Where Is Windows 10 Start Menu?

windows 10 start menu

The time to time updates and latest changes made Windows the most popular operating system all over the globe. They kept their legacy going by launching Windows 10 version 21H1. It is the most recent operating system for embedded devices.


Where Is Windows 10 Start Menu? Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system. Soft engineers give it the code name “Windows Threshold, which was a follow-up of Windows 8 with many more features and facilities compared to the other Windows. It’s very effective and compatible with your daily activities.


Where Is Windows 10 Start Menu?




windows 10 start menu




Start menu:


In Windows 10, the Start button is located in the taskbar’s left corner. It poses the window’s logo. The Start button is an essential part of Windows. Therefore, opening the Start button opens the Start menu option. The Start menu allows you to access your programs, settings, and more. There is an interesting fact about the Windows 10 Start button you can change the color of the start button. So, now there’s how we can alter the color of the Start Button.




windows 10 start menu




Step 1 – Open setting.

Step 2 – Press on Personalizing.

Step 3 – Press on Colors.

Step 4 – Under the “choose your colors” section, when selecting your colors, use the drop-down menu to choose the dark or custom option for the “Choose your default Windows mode” setting option.”


Windows 10 start menu:



windows 10 start menu




You can find all of your frequently used programs, folders, and contracts in the Start menu in Windows 10. It’s called a menu because it offers a list of options similar to what you’d find on a restaurant menu. The word “start” defines that it’s the place where you start most of your programs. However, you can also shut down your computer from the Start menu. You can add tiles to both sides, but they appear on the left side of the screen.


How to open the start menu:


There are two ways of opening the start menu-


  1. At the left end of the taskbar, there is the Start icon. Click on that.


  1. Press your keyboard’s Windows key to open the Startup menu Windows 10.


Windows 10 start button not working:


There are a few problems that every Windows 10 user faces. Troubles with the Windows button are one of them. The most common reasons behind frozen Windows buttons are:


  • Update: Your Windows 10 might need an update. Mainly, it updates automatically. But there can be an exception when you need to search for updates and perform the update manually.


  • Uninstalled apps/files: Windows operating system needs a few files and apps to run the functions properly. These files are built-in, and apps are preinstalled. You do not need to download them. If you somehow intentionally or unknowingly delete any of these apps/files, then it can stop the Windows button from working properly. 


Things to do if Windows 10 start button does not work:


  1. You can check for an update.


  1. Assure that all the system apps and files are present.


  1. Find out if it contains any corrupted files.


  1. Fix the bugs.


  1. Restart the PC.


  1. If none of these works, you might need to perform a factory reset. 


  1. It is always good to consult with an expert before taking any bold step.


Why Windows 10 is better than other widows?


Many features of Windows 10 are unavailable on the other Windows. For example, it can run universal apps, touch screen option, Cortana Integration, and many more, making it better than the other Windows.


Comparing Windows 10 and Windows 7


Microsoft Windows is a graphical operating system that Microsoft launched. It was released in 2009. It gives a way to save files, play games, connect to the internet, etc.


Windows 10 Windows 7
It can work much more effectively and fast in multiple Windows simultaneously. It does not work very well in multiple Windows at the same time.
It supports touch screen optimization. It does not support touch screen optimization.
Cortana Integration. It does not have Cortana Integration.
It can use the Xbox app. It cannot use the Xbox app.
Runs Universal Apps. Do not run Universal Apps.



However, Windows 7 is an unsupported operating system now. It’s still ranking at 36% active users after a decade of its initial release.


But it lacks many features and isn’t very effective in our daily activities compared to Windows 10.


Comparing Windows 10 and Windows 8


Windows 8 is a mobile operating system made to improve its users’ tablet experience. It was released in 2012, and soon after that, in 2013, Windows 8.1 was released. Windows 8.1 offers many features compared to Windows 8, such as; extra colors and background, better power-saving capabilities, and more. But it still lacks a little compared to Windows 10.


Windows 10 Windows 8-8.1
Can run Innovative. Can run Innovative.
Can run a dynamic desktop. Can run a dynamic desktop.
Can run an Xbox app. Cannot run the Xbox app.
Has Unified Settings. Has Unified Settings.
Can run an Action Center. Can run an Action Center.



Comparing Windows 10 and Windows 9


Windows 9 does not exist, but you can update Windows 8 and make it Windows 9 using Windows update. Windows 10 and 8 can be turned into Windows 9 with many fascinating features compared to Windows 7-and Windows 8. So the difference is the same as the ones described before.


Why is my Windows button not working?


If you find your Windows button not working, there are many reasons. It might need an update, or you probably unintentionally deleted one of the system files or apps. Consulting an expert can help you solve this problem.


Where is the Windows 10 start button?


Answer: Windows 10’s Start button is located in the taskbar’s left corner. It poses the window’s logo. Press the icon to start Windows 10.



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Where Is Windows 10 Start Menu? Windows 10 version 21H1 is the most recent operating system for embedded devices. This MS operating system has more popularity than any other MS operating system launched before. It comes with a revolutionary change in the field tasks it can perform.


So the control panel ought to be slightly different than the previous versions of Microsoft operating systems. But there is no reason to be worried because you can access all of the information needed to run Windows 10 just with a single click. The ‘Help and Support’ feature at the right end of the Windows button can help you with all the primary problem-solving.

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