The Taskbar is an essential component of Windows. Since the release of Windows 10, this feature has been there from the beginning. Microsoft is working relentlessly to improve and modify new designs. With the aim to make it a home for new traits like Windows search, Task view, and many more. 

However, many people found it tiring to get the taskbar visible or lock and unlock in Windows 10. Consequently, we will discuss where the task bar is on Windows 10 to ease your suffering. Without delay, let’s unleash the secrets. 

First, we should know why the taskbar is important for Windows or what it is the use? 

The taskbar is an operating system function placed at the bottom of the computer. It helps you find and launch programs or access any software currently open via the Start and Start menu. The taskbar was first presented in Windows 95 by Microsoft and is available in all subsequent Windows versions.


Use of the Taskbar: 

The use of the taskbar is more than just checking the time or seeing apps. You can use it in different dimensions by personalizing it. For instance, Change colors and scale, pin your favorite applications, switch around on your screen, and redesign or resize buttons in the taskbar. Moreover, you can check battery percentage, quickly minimize all open programs, etc. 


How to find the taskbar in Windows 10:

We will take a glance at four approaches that will assist us in finding the Windows taskbar, as follows:


1. Restart Windows Explorer process:

Although this is a fundamental method, it works for many people. This is the easiest way to reset if something gets stuck on the system tray or taskbar to restart explorer.exe. To do that,

  • First, you have to right-click on the taskbar and then click on Task Manager
  • Secondly, under the labeled Processes, find out Windows Explorer
  • Lastly, right-click on it and tap for Restart

After a successful restart, you should see the Taskbar in its place as this is there for the whole time.

 where is task bar on windows 10


2. Using Settings App taskbar unhiding:

You can also use the Setting app to unhide the taskbar. First, you have to start the windows 10 settings app and then navigate the menu called Personalization, followed by Taskbar. 

After that, ensure that the main section named Automatically hides the taskbar in the desktop mode toggle to Off. If you find it is toggled to On, turn it Off, but you find it already off position, and the taskbar is not visible, then try another way.


 where is task bar on windows 10


3. Disable the Tablet Mode:

In Windows 10, tablet mode comes very handily with minimal options. That’s why if you activated Tablet mode on your PC, then you may not see the taskbar as it hides the system settings. Eventually, you have to turn off the Tablet Mode and then check if the problem solves. 


 where is taskbar on windows 10


4. Check Projection Settings:

Sometimes there may be a problem in your projection settings. So you should give a check. To do that, you have to press the Windows Key + P button simultaneously on your keyboard. Following on, Projection Settings will appear on your screen. 

After that, select the PC Screen Only option and check whether the Taskbar has arrived and is working correctly.


 where is taskbar on windows 10


Extra Tip: 

These 4 significant processes will help you find your taskbar easily. But still, if you are missing it, you might consider giving a check of your Windows resolution settings and your monitor’s in-built settings by using the manual control buttons on the monitor. To see if there is any customization to see the entire desktop. We never see resolution settings can hide the taskbar but it’s worth giving a try.


Final thoughts:

A taskbar is a convenient tool for Windows users. It helps you organize multiple tasks altogether at the same time. You can customize it according to your preferences. Thereby, you first need to find it in Windows. Thus, we discussed where is the taskbar on Windows 10 and how to find it. After you try all the processes but it keeps on disappearing often, you should review Auto Hide Taskbar settings. 

Do let us know in the comment section if you find this amazing tool on your Windows. We’ll help you if you face any problem. 



1. How do I move the taskbar on Windows 10?

Answer: The easiest way to move the taskbar is to click and drag. Simply left-click on the mouse and hold the taskbar, then drag it where you want it to place, and release the button. From the settings, you can reposition the taskbar also:

  1. First, right-click on the blank space on the taskbar, then from the options, choose Taskbar settings.
  2. Now, from the Taskbar settings window, place the Taskbar position on the screen to Right, Left, Top, or Bottom.

2. How do I unlock the Windows taskbar?

Answer: You can lock or unlock the taskbar using three different methods, such as from Taskbar itself, from settings, and by using a BAT file. Here you’ll see the easiest process, which is from Taskbar in Settings:

Step 1: First, you should launch Settings

Step 2: Then you have to select Personalization to move forward

Step 3: Next, press on the Taskbar to the Left side and preferably turn Off or On the lock the taskbar settings. You can also select which side you want to place it.

Step 4: Finally, when you are finished unlocking the taskbar in Windows 10, you can simply click Finish to complete the process.

3. Why doesn’t my taskbar hide when I go fullscreen?

Answer: You can solve this particular problem by the following process,

Step 1: As the taskbar is visible in the fullscreen, you have right-clicked on the taskbar icon ( network status, application, volume, etc.)

Step 2: After that, click back to the media file, i.e., video, web-browser, or game you are viewing. In most cases, for games, particularly this will solve the problem. 

Step 3: For Windows 7, you are facing the problem, then go for force-hide the taskbar option. 

You can do it by exiting fullscreen mode, next in the taskbar, press the display desktop button twice. In this way, you’ll first minimize and then maximize all windows. To make sure it’s working, try to enter fullscreen again. 

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