When Will Bitlife Update on Android [Easy Guide]

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BitLife launched on iOS on 29th September 2018. On the other hand, it launched for Android almost four months later on 5th February 2019.


Since its launch, BitLife has gone through many updates.


From the available data, it is easy to assume that a major update rolls out after every two to four weeks. To date, BitLife has released more than 45 updates for iOS. However, for Android users, BitLife has also released about 50+ major updates.


In this article, we will talk about the probable date of the BitLife Android update.


What is the probable date of the next BitLife Release or Update for Android?


Well, that’s a really tricky question and we can just guess. The development authority of BitLife decides the time when they will come up with new releases. For Android, the latest version came on 29th August 2021. And the latest version of BitLife is 2.6.2.


By the way, we can expect that the latest version will release very soon (within a month or two) to offer the users of BitLife new features and experiences.


Why does BitLife release updates?


From its very beginning, BitLife has brought hundreds of new features and fixed a lot of bugs. Updates are usually released to bring more features, improve any feature or fix any bug that annoys the users.


Which version of BitLife should I use?


If you have the latest version available, we recommend you to use the latest version to get the best of BitLife. Using the latest version is way more secure, fast, and bug-free than that of the old versions of BitLife.


How to get BitLife on Android?


It’s really very easy. There are multiple ways to download and install BitLife. You can either install it from Google Play Store or download the apk from a third-party website and then install that to your device.



However, the easiest way is to get BitLife on Android from the Google Play Store. Here are the steps you need to follow to install BitLife Life Simulator from the Google Play Store.


  1. Just open your Google Play Store app and search for “BitLife – Life Simulator”.
  2. From the search result, you’ll see the app.
  3. Click on Install and wait a few minutes to get it installed on your Android device.
  4. Once done, you can click on “Open” to open BitLife on your Android phone and start using the app.


Note that, to use BitLife on Android, your device’s version must be Android 4.4 or up.



How often are BitLife Updates released?


When it comes to releasing updates, BitLife does not follow any hard and fast rules. Sometimes it takes 2 days to 1 week to release updates, sometimes it takes a month to bring a major update.


What are Ketchup Updates of BitLife?


Ketchup updates indicate the most recent updates of BitLife on Android.


CandyWriter LLC, the creator of Bitlife Life Simulator, intended the word “Ketchup” as a pun to mean “catch up”. In these updates, they’ve tried to integrate all the features of the iOS version into Android. You will get The Merge Code on different social media.


When is BitLIfe last updated on Android?


At the time of writing this article, the last update of BitLife on Android was released on 29th August 2021.


When is BitLife last updated on iOS?


As I’m writing this, BitLife’s latest update on iOS was released on 22nd May 2021 (as far as I know).


When’s the next iPhone update?


Being first released on 29th September 2018, BitLife has brought about 47 major updates for iPhones. The last update for iPhone was version 2.4. This version was released on 28th May 2021.


We do not have any official data just yet about when the next update of BitLife will get released by the developers. However, we hope that the authority will soon come up (within a month or as soon as possible) with an update to fix bugs, improve features and unlock new features.


How many updates of BitLife have been released for Android till now?


Till now, BitLife has released 50+ major updates for Android devices.

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