What is the best iOS version for iPhone 4?[Discover it Easily with us]

This is a controversial question we found on multiple forums around the web.


We notice the asker behind this question has an iPhone 4 and has a clear intention to use it. For example, some users keep the older version of the iPhone to use FaceTime.


Or someone updates the iOS version but wants to switch to another version because of the sluggish performance. And in this case, the asker calls for other Apple users to recommend the best version of iOS compatible with the iPhone 4.


In this guide, we will cover-


  • What does the community say about the iOS version for iPhone 4?
  • Why iOS 6.1.6 is best for iPhone 4?
  • Why is the iPhone 4 still good?
  • The limitations of iPhone 4


Without further ado, dive deeper into the guide without skipping this page.


What does the community say about the iOS version for iPhone 4?

As we said before, which iOS version is best for iPhone 4 is a debatable issue.



what is the best iOS version for iPhone 4



For example, LebronFilms, a MacRumors user, tells the community that he has been keeping his iPhone 4 up-to-date with the latest firmware. But he is not satisfied because of its sluggish performance.


In reply, another MacRumors user recommends going with any iOS version iPhone 4 supports if the latest version doesn’t work for him. However, the user suggests going for iOS 6.1.6.


Other members of this forum also recommend iOS 7.1 as the best and fastest for iPhone 4.


Woodsie351, an Apple user, recommends the fellow members not upgrade their iOS version to 7.1. Because of several adverse reports about iOS 7.1, like the SSL security hole, he suggests not updating the iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.


Instead, he decided to stay with the older version of iOS (6.1.6).


Why iOS 6.1.6 is best for iPhone 4?


iOS 6.1.6 is the best iOS version for iPhone 4. But why?


Well, iOS 6.1.6 is a stable and smooth version of the iPhone 4. You can effectively port the iOS 6 from iPhone 4 to the iPod touch 4G and things like camera, wifi, and so on.


But its updated version, iOS 7.1, doesn’t work and makes the phone slow to run.


On iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.6 excels over the iOS firmware after the release of iOS 6, and this version is stable and runs smooth.


Therefore, unlike iOS 7, the iOS 6.1.6 has no security hole, and no one claims it makes their phone slow.


Because of these reasons, iOS 6.1.6 is considered the best iOS version for iPhone 4.


Why is the iPhone 4 still good?


You can find hundreds of people still using iPhone 4 while the latest iPhone is available out there. So, what makes others pursue to use the dated version of the iPhone?


Here we will disclose the secret.


Meets the Basic


Web browsing, texting, calling & FaceTime are some of the basic needs iPhone 4 offers. All of these are not fancy features but essential ones.


The fact that makes people feel when they have an iPhone is- they use the phone that uses premium material. So, it will be your best bait to stay with iPhone 4 to meet your basics.


Capturing & Sharing Photos


We know the photo quality you will get from iPhone 4 does not blow you away. However, it has a 5 megapixel back camera and a .3 rear camera. With it, you can shoot HD videos and take crisp photos.


Also, you can share them with your friends or upload photos on social channels.


Download & Use Simple Software


Yes, an intensive app may slow down iPhone 4. You can use & experience light software like an online banking app. Regarding this, you don’t require a $1000 iPhone to use the simple software.


The limitations of iPhone 4


Now, let’s discover the shortcomings of having an iPhone 4.


Get no more iOS updates


Unfortunately, the latest version of iOS doesn’t support the iPhone 4. Almost every app on Apple Store is compatible with only iOS 8 or above. It means you can experience a level of crash or hiccups if you install the new version app or intensive software.


Slow Speed


iPhone 4 only supports 3G speed. So, you will get slower speed compared to newer iPhones. Therefore, iPhone 4 uses Apple’s A4 chip. Consequently, it fails to load the intensive apps with simple graphics.


Limited Features


You can’t find a helpful app like Siri on iPhone 4. Moreover, you can’t experience the new features that are only available on the more recent version of the iPhone.


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What is the highest iOS for iPhone 4?


iOS 9.3.5 is the highest iOS version for iPhone 4.


Can iPhone 4 Get iOS 13?


iPhone SE and iPhone 4 can run iOS 13. But iPhone 4 can’t get iOS 13.


How do I force my iPhone 4 to update?


  • Connect your device to the internet first.
  • Head over to Settings > General > Software Updates
  • Click on Download & Install
  • Tap on Update
  • Give the password if it asks


What happens if you don’t update your iPhone software?


The iPhone brings the update of software to improve the overall security system to protect your phone from malware. If you don’t update your iPhone, there is a risk of being attacked by malware or hackers.




So, what is the best iOS version for iPhone 4?

Undoubtedly, iOS 6.1.6 is the best iOS version for iPhone 4. It has no security holes and doesn’t slow down your phone’s performance like the iOS 7.1 or above.


Indeed, you can stay with the older version of iOS to run your iPhone 4 smoothly.


Now, it’s up to you.


What do you think about iOS 6.1.6? Leave a comment below to let us know.

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