What Is The Nativedropboxagent App And How To Remove It?

The Motorola mobile phones come with the pre-installed “Nativedropboxagent” system app that controls the Dropbox software. But most users complained about this software as unresponsive and ineffective in its task.


Technically, the Nativedropboxagent is not necessary for the application to run, that’s why many people find it better to get rid of it. So today, we will deliberate what is the Nativedropboxagent app and how to remove it? 


Here, we incorporated some effective methods to try out, especially if you want to remove it from your device. In addition, we will go through its characteristics, including whether it is safe to keep this app or not. So let’s get into it without more chit-chat!



What is Nativedropboxagent and Is It Safe to Keep in Device?


The Nativedropboxagent is a system application for Motorola devices. The purpose of having this application on your device is nothing specific, but according to the description, it helps to manage the Dropbox application.


What is Nativedropboxagent and Is It Safe to Keep in Device?


The original application can run without the app. If you know the correct use of it, only then you can function it, unless this system application has nothing explicit act.


But removing the application can cause some issues, so technically, this is not a wise option. Even keeping it active on your device is also not a good choice. Why? Because this application is considered malicious and can even damage your phone silently.


Moreover, it gradually decreases the phone’s fast charging capability and battery lifetime. Even if the application is still not used, it can use your cellular data and internet at a high rate. Apparently, this application is also responsible for the auto application shut-down, and the app is not responding to issues.



How to Remove the Nativedropboxagent App?


This is a system application and comes as pre-installed. That’s why you cannot uninstall the app because the system doesn’t sustain the method. From the android device, you have to stop the application forcefully or disable it.


Though you cannot uninstall it from the mobile device, you are allowed to apply an alternative way to get rid of it. For that, you have to connect the device with another computer to create a root channel using ADB.


And after the proper rooting, you can remove the application from your device. So, stopping its function directly from the device is the better and more intelligent choice.


  1. Uninstall all the Updates


Note that for starting the process, make sure your recent updates need to be uninstalled first.

Follow the instructions to uninstall the app’s last updates from your device first.


  • Open the settings menu by clicking on the Settings icon by dragging down the notification bar or from the application icon.


  • Under the settings option, select the Apps.


  • Find Dropbox, and under it, you will find the Nativedropboxagent app.


  • At the bottom screen, click on the uninstall update.


  • After the uninstallation, click on the clear data and cache. This process will temporarily remove all the functions of the app.



  1. Disable the Nativedropboxagent


What Is The Nativedropboxagent App And How To Remove It



This process will not remove the application but will disable its background functions. The application generally uses the user’s data, internet, battery, and almost everything which falls under its permission.


Besides, it will turn off all its activities, so uninstallation and disabling are almost equivalent except for the storage free-up.


  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Find the Apps, and under the apps, select the Nativedropbox.
  • In the bottom screen of the Nativedropbox, click on disable.
  • The command will ask for the confirmation to restore factory default settings; click on that and press YES.



  1. Force Stop the Nativedropboxagent


The process will turn off all the functions of the application, and it’s a temporary method. While doing the method system will notify you that the command will occur if some functional damage or action will interrupt the necessary data.


What Is The Nativedropboxagent App And How To Remove It



Nonetheless, forcefully stopping the app will not cause any operational harm.


  • Extract the settings menu and under the settings menu, locate the Apps.


  • Under the apps, select the Nativedropbox, and at the bottom, you will see the force stop icon, click on it.


  • After the complete force stop, all the other commands will turn into disable mode.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


  • Are Nativedropbox and Dropbox the Same?


There is no direct connection between Dropbox and Nativedropboxagent. It allows more ways to collaborate with other programs, and important papers can also be shared without changing. The Nativedropboxagent can only work with Dropbox; it has nothing individual function. So, Dropbox can run without this agent app.


  • Does the Nativedroboxagent Cause Malicious Attack?


This app can cause malicious functions, and the actual indications are hard to identify because the visibility is very similar to the usual technical glitches. So, if you have this application on your device, ensure to stay connected with an antivirus tool. This will notify you of any kind of malicious activity.


  • How to Activate the Motorola Boot Safe Mode?


Hold the power button of your Motorola device until the Power off command shows on the screen. Release the button, and on the bottom screen, press the “Power Off” button. It will extract the safe mode menu. Click on the safe mode and boot your device.




The Nativedropboxagent is not correlative with Dropbox, but it mainly creates issues when dropbox is missing on your device. Still, this pre-installed application is useless for your device, and you have many strong alternatives platform for it.


So, it is factual that all types of pre-installed applications are not necessary; and also, without removing them, you can retain them in a quiet position. Hope that after reading this article, now you have a precise idea about what is the Nativedropboxagent app and how to remove it. 




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