What is Virtual Tour or Com Sec Android App Tourviewer Android?

If you deal with creating or exploring a virtual tour of products and real estate places, you probably are pretty much familiar with the virtual tour software. Even if you haven’t, you will come across its package on your “Google My Activity” list.


And you might want to know “what is virtual tour or com sec android app tourviewer android” doing on your phone. So to answer all your query regarding it, we will discuss the software and its functions right here.


Whether you want to keep the package or remove it depends on your needs. So you can go through the benefits we have discussed to understand if they can fulfill your requirements or not. Stay connected till the end!

What Is Virtual Tour or Com Sec Android App Tourviewer Android?


The com sec android app tourviewer is the package of the Virtual Tour app developed by Samsung Electronics. You will find the app pre-installed on your Samsung phones as part of the promotional strategy of the developers.


They often pre-install services or apps to promote them and they think that some users might find them useful.


The Virtual Tour software helps to visit a place without having to move physically. It means you can virtually explore the new home you want to buy or arrange a virtual study tour to engage your students more. The virtual tour package comes in different formats.


You can either use the free or the paid versions to create or adjust the tour according to your liking.

Why Is the Virtual Tour or Tourviewer Android App Necessary? 


Nowadays, virtual tour software is necessary to cut down on expenses and effort while trying to showcase your product or property. Other than that, there are several benefits discussed below:


Saves Time and Money


It is a waste of your time, money, and effort to explore a property or product in person just to realize later that they do not fulfill your requirements. So, before you decide to buy anything, you can take a virtual tour of that property online to save money and effort.


You can see the rooms or places in 3D and 360° view. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of the image or video tour.


Increases Traffic and Global Reach


If you give a virtual tour of your products or property, it holds the attention of the buyers for a longer period. And as one can explore such tours 24/7, it increases the traffic.


Also, you can showcase and explore the place from wherever you are, it helps to gain global reach. As with this software, you no longer have to cross miles to invest in something.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Can You Remove the Virtual Tour TourViewer Package?


Yes, it is possible to remove the pre-installed packages with the USB debugging method. Also, if you want, you can root your device to uninstall such system apps or packages.


Is It Okay to Remove the Virtual Tour From Your Android?


Yes, it is pretty much safe to uninstall or remove the virtual tour app from your phone. Your phone’s OS will not freeze or crash without this app.


Can You Disable the Virtual Tour Package on Android?


If you have downloaded the app from a third-party source, it should let you disable the package. But if it comes with your phone pre-installed, you might not get the option directly to do so.




Virtual tour software or tools are not widespread yet. So, not all android, specifically Samsung users, are familiar with the tourviewer package. But now we hope you have understood “what is virtual tour or com.sec.android app.tourviewer android” doing on your phone, and what you can expect from it.


Unless the app is troubling you or eating up the phone memory, you can keep it on your phone. And to be free from viruses, try to download it from reliable sources.



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