What Version Of Windows Do I Have?

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Windows is the most popular and most accessible PC operating system in the world. There are only a few competitors of windows in the market. The Windows 10 upgrade comes with several versions. So, how would I know what version of windows do i have?


There are several ways or methods to know the Windows 10 version. In the quick process, just press windows key+R and write “winver” on the command box. The windows settings app also carries all the information regarding windows versions. You can also use the winver dialog to find out the edition and build the number of Windows 10.


It’s essential to know about the windows 10 versions when you want a particular upgrade or download certain features. So, find out which Windows 10 version you have.


What Version Of Windows Do I Have?


What Is Windows OS Build?


Windows is an operating system from Microsoft. Each Windows version has an operating system build number or OS build number that changes in every update.


The windows OS helps store the files on a PC or Windows server, play games, run software, create an internet connection, watch videos, and more. Though Microsoft announced its first operating system in 1985, Windows XP and Windows 7 became popular among users.


After that, several windows versions, including Windows 10, emerged with new software, games, and other suitable new features.


Windows 10 Version


By far, Windows 10 is the most popular version of Microsoft. That’s because, in Windows 10, things changed a bit. The windows store has been enriched with new apps.


It has several versions, editions, OS build, and system types. The OS build number changes with every update and modifies the windows specification. It’s most probably the most significant number that tells you about the major upgrades.


The system type shows you whether your windows pc is 32-bit or 64-bit. This bit also signifies the operating system and microprocessor (memory, data transfer, processing speed).


The version number shows you the information of its releasing time. For example, if the version is 1607, it means that the release date is the 7th month of 2016. As mentioned, Windows 10 comes with several editions based on your work purposes, like business or education.


How Many Editions of Windows 10 Are in The Market?


You should check the number of Windows 10 editions before installing or upgrading to a new one. These editions are divided based on the professions and general people.


Windows 10 Home


It’s the most used and famous edition of windows 10 among the users. The home edition is for general users and new retail devices in the market. It only has customer-oriented features (like a windows media player) and lacks business features.


Windows 10 Pro


The pro version includes BitLocker encryption and small business environments for power users.


Windows 10 Enterprise


It has all the features like the Windows 10 pro. But the Windows 10 enterprise also provides some additional features that are helpful for technology-oriented companies and network administration.


Windows 10 Education


The Windows 10 education edition used to have features like 10-enterprise. But the Windows 10 creators’ update revamped the edition and designed it for only academic purposes.


Windows Pro Education


It’s just different in one feature from the education edition: “set up school PCs.” This edition does not have Microsoft store, Cortana, or windows spotlight.


Windows Pro for Workstations


This edition is specially made for intensive computing tasks, high-end software, the latest servers, and a file system.


Windows 10 S Mode


The S-mode contains limited features of windows. You can’t even download any third-party app which is not in the Microsoft store. Microsoft Edge is your option for browsing.


Windows 10 N And KN Edition


The N version is only for Europe, and the KN version is only for Korea. It’s because of their law restrictions.


Windows 10 IoT Edition


It’s for IoT devices like robots, ATMs, barcode scanners, POS terminals, etc.


Why Would You Need to Check Windows 10 Versions?


Well, it’s a legit concern why you would have to know the windows 10 versions. There is some significance behind this concern.


As you know, the version number shows you the number and release date of your last update to windows 10. Therefore, when you learn the version number, you can know whether your Windows 10 is up to date. You’ll also be able to figure out whether it’s time to get an update or not.


The updates are necessary because the windows defender works best with the latest version. Creators’ update plays a vital role here. Some upgrades are functional and featureful, like “windows hello,” sticky notes, files secure, etc.


How To Check Your Windows 10 Versions?


If you want to check your PC’s Windows 10 version, you can follow various methods.


Quick Method


This method is pretty fast and works perfectly for checking the information.


Step 1: To get into the system information, you need to go to the search box and press the start button.


Step 2: After that type “winver” and click enter or tap on the search results. Make sure you don’t make spelling mistakes.



what version of windows do i have




Step 3: You can also press the windows box and the letter “R” to run the window. Then type “winver” and tap “OK”.




what version of windows do i have




Step 4: After that, the command will open up the “about windows.” You will see all the necessary information about your Windows 10 version, like the OS build, edition, version date, etc., has appeared.


Through Settings


In the settings, you will find all the necessary specs you would need. Below are the steps to follow:


Step 1: First, you need to search the settings option in your windows. The settings app may help to get in quickly. Alternatively, you can press “Windows + I” at the same time and then click on the system.


Step 2: When the settings window opens, click on the system. After that, go to the “about” option from the system properties window.



what version of windows do i have




Step 3: If all the options are not opened yet, click on the device specifications. You will notice the specifications of the windows.


You can check the edition, versions, and system type from the specifications.




what version of windows do i have






If you don’t like going to the control panel, you can just use PowerShell to access Windows 10 information. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1: Open “PowerShell” to use the command line environment.


Step 2: After that, you need to write a specific command or copy-paste the command from any website. The command is “wmic os get version.”


Step 3: Press “enter” to execute the command.


You will notice all the information about the windows 10 version in the window.


Command Prompt


Using the command prompt is pretty easy because you don’t have to use anything from the start menu. Here are the steps to follow:


Step 1: First of all, you need to press the Windows logo and type “cmd”. Then click ok or press enter.


Step 2: Another command window will appear. Again, you have to type “ver” and click enter.




what version of windows do i have




The windows version will appear on the display. The fourth line on the screen will show the version of your windows 10.


 Use The System


You can also see the windows version by using the system. Press the Windows key and “pause” key. Make sure you press both keys at the same time.


You will notice a window appearing on the right side. The window will provide the version, edition, and system types of your current windows 10.




what version of windows do i have




System Information


At first, you need to press the “windows” key. Though all the app information will appear, you just need to type “system information.”


A new window will appear on the screen. Then you have to click on “system summary.” The version of your windows 10, along with its build number, will appear on the screen.




what version of windows do i have




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Windows 10 the latest from Microsoft?


No, Windows 10 is not the latest from Microsoft. In 2021, the Microsoft corporation announced its latest operating system, Windows 11.


But that was not according to plan because when Microsoft published windows 10, they said it was the last windows they would ever publish. Windows 10 has many editions, and the company thought there was no need for new windows upgrade further.


How many Windows versions are published?


In 36 years of evolution, Microsoft Windows has eleven primary versions of its operating systems.


Microsoft Corporation published Windows 1 in 1985 as their first operating system, and in 2021 their Windows 11 was the last from them. Each of the primary versions received several security updates and feature updates.


What’s the latest version of Windows 10?


In overall employment, Windows 10-21H1 is the latest version of the OS from Microsoft.


However, the latest version depends on what edition you are using right now. That’s because Windows 10 has many editions like 10-pro, 10 home, education, etc. But you will receive more updates for your windows 10 till 2023.


What’s the time of the last upgrade of the windows version?


According to the Microsoft corporation, the Windows update for Windows 10 will be given till October 2025. Therefore, you won’t get any windows 10 version updates from 2023, which would support 2025.


After that, Windows 10 will announce a retirement date. But there may be some changes on the retirement date if things don’t go according to plan.


What does 32-bit windows 10 signify?


Windows 10 comes in two different bit features: the 32-bit and the 64-bit. If your windows 10 shows 32-bit, it means it can transmit or process 32-bit data in parallel.


In other words, your windows operating system can handle 32-bit data. Mainly, the computer uses it to represent memory addresses in the microprocessor.



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Bottom Line


Though it’s not a matter of bother for some people to know the windows 10 versions, it will come in handy when you need to upgrade your windows 10 or have some security patch.


Hopefully, your question – “what version of windows do i have?” has been answered. All of these methods are capable of finding the windows 10 versions. Use whatever method seems easiest to you!

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