what smart tvs are android? (5 Best TVs in 2021)

Have you ever imagined Google Chrome on your TV? Yes, it’s possible. Android is a popular operating system for mobile phones. But, nowadays it is afflicted with smart TVs. 


Android TVs will support your voice with Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. No need to type anything to search here. Just give a command, the expected result will appear on the screen. Furthermore, Google Assistant works well with Android smart TVs. You can even connect an internet connection and your smartphone with Android TVs. If you are a gamer, the great information is for you that Android TVs have an amazing wireless gamepad capability also! 


Having questions about what smart tvs are android? If you don’t know about Android smart TVs, you are in the right place. We will show here the best 5 Android smart TVs. Stay with us to know.


What smart TVs are Android- Factors


There must be some factors for being an Android Smart TV. If you see all of these factors, you can identify the Android smart TV from ordinary TVs. So, let’s see about the factors.


TV’s Display Size


Generally, Android TVs are big sizes. You can get the available display size from 24 inches to 85 inches giant size and more. The big screen will give you real-life feelings.


Resolution/ pixel


Resolution determines the picture quality on the TV screen. An Android smart TV must feature a good volume of resolution. A bigger screen means a higher pixel or resolution. Well, the best resolution for 2021 is 4K. You can say this ultra HD quality. 4K is satisfying for your eyes. 


Screen Technology


Screen Technology is another essential factor for Android smart TVs. Because it influences the view of the picture or videos. Have you ever heard the name LED? LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. Smart TV uses the LED technology to illuminate the content on the TV screen. Further, LCD is also a popular panel. Android TVs use a combination of LCD and LED panels. This is an OLED panel. Although, this panel is costly but amazing.


Picture-enhancing Technology 


Android smart TVs use HDR technology. Because pictures and videos can be shown in different ways on the TV screen. With HDR technology, the picture can be clear and sharper on the TV screen. It enhances the quality of the colors also. Most of the Android smart TVs use the HDR range from 60Hz to 120Hz.


The sound quality is also a considerable factor for an Android smart TV. You can hear a clear and raw sound at the time of watching on Android TVs.


The Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021


Okay, now we will show a sophisticated list of Android smart TVs for you. Check it out for a better buying experience. 


1.Sony A1E Series OLED TV


This is one of the most costly and best Android TV from the Sony brand. You will see all of the features of an Android smart TV in it. Like a sophisticated display size, a good Resolution, screen technology, picture-enhancing technology, and amazing sound quality.

The design of this TV is frameless. You can experience this is the fastest and smartest Tv. You can enjoy the best quality of image with its OLED technology and HDR quality. 


This TV is capable of streaming in 4K, or ultra HD quality with the X1 Extreme processor. You will be amazed if you know that it has high contrast ratios and self-illuminating pixels.

Furthermore, this OLED TV has a satisfying audio system. There is no chance of vibration on the screen unless touching it. You can find this TV series in three different sizes on the marketplace. They are 55, 65, and 77-inch sizes. Overall, the Sony A1E series OLED TV could be the best experience for you.



What are the Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021 




2. Sony Bravia X900F Series


If you can’t afford Sony A1E Series OLED TVs, don’t be silly. Sony Bravia X900F Series is another amazing Android TV in 2021. Because it has similarities with the Sony A1E Series OLED TVs. 

You can find the X1 Extreme processor in it also. This will give you a real-time picture experience. Sony Bravia has ultra HD or 4K technology also. Further, it has superb picture clarity and sophisticated SDR to HDR products that will feel you an eye-soothing color on the screen. It also has a LED backlight, that will protect your eyes at the time of watching shows or movies.

The interesting fact is that it supports Amazon Alexa! Overall, it’s a superb TV.




What are the Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021 





3.Philips Razor Slim 4K UHD TV


Philips Razor Slim 4K UHD TV is an amazing Android smart TV in 2021. In this TV you will find all of the best features of an Android smart TV. This TV has OLED picture quality.

The ultra HD 4K quality of it is eyes protecting. The sound quality, display, pixels or resolution, and picture-enhancing technology are awesome. 

You can enjoy streaming videos and playing games on it. Alexa will help you to find out your expected result on the internet. It could be a good buying choice. 




What are the Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021 




4.TCL Series C 65 inch C6 QUHD Android TV


You will be amazed after knowing that TCL has started producing Android TVs besides smart TVs. 

This TV provides a natural HD quality color for customers. At the time of watching movies on it, you can feel nature. This has a clear sound system and the resolution is so good. This Android smart TV has an internet connection option and all the features of the operating system Android. Overall, You will be happy with its display, pixels/resolution, screen, sound, and picture.



What are the Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021 




5.Hisense H9E plus and H9100E plus Series TVs


This Android Smart TV is budget-friendly and popular in the world. This TV has the greatest features like ULED technology, wide color gamut, and Dolby vision.

You can watch movies with 120Hz 4K technology on this TV. Besides these features, this TV has a refreshing sound system and HDR10 picture enhancing technology.

Overall, if you are on a budget, this could be the greatest experience for you.



What are the Best 5 Android Smart TVs in 2021 




So, these 5 TVs are the best on our list. You can try out from these. 


Final Thought


Overall, Android smart TVs are a great innovation to ease daily activity in this era. You can use the internet connection on it but an ordinary TV is not capable of doing this. We have mentioned some features of an Android TV in this post. Expecting, you don’t have the question about what smart TVs are Android now. 


From this list, feel free to choose your preferred one and enjoy the best display, resolution, screen technology, sound system, and picture-enhancing technology features. Good day!






Q1: What are the differences between Android TV and Smart TV?


Answer: Okay, the main difference is the internet connection. You can use the internet over an Android Smart TV.  But an Ordinary smart TV is not capable of doing this. 

You can enjoy online streaming on Android TV. But smart TV doesn’t offer this facility.


Q2: Is it worth buying an Android smart TV?


Answer: Yes! An Android TV is not an ordinary TV. You can use it for a lot of purposes. You can connect your phone with it. Even you can browse with an Android smart TV. Watching online shows and movies it’s satisfying. For online games and streaming, it is superb. 


Q3: What is the best APK for Android TV box?


Answer: Well, I’m sharing a list of the best APK for Android TV box.

  • Cinema APK.
  • Kodi.
  • Tea Tv.
  • Viva Tv.
  • Nova Tv.
  • Syncler.
  • Stremio.
  • Filelinked.
  • FilmPlus etc. 

You can use these for watching free movies and TV shows without Buffering.


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