What Is the Log4j Android Vulnerability?

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These days, you will often hear news of data breaches. And if your device has Log4j java-based system or applications, it makes you more vulnerable to security violations. It mainly happens in the Windows and Linux servers with confidential data.


And as you have credentials and data on your smartphone too, you will usually wonder if your phone uses log4j android based apps that can put your digital security at risk. To put a rest to all your doubts and fears, we will explore the Log4j vulnerability in detail.


Getting familiar with the Log4j vulnerabilities is not enough to secure your data or network. In this case, you need to follow some tricks and tips which we will include in this guide as well.


What Is the Log4j Android Vulnerability?


Log4j is a java-based software or logging utility used by the developers to keep track of the activity of the system or applications on your device. It helps them to monitor the issues in the apps. And recently, there has been a security flaw in the Log4j software known as Log4shell. The developers call it the Log4j vulnerability.


Because of the vulnerability, hackers can access the device that runs the vulnerable version of the Log4j or Log4j2 program. The developers have released several security patches to get rid of the issue, but the Log4j 2.15 and 2.17 versions keep developing the vulnerabilities.


So, the Log4j vulnerability or the Log4shell is the flaw in the java-based apps that leaves loopholes for the hackers to gain access to confidential data.


Does The Log4j Vulnerability Affect Android Users?



log4j android




Though most Android phones or tablets are safe from the Log4j vulnerability, it still can affect some specific Android OS versions and apps. Usually, Android OS is safe from vulnerability because Android uses its own logging library instead of using the JNDI service. And certain strings do not get to trigger the JNDI API, which can result in a data breach.


Some Android OS versions or apps are half written in Java, but as they use their own library and isolate the apps in different sandboxes, they are safe from potential Log4j attacks. However, there are many ways to include Log4j in mobile apps.


The apps with Log4j or java-based framework utilize java-backend servers, and such servers can be vulnerable because of outdated software components, software misconfigurations, and other factors. And such vulnerable servers are the common target of hackers to steal or misuse data.


Here are the potential threats of the Log4j vulnerability on a few Android OS –


  • Attackers can use text messages to gain unauthorized and remote access to the device or machine to run their own commands on it.


  • On the device with Log4j vulnerability, hackers can inject or run any malware or ransomware.


  • Because of the issue, exploiters can breach virtualized infrastructure.


  • They can steal confidential credentials and misuse them later.


  • Crypto-currency mining exploits are on the rise because of the Log4j vulnerability.


Looking at the issues the Log4j vulnerability can cause, it is better to take the necessary steps before things go out of hand. And for that, carefully follow the techniques in the next section.

How to Protect Your Device from Potential Log4j Vulnerability?



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The corporate networks or devices that use java-based software and applications are at risk of a data breach. Advanced hackers can have access to your data and ask for ransom in return or they might misuse the data.


So, to protect your network or Android device that uses the vulnerable Java-based backend servers, you can try these possible tips or steps:


  • No matter which version of the Log4j you are using, it is better to upgrade to 2.16.0 and the above version.


  • If you are using the Java 8 or the recent versions, the released 2.16.0 patch from the vendors is the best version to upgrade to in order to prevent the Log4j vulnerability. 


  • In case the version 2.12.2 is available and you happen to be a Java 7 user, you must use this version.


  • Using the Firewall device is a smart move to protect your network. The Firewall is a network security system that not only monitors the network traffic but also filters the traffic. It prevents hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your network or device. 


  • You must use it if your network server can perform DNS lookups to prevent any DNS assault. 


  • You can remove the Log4j jar files but remember that removing the files will cause the Log4j2 logging to stop. So, if you are okay with that, only then go for this step. 


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. When Was the Log4j Issue Discovered?


After some Minecraft server attacks in December 2021, the Apache Foundation has identified the vulnerabilities. However, it was originally discovered in November 2021 after an e-commerce site reported the flaw. 


2. Are Log4j and Log4j2 the Same?


Log4j2 is the upgraded version and has more features than the Log4j. They both are not the same and they are not fully compatible with each other.


3. Is There Any Tool to Prevent Log4j Attacks?


Yes, there are many tools like Firewalls and scanners to prevent Log4j issues. And they are easily available on their official websites.


4. Can Log4j Issue Affect iPhone?


Yes, it can. As Log4j is an open-source tool used in many OS, it can affect many devices or OS, including the iPhone. 


5. What Services Are Vulnerable to Log4j Issue?


The high-tech multinational corporations are most vulnerable to the Log4j attacks. Amazon Services, Intel, and Crypto industries are mostly targeted by hackers. 




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The log4j android vulnerability is not a common issue for Android phones because most Android OS and Log4j are not compatible with each other.


But as a few Android OS or apps use the Java-based servers or framework, you need to carefully follow the tips and techniques that we have reviewed above to prevent any data breach or hassle. Before we sign off, we suggest you use scanners and software on your device that mitigate the probability of Log4j attacks.

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