound. The record of their calling or texting will be stored perfectly.


Whenever you unlock the phone and slide the bar down, you will notice “5 missed calls,” “6 texts from XYZ” etc. We hope the overall function is pretty clear to you by now.


This feature is very popular among business persons. Especially when they are in a meeting or a deal and don’t want unnecessary distractions. That’s why it is not limited to android 5.0 only. Even the iPhone IOS has embedded this feature in their devices.


Think about it this way. Without this specific feature, a busy businessman might have to carry two separate phones all the time. One for personal activities and another to deal with clients. How much hassle would it be to maintain two phones all the time?


For busy business persons having an interruption mode on their phone is enough. They can turn it on whenever they are in the middle of something serious and disable it as soon as the work is over.


How to Enable And Set Up The Feature?


We hear a lot of complaints from people saying that the “do not disturb” feature is not working. But the actual reason is the wrong settings. Maybe they just turn on the “do not disturb” icon from the notification panel. And then, when an incoming call rings through the phone, they start to panic!


If you don’t know how to set it up, you will never receive the results you want. So let’s see how you can set the feature in your android device without any mistake:


  • First of all, we will slide the panel up where all your functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc are available. Expand the panel and search through all the functions in that list. There should be an icon with a “do not disturb” tag below it. Tap on it simply, and it will turn blue. It means that you have enabled it, right?


Yes, you have enabled it. But it won’t work until the settings are properly fixed. You can check at this point by using another phone to call your device. Is your phone ringing? Well, then we have to move towards the settings.




what is the android star in notification bar




  • To access the settings, press on the icon for a few seconds. You will end up on the settings page.


  • Scroll through the settings, and you will see a category called “exceptions.” Here you can exclude certain activities from this restriction barrier. We guess this is the most crucial step of the whole setup. If you don’t do it correctly, you will still get calls that are unnecessary or miss an urgent one. So be careful while doing this.


  • Under the “exceptions” choose the sub-category “calls.” Here, you can instruct which calls are on your priority list and which are not.


  • After you click on the “calls” option, you get some more options to choose from. Here you have to pick the “allow calls.”




what is the android star in notification bar




  • Once you do that, it will show you some options like “from contacts only,” “from starred contacts only,” or “anyone.” If you select “none” that means you are disallowing anybody to contact you for that specific period.


On the other hand, if you go with the “from contacts only” it means that no unknown number can reach you. So what does the option “from starred contacts only” mean? It means that the contacts you choose are the only exceptions to this “no interruption” barrier. Those people can call you even during that period, and you will hear the notification sound loudly.


Now, there is the fourth option for “from anyone.” Well, that’s not useful. If you want anyone to contact you, what’s the purpose of enabling this feature in the first place?





what is the android star in notification bar




  • Let’s select the “from starred contacts only” Option. Now, go to your contact list and find the star mark. If you have previously marked someone as “start” it will show in the list. However, if you don’t know how to give a contact this mark, follow up with us. Tap on the contact you would like to mark.


You will see a star icon on top of the screen along with the edit button. Just tap on the star, and you are done. Now, go back to the contact list, and that specific number will have a mark beside it.


  • To double-check, you can put the star mark on a number and try to call your device through that phone. You will hear a call ringing even though the interruption mode is on. To make it stop, you can remove the start mark from that contact and try calling again. Now, you won’t hear a thing. That means you fixed the settings perfectly.


We are done with the first part of the setting. Let’s demonstrate some other interesting options within this feature.


  • You will notice another sub-category under the “allow calls” option. It has the tag of “allow repeat callers.” We restrict calls from our contacts assuming it is nothing serious. But there is always a chance for accidents.


Imagine a close relative wanting to inform you regarding something important or need your help immediately. But they can’t get you because you have blocked their calls for a certain time. You don’t want that to happen, right?


This feature will help you prevent such incidents. If you turn it on and an unstarred contact calls you, you won’t hear it. But if the same caller calls you again within 15 seconds, you will hear the notification. In this way, you won’t miss anything urgent.



what is the android star in notification bar




  • Now, move back to the setting area, where you will notice “behavior.” Click on that and choose what other notifications you want to see or block. For example, you can turn on “alarms.” That way, if you have any alarms set in the device, it will ring when the time is due. In the same way, you can turn on “media” and get notifications for any Youtube or social media update.


  • Okay, so go back and tap on the “notifications.” It might have “no sound notification” as a default setting. It means the notification for calls or texts will accumulate in the phone without making a sound. The screen will pop up with each new addition. You can check them in your spare time.


But you can change that to “no sound no visual.” It means the notifications won’t make any sound nor would they make any visual appearance on the screen.


  • Also, you can choose who can message you within the “no interruption” period. If you click on “from the starred contacts only,” you will get a notification if someone from that list texts you.


  • You can schedule it too. Just click on “schedule” and select an option.it will have “no time limit” as a default setting. It means that your phone will be in a no disturb mode until you manually turn it off.


  • If you want it for a smaller time frame, you can pick “1 hour” and tap on the minus or plus sign to prolong the period. Or you can go with “ask every time.” In that way, it will ask you for the duration every time you turn it on. That’s more useful if you are not a business person whose meeting lengths are constantly the same.


So these were the cool functions you can activate to reduce distraction and noise from the android phone.


How to Remove Star Icon from Notification Bar?


No doubt, it is a wonderful service. However, not everyone needs it. If you turn it on unknowingly, you must be missing a lot of important calls and texts. You think the problem is with your volume or the phone itself.


Don’t worry. Just follow the steps below and remove this “star” icon from the notification bar:


  • Let’s open the settings of your android device > find the option for “sound and notification.” Click on that right away.


  • Scroll down a little, and you will see “do not disturb.” It can have the tag of “interrupt” too. So don’t let it confuse you.




what is the android star in notification bar




  • If you don’t find that option in the list, go to the search icon and type it in.


  • Once you find it, tap on it. Now you can turn it off by simply toggling the blue button.


As soon as you turn the feature off, the star icon will vanish automatically.


Now depending on which Android phone you use, the process can look a little different. For example, when you tap on the “sound and notification” button it might have an option like “interruptions.” You have to pick that option and choose “always interrupt.” In this way, you have disabled the interruption mode.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What happens When My Phone Is On “Do Not Disturb” And Someone Calls?


If the person calling you is on the star contact list, you will hear the incoming call as usual. However, if the person is not on that list, the call won’t reach you. You will find the call record in the notification later.


2. How Do I Turn Off The Interruption Mode?


Just open the settings> check on “sound and notification”> Then click on “interrupt” > and finally select “always interrupt.”


3. What Is Priority Interruptions In Android?


It is an exception to the “do not disturb” rule. If you put a contact on the priority list, that person won’t come under the restrictions of the call barrier. He/she can contact or text you anytime, regardless of the interruption mode.



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We have reached the bottom of this tutorial. Here, we tried to explain almost every nook and cranny you should know about reading the star icon on the notification bar, including how it works, how you can set it up and the full disabling process. And now that you know the root of the issue, you can follow the steps from above in order to deal with it.


So hopefully, you have no more queries regarding what is the android star in notification bar.

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