What is the .android_secure Folder? and How to open?

In the older versions of the Android operating system, you could transfer the installed application files to external storage. It was done when the internal storage runs low and the installed applications used to lag and performance drop were observed.


The .android_secure Folder stores the essential files of the transferred installation file of the applications. These files are essential to running the applications. Besides, most of the files in the secure_folder remain with the .asec extension, which can not be opened by normal means.


Note, being an Android user, you may wonder what to do with the .android-secure folder or if it stores bugs and malware. Keep reading through to learn more about the .android_secure Folder.


What is the Android secure folder in my SD card?


The earlier Android versions, such as Android 6.0 and older, had unique features. It was used to move all the installed application files from the internal storage to the external storage, such as an SD card.


When the installed files are moved to external storage, it becomes exposed to get manipulated. Because bugs and malware quickly attack the Sd card. To keep the files secured, a new folder named android_securd folder gets created.


And alongside, the file extension changes to .asec. This makes it harder to read and write the transferred files. As a result, the transferred applications run smoothly without causing any issues.


How to open the ANDROID_SECURE File?


Sometimes you may need to change the file contents of the Android_Secure folder. For this, you should be able to read and write the files. But the files are in the Android_secure folder. But it is not possible to open the files in standard ways as the extension has been changed.


You need to have the appropriate software to read the extension files to open the files. You can follow the below-stated methods for opening the files with effectiveness.


Using the Universal File Viewers


Not all programs can open Android_secure files. You can use some universal file viewers. This software can open almost all files with different extensions in text format. One such software is the “Free File Viewer.” It is a Windows application. Therefore, you would need to connect your device to a PC.


  • First, download and install the “Free File Viewer” on your Pc.



What is the .android secure Folder




  • Connect the pc using a compatible USB cable.
  • Then navigate to the specific Android_secure folder.
  • Select the files you want to open.
  • Place the cursor on the file and click the mouse right button.
  • Select the “Open With” option.




What is the .android secure Folder




  • Tap on More Apps and choose the Free File Viewer Application. This will open your files with unique extensions.

Using the Online File Viewer


There are many websites on the internet available for opening files with different extension files.

  • First, move or copy the files from the Android_secure folder to your desktop.
  • After that, launch the Online File viewing websites in Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Click on the Open button and navigate the files you want to open.
  • You can choose the output file types on some websites, such as .txt, .jpg, etc.
  • You can also use the Drag and Drop option to open the files in real-time using those websites.




What is the .android secure Folder


Using Google Android SDK Emulator


It is software that can be used in both Windows and Mac operating systems. This emulator can be used to open the files inside the SD card of the Android. Moreover, you can also convert the .asec files to an android package installation file known as APK.

Is the android_secure folder safe to delete?


The files inside the Android-secure folders have the programs with the .asec extension. This extension means Android Secure External Cache. Before deleting or removing the folders, you should understand if these are important or not.


These .asec files are created when you move applications or files from internal to external storage. It mainly protects the files in an encrypted format to secure them from piracy or copying.


Therefore, it won’t create any harm to your device or the installed applications if you remove the android_secure folder. Hence, it is safe to permanently remove the folder from your device if you think it is causing trouble or using much space.

How do I remove the secure folder from SD card Android?


The secure folder sometimes becomes read-only and becomes harder to remove. But there are some easy ways to remove the secure folders permanently from the SD card.


From The Android Device


  • Firstly from the Home screen, go to the File manager.
  • Switch to SD card or External storage.
  • Navigate and select the Andoid_secure folder.
  • Tap and hold the folder to select it.
  • From the menu’s sidebar, tap on the Delete button to remove the folder.

Removal by using a PC


  • First, connect your Android device to the PC.
  • Allow the “File Transfer” option to pop on your Android device.
  • Open the External storage and navigate to open the Andoid_secure folder on your PC.
  • Select and right-click on it and choose the delete button. This will remove the folder and its content permanently.

Formatting the SD card


If deleting the files of the Android_secure folder becomes not possible, then you need to format the entire SD card.

  • Connect your device to the PC using a USB cable and allow file transfer mode.
  • Initially, you must transfer the necessary files, pictures, and videos to your PC.
  • Then go to the drive and select the SD card. Right-click on it, and from the side menu, tap on the Format button.




What is the .android secure Folder




  • Choose the “Quick Format” option. This will take some time to remove all the files inside the SD card, including the Android_secure folders.




What is the .android secure Folder



How do I move an app out of a secure folder?


Follow the step-by-step guide to easily move an app out of the Secure folder.


Go to the Secure Folder

Open the settings option from the app drawer of your Android device. Then navigate to the Apps and select the Secure Folder to open it.


Get access to the Folder.

If the folder is secured with a password or pattern, you must apply the correct passcode to access the secure folder and its files.


Moving out the Apps

Select the apps you want to move out by tapping and holding for a few seconds. After that, open the upper-right side menu. Tap on the “Move Out From Secure Folder.” This will remove the apps from the Secure folder to the internal storage.



What is the .android secure Folder




What is the .android secure Folder


Does Google have a secure folder?


Google has introduced a new feature named Safe Folder, which acts as a secure folder. It can hide and store apps from other people. You can use passwords, pins, biometrics, etc., to secure the files inside the secure folder by Google.



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