What Is The Difference Between Windows 10 Pro And Pro N?

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Windows Pro 10 comes with preinstalled media software, where in some cases, users never open the applications. This software can cause temporary file creation and device slow-down. At the same time, Pro N features preinstalled applications.


Both versions use the same operating system, but a few more significant differences are the reason for Windows Pro N’s top priority. If your mind is in the middle, then this article will clear your dilemma of what is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Pro N.


Generally, conflicts arise for pre-installed applications. However, the option is also feasible in Pro N, as a user can modify the software necessity according to the demand, whereas in PRO 10, the choice is missing. Let’s dig deeper to learn more about them.


What is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Pro N?


Both are developed under the same operating system, but Windows 10 Pro comes with pre-installed applications so that the users don’t need to download applications.


In Windows Pro N, there are no pre-installed applications, so after the installation, if the user finds the importance of any application, the user can download the specific software.


Before digging into the depth, let’s see the differences between Windows 10 Pro and Pro N in a short blink.




what is the difference between windows 10 pro and pro n




Windows 10 Pro Windows Pro N
Windows 10 Pro comes with pre-installed system software You have to download the software from your preferences
Creates temporary unwanted files from the unused applications As there are no pre-installed unnecessary applications, there is no chance for temporary files
Application installation takes much time Application installation is faster than Windows 10 Pro
For regular users who don’t require system app installation, Windows 10 Pro is a good choice for them. For corporate or business users who prefer specific applications, Windows Pro N is a wise option for them.
Windows 10 Pro is slower than windows Pro N Windows Pro N is speedy than windows 10 Pro
Good for beginners Good for business users




what is the difference between windows 10 pro and pro n




Windows 10 Pro and Windows Pro N System Download Requirements:


Whether you download the Windows 10 Pro or Pro N, the system requirements are the same. The RAM size, resolution display, and Graphics requirements all are the same for both windows.


  • Minimum 800*600 display resolution


  • CPU speed of 1GHz or higher


  • 1 GB RAM or 2 GB RAM


  • 16GB HDD space (for the 32-bit version) or 20GB HDD space (for the 64-bit version)


  • WDDM 1.0 driver and DirectX 9 compliant graphics card or newer


Windows 10 Pro Features


Windows 10 is the most expensive version of the Microsoft Windows clan. It was supposed to be a more expensive version of the program that could do more complicated activities prevalent in small and large enterprises.


The built-in remote desktop client programs and Hyper-V are the most prevalent reasons non-business customers purchase Windows 10 Pro. These two qualities can be used for more than just enterprise security and expanding operations.


Remote desktop allows you to transmit your desktop to another device from your home computer. Any program installed on your computer can access from any internet-connected device.




what is the difference between windows 10 pro and pro n




  • Hyper V activation virtualization


  • BitLocker Encryption


  • Remote using benefit


  • Windows information safety


  • Third-party device management


  • Kiosk mode


  • Remote Device access


  • Microsoft store


  • Windows Ink and defender


  • Start menu


  • Trusted boot


  • Internet network protection


  • Sandbox




what is the difference between windows 10 pro and pro n




1. Bitlocker:Bitlocker is a data encryption method through which user can protect their data. The user gets notified if the device is affected by data theft or stolen. But it can give the user more protection if the user adds TMP or Trusted Platform Module.


Bitlocker enables the normal startup process through a pin or password. These extra security features ensure access controls and that the computer will not start or restart from sleep until the correct PIN or startup password.


2. Trusted Boot:Windows has sealed features like secure boot, trusted boot, ELAM, and measured boot. Windows Pro 10 is the user of the trusted boot. This operating system verifies the integrity of each component before loading the startup process.


3. Remote Device Using Benefit:On windows 10 pro user can install the remote device function. It facilitates more effortless connecting and controlling of other devices through a local network or the internet. So, with the help of this component, you easily manage your device from the same model as another device.


4. Hyper V virtualization:Virtualization means an ultimate version in one virtual hardware system, virtual visualization, switches, number, and devices. Users can virtually create a supplement version of windows machines.


Windows Pro N Features


N stands for “Not” with a media player. That means Pro N windows is without media-related pre-installed applications but with 10 pro features. Windows pro N comes without pre-installed applications, so there are fewer features to discuss.


  • Game DVR


  • Continuum


  • Remote login




what is the difference between windows 10 pro and pro n




1. Game DVR:It’s essentially a system optimization feature that improves the performance of games on your computer. It’s straightforward to switch “On” or” Off” from the Settings app. This is undoubtedly one of the remarkable aspects if you like games.


2. Continuum:This feature helps to accommodate the user interface through more than two devices. Users can use two devices together and can operate using one mouse and keyboard; the system will auto-detect the user and work according to the home device command.


3. Remote Login:You can log in from another device to your computer even if you are far from it.


Why did Microsoft Come Up with the Windows Pro N Idea?


N stands for “Not” with media player. That means Pro N windows is free from media-related pre-installed applications but with 10 pro features. So, windows pro N comes without pre-installed applications, so there are fewer features to discuss.


Many of the software remain unused, which causes temporary files creation and unnecessary RAM use. These extra unwanted functions slow down your computer.


So, thinking of the corporate users who don’t need the pre-installed applications, Microsoft came up with this innovative idea. Till now, corporate users and regular users prefer Pro N over Pro 10.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can I Enable the Windows Pro Remote login?


Yes, you can. In this case, go to the settings, select the system, scroll down to the remote desktop, click on it, and enable the switch.


2. What is the RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol?


In a word, this standard technical protocol system allows your device to activate the remote login.


3. Is There Any Difference between Windows Pro and Home?


Windows 10 Pro comes with a strong security policy, and this is missing on Home. In terms of security management Windows, 10 pro is the best option. 


4. Which One is Worth Installing Windows 10 Pro or N?


From experience and user benefits, window pro N is a good choice, as you can install the applications exactly which are a must for you. Thus, you save the RAM storage and keep your device free from unnecessary slowdown.


5. Which Windows Is Best for Security Support?


Windows 10 Pro is the best for security; the S.T.P. system maintains security that protects internal data, unauthorized login, and third-party entry.




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If you have a sufficient internet link, you can install any windows on your device anytime. In case of confusion regarding the Windows 10 Pro vs Pro N, we hope this article will assist you in narrowing down your preference and clearing the clutter of what is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and Pro N.


As a multimedia fan, it is wise to select the Windows 10 Pro N as it comes with all Pro 10 operating system features. However, it all comes down to your personal preferences. After all, the ball is in your court!

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