What is UI system on Android? Before knowing the answer, let’s first know what does the acronym UI means. 

It stands for User Interface. This is the game-changer feature of Android which makes it more popular than other mobile platforms. Android allows you to customize the user interface and let you change the feel and its look. 

In this guide, we will elaborate on everything associated with UI System like: 

  • What is System UI?
  • Relationship between the UI System and Android
  • What is the System UI used for
  • And a lot

Without further ado, let’s dive deeper into this guide right away.


What is System UI?


what is ui system on android


System UI is the elements that are displayed on the screen that are not a part of the application. In other words, developers can customize the interface that requires no app update. It exists in your device but Google makes it challenging to access.


From the view of a developer, it’s a framework or structure on which they build their software. Indeed, it ensures the overall visual experience of an app. 


What’s the relationship between the UI System and Android?

Google introduces us to UI System Tuner back in 2015 with the launch of Android MarshMallow. In the beginning, Google used it as a customization menu in the Settings application. It was limited as an accessible menu in the Settings app.


But Google made it a hidden menu after the third release of Android Marshmallow. Enabling System UI Tuner, you can conceal the status bar or see the battery percentage.


You can easily enable it on your Android by pulling the notification shade down and pressing down on the gear icon for 5 seconds. However, the enabling process may vary because of the diversity of Android devices.


A developer can control the visibility of the UI System. For instance, if you design a video player, it should hide the status bar when users are on full-screen mode.


Indeed, the System UI structure makes it possible for developers to do it. 


What is the System UI used for?

In the previous chapter, we already break down what you can do with System UI. Here we will explain it again for a better understanding of the use of System UI. 


  • Using it, you can hide the status bar or their icons.
  • Change the entire look and feel of the interface.
  • Let you enhance the navigation bar.


How to use System UI?

Multiple ways are available to use the System UI Tuner. You can easily dim the navigation bar using this flag: SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LOW_PROFILE. 

Keep in mind; System UI will help you to customize the user interface to get a better visual experience. Therefore, Developers can hide the navigation bar also to make any specific apps go fullscreen with the UI System.

In this case, they should use this flag: SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION. 


UI System Stopped: How to Fix it on Android?

‘System UI has stopped’ is a common problem on Android. From this chapter, you can learn how to resolve the issues and increase the performance of your phone.


Clear Google App Cache


what is ui system on android


Caching data from Google apps like Play Store, Play Services, and others can be a reason for sluggish performance because it takes storage. As a result, it will be responsible for incorrect app behavior. To resolve the issue- UI System Stopped, clearing cache will be effective.


Regarding this, press down the Google Play Store Services and tap on the icon that seems like (!). Then, click on Storage.


Finally, tap on Clear Cache to clear the caching data.


You can also get this same option by going to Settings > Storage > Other apps > Google Play Services > Clear Cache.


Remove Widgets from Your Phone Homepage


Sometimes eliminating Widgets like Calendar, Clock, and so on from the homepage may solve the UI System error. To do this, just touch on the widget and drag it to the X icon to remove.


Restart your phone


what is ui system on android


The simplest yet effective way to solve the interface error is to restart your phone. Just hold down the power button and tap on the Restart option.



We hope you get your answer to the question: What is the UI System on Android? This feature enables you to hide the navigation bar. You can also enhance the visual experience with the UI System.

However, sometimes you can see the error message- UI System Stopped. It may occur for several reasons like if you don’t clear the app cache. Alternatively, the widgets on the phone’s homepage may not be compatible with your phone.

In this case, you can clear the cache, remove widgets, or restart the phone to get rid of the issue. Indeed, we have broken down everything you need to know. 

Still, have questions about this term? Then, leave a comment below let us know. 



How do I fix the system UI that has stopped?

Follow the below steps to fix this issue:

  • Clear the app cache
  • Uninstall updates
  • Remove widgets
  • Restart your phone


What happens if I force stop the system UI?

The UI will reset all the settings you customized if you force stop System UI.


How do I get rid of System UI?

Head over to Settings > System UI Tuner. Click on the three-dot icon and tap on Remove to get rid of System UI.

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