If you are a Windows user and don’t know where your apps are located, then it turns out a hassle for you to open an app when needed. Oftentimes, we get confused about where is all programs in windows 10? Thankfully, we figure out a number of ways so you can easily navigate through your desired apps. 

Keep in mind, the following tips we are going to show you will only work for Windows 10


Method: 1 Get all Programs from the Start Menu


Let us tell you the first and the easiest way to sort out where all your Programs are located in Windows. 


Step 1: 


All you need is to click on the START menu or you may just press the Windows key. 


where is all programs in windows 10


Step 2: 


Now on, you will come to see all the programs are displayed on the computer-based on alphabetically. 


where is all programs in windows 10



Method 2: Find Apps Which are not installed yet


Not necessarily, you will always look for apps that are already in the Windows menu bar as installed apps. Some of them would be uninstalled, so where do you find those Windows uninstaller program? Let’s find the way below


Step 1: 


The first step is to look for the Windows key. Once you click on there then you will need to type the name of it to find the control panel box. 


where is all programs in windows 10



Step 2: 


So, when you will get to see the pop-up box of the control panel, there you will find programs that are not installed yet. 


where is all programs in windows 10



Step 3:


Once you see a new window has popped up, there you will find all the uninstalled applications. So this would be a tricky way to find them and install them again. 


where is all programs in windows 10



Method 3: From the Settings menu


This method is more tricky and takes the least time and effort from your side. The good thing is this process also starts from the Settings menu. So you will need to go through Settings>>System>Apps. Afterward, you will find all the installed apps following by the classic desktop programs. 


where is all programs in windows 10



Method 4: View Installed Apps Using Run Command Box


Isn’t it great when you will come to see all the Windows Apps are found in the same place or in a single folder? You can easily get to see all of them. Well, to perform so you will need to launch a special program which we can see the command box. Luckily, we have the command box which allows us with such a facility, so let’s roam around how we may launch it. 


Step 1: 


First comes first, you will need to open the “Run Command Box”. In order to perform it, you will need to press the Windows key and then the R keys on your keyboard. 


Step 2: 


From now on, you will need to write the command on the Run Command Box so make sure you will press the enter key from the Apps folder. This folder will show you all the installed apps at the same time as classic PC programs. 


Final Thought 


Finally, we get to know all the hacks on where are all programs in Windows 10. We define the 4 definitive methods so you will come across the process to find your lost apps on pc. However, if you have any further quarry related to this article don’t forget to let us know in the comment section so we will come with an answer. 




How do I find all programs on my computer?


The easiest way to find all programs on your computer is to go to the Windows key then press enter. Thereby you will have a full list of all of your PC apps. 


How do I find where a program is installed? 


If you want to check out your installed apps or program then directly go to the settings then open the apps and features where you will find those installed programs. 

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