Where is file manager in android (Easy Solution within 3Minitue)

Are You looking for where is File Manager in Android?


Well, I think You got your Android phone a month ago. Since then, you can take a ton of photos, download audios and videos. 


When you want a photo to share, you go to the ‘Photos’ app and select a picture from there for sharing. 


But the problem has appeared when it comes to sharing audio or video. You can find neither audio nor video when you download a lot. And how can you get them if the Android phone you are using doesn’t have the built-in file manager? 


Now, you may ask- where is File Manager in Android? How can I find my files (on) Android?


Don’t be fret! 


Stick with us till the end of this guide, as we will break down every question you have in your mind.


So, let’s get to the point directly.


Where is the File Manager in Android?


You can find File Manager on Android by going to the main menu of your phone. Most of the recent Android phones have default File Manager which name is- Files. In other words, Files is the built-in file manager of your Android device.


Here is the screenshot of my Android phone’s app menu screenshot that shows the Files. 



Where is file manager in android



If you tap on Files, you can find an interface like this:



Where is file manager in android



Under Storage Devices, you can see two options-

  • Internal Storage (Android built-in file manager)
  • External Storage (Third Party filer manager)- you can’t see this if you don’t insert an SD card.


What should you do if your Android phone has no default file manager?


Most of the current Android devices have a built-in file manager. However, some phones have no file manager. 


In this case, you can find a lot of file manager applications on the Google Play Store.


Here is the list of the five best file managers for Android you can use as a file explorer or browser. 


  • File Manager: It’s one of the best file explorer apps on the Play Store. With it, you can effortlessly manage every file and folder of your device. Therefore, you can perform every file management action like opening, compressing, copying, pasting, and so on. 


  • Amaze File Manager: You can do almost every basic file management workflow, including copy, delete, cut, extract, and compress. The best feature of this app is to organize everything in tabs, material design, and colors. 


  • File Explorer: Using this file management app, you can explore files by directory, category, and searching. It features six categories to browse music, videos, applications, pictures, documents, and compression. Also, you can cut, copy, move, and delete files. 




Does Android have a file manager?


Yes, every Android device built-in with a file manager to store audio, video, pictures, and applications. 


How do I enable file manager on Android?


Head over to Settings > Storage. Then, enable the option by moving the slider to the right. Now, tap on any file type to manage. 


Do I need a file manager on my phone?


Yes, you need this feature. Because of this, you can manage and share files from internal to external memory.





From the above discussion, you learned every Android device has a built-in file manager named Files. 


If the Android phone you are using has no file manager, we recommend you three apps you can use as a file explorer app. 


We hope you will get the solution to your problem. If you want to know more about this, don’t feel shy to leave a comment below. 


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