Where Are Contacts Stored On Android [Ultimate Guide 2022]

Android devices are equipped with some amazing features to save you from an awful situation.


One of them is the contacts app that comes pre-installed as a system app. It helps you to manage your contact list such as removing, adding, assigning new names, updating, etc.


But the day will come when the app suddenly stops working, leaving you helpless. Because you are badly in need of the contacts that are stored in your phone.


So, to avoid this unpleasant situation, it is always a good practice to keep backing up your contacts.


But before that, in the early step, you have to know where are contacts stored on Android in order to make the process simpler and smoother.


And to let you know about the topic in detail, we have come up with this informative article.

Let’s give it a go.


Android Contacts Structure

As an Android user, you are quite familiar with the contact function of your help. But have you ever wondered in what way the structure of almost every Android contact is developed? Let’s have a glimpse at this.


  • Head over to the app drawer and find out the contacts app and hit the icon to see the list of your contacts


  • Now hit on each contact. After opening each contact, you will see tons of info related to the contact. The info can include:


  1. Email ID (you can record the mail type as work, home, mobile or other)
  2. Phone number. Again the type can be home, mobile, work, or other
  3. Nickname
  4. Address
  5. organization( includes job description company name, office location, title, department, etc,)
  6. Instant message, the protocol can be skype, qq, icq, etc)
  7. Photo
  8. Identity
  9. Website
  10. Note
  11. Group



Where Are Contacts Saved On Android And How Can You Find Them

Truly speaking, the location of the contacts database varies based on the mobile phone manufacturer.


That means, there is no exact location where you can find them easily. But in an ideal world, most of the time you can locate them on the following directory.




Youn should not mind finding the database of the contacts in SQLite 3 format. Because you will be capable of accessing them with the help of tools like DB browser or SQLite man on your computer. You can find the DB Browser for SQLite on various platforms quite easily. After that, you will be able to see all the contacts of your Android phone and eventually reuse them on another device.


But as we said earlier, this method works only in an ideal world. In our actual world, two vital factors will keep you away from implementing the method. These factors are:


  1. Lack of stock Android. Most Android phones come with a custom interface. Hence you might be unsuccessful to locate the above directory since the manufacturer of the phone may change the path.
  2. Need of rooted phone. To access the database you will need to root your phone. But not all users are willing to root their phones. So the method is not going to work for them.


Sim Card Is A Good Source To Store Contacts On Android

You can save your contacts on your sim card and access them whenever you need them just like that.


As finding the location of the contacts on your Android phone is a bit complicated, you can store them on your sim card to avoid probable trouble. Storing contacts on a sim card is much more convenient when it comes to transferring contacts between two phones or switching one device to another.


But in order to store contacts, you must have exported them from the phone’s internal device. Let’s look at the process step by step.


Step 1

Head over to Setting.



where are contacts stored on android



Step 2

Now hit on Apps and scroll down to find the contact menu and click on it.



where are contacts stored on android



Step 3

Now at the top right center, you will see a button containing 3 dots. Tap on it.



where are contacts stored on android



Step 4

Now touch on Import/ export contacts. From the drop-down menu select export to sim card.



where are contacts stored on android



Step 5

Now hit on the select all button to choose all the contacts. Congratulation! You have successfully exported all your contacts from your phone to your sim card. Now you can use them without any hassle.


Contacts Can Be Stored On SD Card

If you insert an external memory card which is commonly knowns as an SD card on your Android phone, then there is a chance your contacts get stored on your SD card. To check the possibility, you need to remove the card from your phone and place it on another device to see if you export the contacts.


Is It Essential To Back Up Contacts From Android To Other Sources?

You cannot blow out the possibility of bricking or losing your phone. In that case. You should always back up your contacts on diverse sources if possible. Otherwise, your sorrows will have no bound when you need to communicate with your essential contacts.

So, always try to keep backing them up using your Google account, personal computer, etc. It will prove unbelievably helpful when you encounter the horrible situation we just mentioned.




How do I know if my contacts are saved to my sim?


If you use two sim cards simultaneously on your Android phone, it might be quite difficult for you to know on which sim your contacts are getting stored. But you can find out it quite easily just by following the steps mentioned below


  1. Take your phone and go to the setting option.
  2. Now head over to contacts. After touching the contacts you will see an option named contacts to display from. To see all the contacts easily, select both the SIM’s options.


Final Thoughts

There were times when people memorized all the necessary contacts. But when smartphones start taking the places of the old-fashioned mobile phone, people also start giving up their habit of memorizing contact numbers.


Since you are now more dependent on your Android phones to store your contacts, don’t forget to back up them on your convenient source.

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