Where Are Recorded Calls Stored In Android?

We prefer call records for a wide variety of reasons. These days, you may find lots of mobile recording apps in the Google Play Store. Even Google now has an official call recording program. With that being said, after the recording, it’s a bit time-consuming to find out where are recorded calls stored in android.


Almost all types of android phone come with the call recording option. But few countries like Australia, Germany, Turkey, Romania, and many regions have strict phone call recording laws.


Considering this fact, we will walk you through every possible step you can follow to find out your urgent recordings. We will also incorporate two different ideas, helping you get your recordings from both the audio and phone app. So let’s start digging deeper right away!


Where Are Recorded Calls Stored in Android?


There are a few ways to identify the recorded call on your smartphone. The gadget stores the recorded files in the internal storage, not the cloud. As a result, you may easily access the recordings.




where are recorded calls stored in android



1. Find the Call Recording from the Audio


You can find the call recording from the phone’s audio system. To find the recording, please go through the following steps.


  • Google Settings App Option:


Go to your mobile’s settings, scroll down, and see the google setting option in the last. Select google settings and tap on “manage your google account.”


  • Data and Privacy:


You will see the data privacy option and click on it. Some devices require a password or pin to enter into the privacy option.


  • History Setting:


Go to “web and app activity.” You will see a list of your past activities here.


  • Find the Last Call Recording:


Find the recording which you want to listen to. You will see three dots from the top right of the corner; click on that and see multiple options like share and delete. Select the right one for you.


2. Find the Call Recording from the Phone App


Put a smile on your face as you can get call recordings from the phone application as well. Since your phone stores the recording in the device, not in google cloud, it is an easy way to reach the recordings. Follow the instructions mentioned below:


  • Device phone app:


Go to your mobile phone app. This option is the fixed application, and it comes directly with your phone.


  • Recent option:


At the bottom of the phone app, you will see three options: recent, call, and contacts. Select the “recent” option.


  • Caller option:


Select “caller” from the menu. Go to the player’s “recent” option to find out the prior call’s record from a history dial. Select “recording history” from the drop-down menu.


Now tap to play if you want to listen to the recording or tap anything from the multiple options.



where are recorded calls stored in android




The Process to Record Phone Calls on My Android Device


Indeed, call recording is an amazing feature as you can listen to the conversation later as much as you want. You can even share the recording with anyone if it’s legal and ethical.


For all types of phones in general, you don’t need to download a third-party application, but the countries with legal bindings for call recordings don’t allow the users to record the call directly through the phone. There, you have to go for an alternative option.


There are various types of free online applications available in the play store. But from an expert’s point of view, you should go for paid apps if you want to maintain more privacy.


Start call recording within the call:


  • Receive or start a call


  • Look at the ongoing call screen


  • From the multiple options like mute the speaker, you will see the “Record” option 


  • Tap on the “Record” option


  • It will activate the recording, 


  • It will be automatically saved immediately after the line cut




where are recorded calls stored in android



Record calls with selected contacts:


  • Go to your phone application


  • Open settings from the three dots at the right top of the corner


  • Select the call recording option


  • Under the option, you can see the “always record” option


  • Now select the add button


  • Select the specific contacts


  • Now turn on always record 



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Can I use a dedicated call recorder on my android phone?


Some wireless recording external devices are available that work through the Bluetooth option. You can keep the device maintaining the maximum distance and record the calls. You can also use these devices like a pen drive.


2. Is there any way to find out if someone is recording my phone call?


Technically there is no specific device or security system to find this. But if someone is recording during a call, you may hear peculiar and frequent crackling noises, clicks on the line, or occasional bursts of static.


3. Why am I unable to record phone calls on my Android device?


This is an easy task, but there must be an obligation if you find it difficult on your phone. First, check your android version, then look at the country’s law. If your phone is updated and there is no specific law, there must be some other issues related to your device.


4. What’s the best way to get old call records back?


For this, it’s better to download a recorder program and set it as an automatic recording. Thus, you save all outgoing and incoming calls; check in the recorded files if you want to find any old recordings.


5. How to turn off your call when there are recorded notifications?


You can disable the notification due to a pop-out on the screen. First off, go to call settings to select the call recording. Afterwards, click on the disable button, and then you are good to go!




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If you are unable to record the phone call, check whether your region permits that or not. There are plenty of third-party applications available to fulfil your needs. Clear the Phone app cache if you think this is only a minor technical issue.


So, finding the recorded calls is not a time-consuming job anymore as this article has disclosed the techniques elaborately. Following any described technique can solve your problem, so you don’t need to worry about where are recorded calls stored in android.

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