What Is the Best Android Straight Talk Phone for You (Best Option in 2021)

what is the best android straight talk phone

Straight Talk is a wireless network provider for your Android phones. They have a series of bundle offers on different Android phones. To choose your cellphone for the Straight Talk network, you will need to know what is the best Android Straight Talk Phone.


Straight Talk has included their service in Android phones like Samsung, Motorola, and iPhone. Straight Talk offers different bundle offers if you purchase these phones from them. Also, you can change your phone without changing your network on Straight Talk.


Straight Talk is a cell phone service provider. But they don’t have their own network towers. Thus they partner up with other networks. They are a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). 




what is the best android straight talk phone




Knowing Straight Talk

Before getting to know about the best Straight Talk Android phones, let’s get to know about Straight Talk. It will help you to differentiate it from other networks in the market.


Pricing Of Straight Talk

Straight Talk is one of the most budget-friendly data providers. They offer packages in both limited and unlimited data plans. So, no matter what type of user you are, they will have something better to offer. They are available at Walmart and StraightTalk.com.


One of the best packages by Straight Talk on a limited data plan is $45 for 25GB. This is also inclusive of high-speed internet. On the unlimited package, you can get unlimited data with a payment of $55 per month. It even includes a mobile hotspot data ratio of 10GB. 


Along with the monthly plans, there are also 3-month, 6-months, and 12-month plans. These plans have different discounts offered. Additionally, you will get their regular bundles at lower rates with early and auto-refill.




what is the best android straight talk phone




what is the best android straight talk phone




Network Range

Straight Talk is a network provider that doesn’t have a network tower of its own. So, they have partnered with other providers and shared their network. 


Till now, they have paired up with four of the most extensive networks. Those are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. One of the benefits of sharing these networks is that your Straight Talk will get connected to the strongest network available at any particular time and location. This will happen automatically. 


It is also important to remember that your phone will not get connected to these four networks at a time. Instead, they will change whenever necessary. So, while traveling or roaming, there is less chance of you getting lost and totally out of the network. 


Getting Straight Talk Connection

Straight Talk is available at a vast range of locations and shopping options. On more than 3000 locations of Walmart, you can get a Straight Talk connection. Also, you can get SIM cards, data plans, and phones online. You can place your order at StraightTalk.com.


If you are ordering online, the SIM card will be delivered through FedEx. If they fail to reach you, the SIM card will be returned to Straight Talk. 


But, it is always better to buy it from your nearest Walmart. This process is straightforward and less time-consuming. Also, if there is an issue with the SIM card, it will be easy to deal with the return policy. 


Activation Of The Service

With the SIM card, you will be provided with a SIM activation Kit. It comes with a manual as well. After inserting the SIM follow, the instructions step by step to get a new number. But if you want, you can keep your old number.


After doing all the necessary steps, you will get a text from the company confirming the activation of the service. In case you face any issue, contact the given helplines. They will guide you to further procedures. 




what is the best android straight talk phone




Call And Text Performance 

User preview says that both calls and text have uninterrupted performance. The network is better than any other MVNO’s. Some users of AT&T said they get more issues compared to Verizon. But with Straight Talk, none of the users face any problem. 


On the plus side, both sides of the phone call can listen properly. Generally, there is no call drop. Also, with Straight Talk, you can do Wi-Fi calling on some particular devices. But this facility is only available on some phones from Straight Talk.


Speed Of Data

On SpeedTest.app, the speed of the Straight Talk network was not less than 10Mbps. This speed might show a bit of buffering during online gaming. But with this, you can go for smooth video streaming. 


In the case of an unlimited data package, you can choose your desired data speed and pay accordingly. 


Customer Service

Straight Talk promises to provide all help regarding their service. You can get both phone call support and chat support in Straight Talk. 


The chat number is 611611. If you text “usage” to 611611, they will send you the list of your data usage. Again, if you text “HELP” to 611611, you will receive the top help’s keyword and proceed further. 


In customer service, Straight Talk has received a mixed review. They have been rated 3 stars to 5 stars on average.


What Is The Android Phone On Straight Talk

Straight Talk allows you to keep your old phone in most cases. But if you are ready for an upgrade, you can go for Android or iPhone. They have a variety of collections. This collection even has low-budget and affordable phones. 


Straight Talk allows you to buy your phone on EMI for over 24 months if you can’t pay the money at a time. 


Straight Talk users prefer to use Samsung phones. With an upgraded package plan, Samsung phones will be more competent. If you want something fancy, you can always go for the iPhone. 


The range of price can start from $99 and cost all the way up to $1000+. So the best phone will be the one that matches your budget and necessity.




what is the best android straight talk phone




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


How does a Straight Talk phone work?

Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). It means they run their services depending on the partnership with other networks. They have their pros and cons.


Is Straight Talk free?

Straight Talk offers free data, talk time, and text messages from time to time. But the packages come with a substantial price. But that is relatively less than other operators.


Are Straight Talk phones unlocked?

Straight Talk unlocked all types of legitimate phones. A current or former customer will get a free unlocking service. Otherwise, you might need to pay a small amount as a service charge.


Does Verizon own Straight Talk?

No, Verizon doesn’t own Straight Talk. They are one of the four partners of Straight Talk from whom the company takes network service. 



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Final Word

Straight Talk is quite an affordable service. Their phones and their data packages are customer-friendly. So, knowing what is the best Android Straight Talk Phone will definitely come in handy for you.


Though they don’t have their towers for the network, it doesn’t stand in their way of excellent service. Instead, it has been reported that they have one of the best network receptions in the whole country!

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