What is the most popular operating system? [4 Best OS 2022]

Well, you will find many operating systems for your Laptop or Desktop. But choosing the best one can be tough. At the same time, it is impossible to run your device without a good operating system. Now if you believe in the power of majority, you can enquire  what is the most popular operating system: Windows, IOS, BSD, or Linux?


To easily understand the computer’s language, you should choose a popular operating system. Because it will be compatible with almost all computer brands. Now you have to find which one of the following is a popular operating system? In this article, we come up with the idea of which is the most widely used operating system in the world and why?

What is an operating system?


It helps to organize the hardware and software materials. Beyond that, it supports your computer programs as well. The operating system can support process management, memory saving capacity, file systems, networking, and device drivers. Thus, it also secures your computer with the highest security features.

Common operating systems


Basically, you will find some common operating systems while searching. Let’s discuss.


● Windows


It is one of the best-rated operating systems in this world. Nevertheless, this operating system is associated with Microsoft. Many people are comfortable running their computers with Windows. But it only works well with computers. You can’t operate your mobile phone with it.




This operating system has been designed for the Apple brand devices. Apart from that, you can’t run other devices with the operating system. Do you know what the best part is? It comes up with the most secure mechanism. Besides, you can control the unofficial activities.




The full form of BSD is Berkeley Software distribution. It is made for internet hosting, server hosting, and web hosting. Hereafter, it is the first version of the Unix-like operating system. There are many BSD-based operating systems. Such as OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD,GhostBSD, and DragonFly BSD.


● Linux


Linus Torvalds introduces us to the operating system Linux. It is one of the renowned operating systems for programmers and corporate jobholders. This operating system can manage the resources like processors, memory, and storage drives.

Which operating system is the most popular in the world?


Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. Microsoft Corporation came up with the operating system on 20 November 1985. Since then, almost everyone has been using windows to run their computer’s system and hardware mechanism.


If you can see the 37-year evolution, you will find the differences between each edition. It keeps upgrading the managing capacity over the years.


The journey begins from Windows 1. Microsoft introduces Windows 11 with the 21H1 version as of 2021. Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system of all operating systems.

Why are windows the most popular operating system?


This operating system is popular because of its easy user system. However, you don’t have to pay an annual charge for the system. It is an affordable operating system.


Windows has a wide interface than other operating systems. If you look into the features of Windows, you will find the compatibility with many hardware and software mechanisms. It covers 70 percent of the market share in the world.


Apart from that, you can easily manage and control the activities of your computer. Do you know what? It can control 82 percent of your desktop. Isn’tIsn’t it great? Besides, the most efficient version of this operating system is Windows 10.

How do you install Windows 10 on my computer?

To use Windows, you have to install it on your computer. We are here to help you with the process of installing Windows 10.


  • The first thing you have to do is look over the compatibility of system needs.


  • On top of that, you need to create a USB installer. Start to operate the installer tool.


  • Moreover, use the installation media. You can choose a CD or pen drive for this.


  • Consequently, modify the boot order of your computer. Restart your computer.


  • You can see the installation set up on your screen.




which is the most widely used operating system




  • Enter the required information and proceed.




which is the most widely used operating system




  • Click ”Install Now”. After completing the process, you can manage your computer with Windows 10.


Final Thoughts


After all, you can understand which operating system is the most popular in the world and why? Nevertheless, Windows is popular among every computer user. Because it isn’t focusing on any specific system.


It works with all sectors of hardware and software mechanisms. The operating system will be the best choice for your computer rather than other operating systems. That’s for today.


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