Where Are My Documents Windows 10: Everything You Should Learn

Where are my documents Windows 10?


The intention behind asking this question can be:


  • You use Windows 7 previously but now upgrade to Windows 10. So, you look for the ‘My Document’ folder which is a default location for various files like documents, texts, or so on.
  • You may search for any specific documents but can’t find them.


No matter what will be the reason behind (in your case), we will cover the answer from both points. So, let’s dig into this article to explore the solution.


Where is My Document (folder) on Windows 10?


If you make your move from Windows 7 to 10, then it is indispensable to know that now the My Document folder is known as Documents. Like your previous operating system, Document is a default folder for saving different documents.


From this section, we let you learn how to find out the Documents folder on Windows 10, following 3 simple methods.


Method 1. Find out the Document folder from File Explorer


Firstly, right-click on the Start menu from the screen.


From there, tap on File Explorer.


Now, you can see the Document folder on the left pane.



Method 2. Access the Document folder from Run Prompt


Use the shortcut- Windows Key + R to get Run Prompt. It looks like the below screenshot.


In the box, type this text- %userprofile%\Documents and click ok. It will bring you to the Document folder directly.


Where are my documents on Windows 10?


In this chapter, we will break down how to find out any specific documents like text, picture, and others, following two simple methods.



2 simple tricks to find out documents in Windows 10


In Windows 10, you can search for any files and get them quickly following these ways:


  • Search from the Taskbar
  • Search from the File Explorer


Now, let’s break down each of the methods.


Method 1. Search from the Taskbar


The fast way to find out any files like audio, text, photos, or others is- searching a document from the taskbar.


You can find this next to the Start option of your windows. So, tap on the search bar and it brings a pop-up box like this:


where are my documents windows 10


Type on the bar and it will bring up the document that matches the text you type.


Indeed, you can find every type of file. Even you can find email, videos, contact numbers, and so on.


And the best part is- it takes you just a few seconds to get the specific document.


Method 2. Search from the File Explorer


This is an advanced method to get a specific file in a quick method. It faster the searching process as you can set a specific location to get the file.


To get the File Explorer option, right-click on the Start option that brings up a box like the below screenshot.


where are my documents windows 10


From the drop-down menu, click on File Explorer that shows a pop-up box like this:


where are my documents windows 10


From the left side of the box, select a location or folder from where you want to find a file.


For example, you can choose This Pc as your search location. Then, type in the search bar to get a file.


where are my documents windows 10


Following this method, you can find the specific document quickly from a specific location.



We hope this guide solves your issue: where are my documents in Windows 10. Following the above searching tricks, you can find any document from your computer within a few seconds. Now, it’s your turn.

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How do I restore my documents in Windows 10?

Using the Restore Default option, you can restore the My Documents folder in Windows 10. To do so, right-click on the My Document and click on Properties. 

Finally, tap on Restore Default. 


Where are documents saved on a computer?

When you download any files may be a video, audio, or picture, it will automatically save in the Download folder. 


How do I change the default location of My Documents in Windows 10?

Here is the step by step process to change the default location of My Documents:

Firstly, right-click on the Start menu and click on File Explorer.

Secondly, right-click on Documents and click on Properties. 

Then, type H:\Docs under the Location tab. 

Thirdly, tap on Apply. Then, click No when a prompt option will appear. Then, again you can see a dialogue box. This time, click on the Ok option.

Finally, go to the Documents folder where you save your files and copy those files and move them to H drive.

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