What Makes Iphones Better Than Android: 6 Inevitable Reasons

What makes iPhones better than Android? This is a controversial question asked by thousands of iPhone and Android users. From the Android user’s side, they argue Android offers open platforms and hardware & software customizations and a lot. 

Now, our question is- if Android is much better, then why do 728 million users stick with iPhone

As an Android user, you may defend yourself by saying the iPhone has a better market value, branding status, and so on. But are these enough to hook up millions of users with an iPhone?

Today, we will break down the puzzle and show you 6 reasons why people crave an iPhone. Even years of Android users switch from Android to iPhone. Here we go.


6 Reasons Why iPhone is Better than Android


what makes iphones better than android


Why is the iPhone better than Android? In this chapter, we will give you the answer to this question and let you know why the iPhone surpasses Android.


Intuitive and simple to use


what makes iphones better than android


That’s the best reason which makes people try the iPhone: intuitive and easiest to operate. Though Google and its partners try to make Android simple, there is still a lot of confusion. Each Android phone remains a learning curve as most of them look and feel different.


On the other hand, the iPhone remains the same as it was in 2007. Yes, Apple brings new enhancements over years like Siri and Control Center. But it gives the user the same feel and looks from the beginning. You can find everything on the screen and there is no app drawer like Android. Even your child can operate it and becomes a master user within 15 minutes.


Fast & Smooth

Performance makes iPhones better than Android. You will enjoy fewer slow-down and hiccups using iOS compared to Android. The iPhone comes with powerful specs like the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It features 4 GB RAM and a six-core CPU.


Yes, it seems less when you compare it with the best Android phone in the market. But we forget the truth that powerful specifications can’t ensure better performance alone. It’s all about better integration. That’s why the iPhone needs no powerful specifications to beat Android. Apple optimizes the hardware and software better which is responsible for a faster and smooth result.


Update Timely


what makes iphones better than android


Another criterion that brings iPhones in the first place is the timely update of the software. As soon as the iPhone brings any updates, you will get it from the released day.


Alternatively, you can’t enjoy this if you are using Google OS. Only Google offers a direct update to its product like Pixel 4. When other best Android devices like Samsung, have to go through a deep updating process. The manufacturer first works on the update make it compatible with their devices and finally releases it. Indeed, it takes sometimes months or years to get an update.


Apple Pay

Unlike its counterparts, Apple Pay is more intuitive and simple to use for mobile payments. You can effortlessly pay for what you purchase. Just bring your iPhone close to the supported payment terminal and tap on the Touch ID sensor. It’s just simple.



Google continues to work and update the Play Store to ensure your information and phone remain safe. But when it comes to comparing with the Apple security system, Android is less preferable. Google is an open platform which means hackers can easily penetrate its system and can easily hack your phone.

In contrast, Apple’s closed ecosystem protects your information and phone better as attackers hardly penetrate its system.


Superior Support

You need to dig into online forums or call the carrier if you trouble any issues with your Android device. When Apple offers a sea of databases and articles on their official website to provide any solution to the problem you encounter.

Also, you can contact Apple directly and get a solution via live chat. But Android never offers you the opportunity to let you contact directly.




What can an iPhone do that an android can’t?

You can do the following things on iPhone when an Android device fails:

  • Can control the battery and its performance
  • Allow you to send and receive money via messages


What makes the iPhone better than Samsung?

Faster and smooth performance makes the iPhone better than Android.


Do iPhones last longer than androids?

Yes, iPhones last longer compared to Android because they offer longer battery life, use high-quality components.


Should I switch from Android to Apple?

If you want to enjoy faster & smooth performance, superior security, and a user-friendly interface, you should switch from Android to iPhone.


Are iPhones safer than Android?

Apple’s closed ecosystem is hard to penetrate for attackers to hack your phone and information. On the other hand, Android is an open platform so hackers can easily penetrate it. So, we can say iPhones are safer than Android. 



From the beginning to the end of this guide, we elaborated on what makes iPhones better than Android

iPhone beats Android in every field from usability to security systems. So, we recommend you switch to the iPhone to enjoy all the facilities it offers. 

Now, it’s up to you. What do you think about iPhone vs. Android? Do you still use Android but make your mind switch to iPhone? If you do so, what for you decide to use an iPhone?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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