What Will Happen If I Delete The Thumbnails Folder From My Phone Memory?

what will happen if i delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory

The thumbnails folder is a mystery for many Android users. They occupy the space of the device and can’t be removed easily. From personal interest, many people try to delete the thumbnails folder from their device. What will happen if I delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory?

Your device won’t face any trouble due to this action except for the gallery app. The gallery app won’t work appropriately after deleting the thumbnails folder. Thumbnails are created as a soft copy of each image. To reduce the runtime of larger images, it’s highly effective.

So, the image viewing experience will be downgraded for deleting thumbnails from your device. If you delete the DCIM folder, thumbnail subfolders will be deleted also and you’ll lose your photos forever. The thumbnails folder is creatable again and so, trying to delete it is just a waste of time.

What will happen if I delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory?

The thumbnails folder doesn’t occupy a huge space of your device’s internal storage. Besides, it’s creatable again. So, deleting the thumbnails folder isn’t a wise move in case of long-term results. So, what will happen if I delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory? You’ll face the following troubles after deleting the thumbnails folder from your phone memory.

Scrolling experience gets worse

Thumbnails are generated to represent the larger image in smaller form. Due to this action, gallery app scrolling becomes smooth and flawless. When you delete the thumbnails folder, all the photos and videos thumbnails are gone. Then, your scrolling experience becomes worse, and seems the device vs refresh rate is affected.

Gallery app becomes slow

Thumbnails are used for decreasing the real image size and using them at convenient places. When the thumbnails folder is deleted, the gallery app won’t allow compressing the images. As a result, the gallery app becomes slow. Opening any photo takes more time than the previous one.

You’ll lose your valuable time

Thumbnails get regenerated. In a general manner, you can’t delete thumbnails forever. For getting temporary space and your satisfaction, you may delete the thumbnails folder. At the end of the day, you have to enter your gallery and that’s the ultimate time. The thumbnails folder will be created again and all of your previous attempts get ruined.

Chance of losing every photo and videos

There are ways of deleting the thumbnails folder on your Android. By following any conventional method, you can create a chance of losing your memorable photos and videos. Deleting the thumbnails folder isn’t a good choice if you don’t have a backup of those photos.

Should you delete the thumbnails folder from your phone memory?

It’s not a safe operation to delete the thumbnails folder from your phone memory. Thumbnails are groups of data that help in opening and browsing images smoothly. To slow down the gallery app performance, deleting thumbnails data is the effective way. That’s why the thumbnails folder is hidden in the Android system.

If you move the thumbnails folder to the SD card, it’s also not a good move. The device’s gallery performance will be devastating then. After deleting the thumbnails data, it’ll be recreated when you open the gallery again. So, the whole time will be wasted for sure. Deleting thumbnails temporarily will provide you extra space but that’s not the permanent solution.

How to delete thumbnails permanently Android with safety

So, you’ve already known what will happen if I delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory. Android miscellaneous files can be deleted by following some easy steps. Before starting, we don’t recommend rooting your Android. This action will void your warranty. So, take risks on your own.

Step:1- Open file explorer

You need to open a file explorer that shows hidden files of your device. Using Root Explorer is recommended if your device is successfully rooted. This file explorer should work with unrooted devices also.

Step:2- Visit the camera folder

Now, your turn is to visit the camera folder. It’s known as the DCIM folder. This folder is generated in the internal storage of your device. In this folder, you’ll get camera photos as well as a hidden thumbnails subfolder. Tap on the option and several new options will appear.

what will happen if i delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory

Step:3- Deleting .thumbnails folder

You can visit files to see thumbnails from here for deleting. Delete the .thumbnails folder now. Tap on delete and select “ok” to execute the final operation. After deleting the old folder, create a new file and rename it as “.thumbnails”.

what will happen if i delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory

Step:4- Rebooting the Android device

The last move is rebooting the device. Your device won’t generate any thumbnails from now on. Viewing gallery pictures is possible using any pic viewer app.

what will happen if i delete the thumbnails folder from my phone memory

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This part deals with some common questions about deleting thumbnails from your phone.

Can I delete thumbnails from my phone?

Yes, you can execute the delete operation of thumbnails from your phone. Thumbnails are just a kind of image data that helps in improving the image viewing experience. Deleting thumbnails is nothing but a waste of time because it’ll generate itself again.

What are cache thumbnails in Android?

Cache thumbnails is a concept of the cache memory of thumbnails. The Android system creates a kind of soft copy of the real image and that’s known as thumbnails. It’s a temporary file and the definition of cache memory is so. That’s why cache thumbnails are originally thumbnails of images.

Is it OK to delete thumbnails in DCIM?

DCIM is the directory path of Android devices to store data of various images. Deleting thumbnails in DCIM isn’t a good decision unless you want to slow down your gallery viewing experience. It’ll provide you with some extra space but your images will fall in danger.

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