Why Are My Messages Green When They Should Be Blue?

If you are an iPhone user, you must love iMessages. It is a separate texting service for iPhone users only. The texts within a blue bubble keep reminding you about the IOS protection.


Then, Why are my messages green when they should be blue? You have iMessage on your device, and it should turn blue whenever you send a text. But, it is showing a dark green bubble now! And we don’t like it at all.


It indicates that our texts have been converted into normal SMS text. And we don’t get the perks of using an iMessage service anymore. So, why does it happen? And, most importantly, how can we fix this?


Don’t worry. In this article, we will jump into the common reasons behind this phenomenon and try to bring a solution for you. So, without wasting more time, let’s get into it!


SMS VS iMessage: Know The Difference


We all know what an SMS text is. No matter what device we use, this is one of the most basic features. SMS stands for short message service. You can communicate with someone through SMS within seconds. But, when we use our iPhone to send /receive the same text, we call it iMessage.


Of course, it is not just the name that is different. Both the services can differ widely in some areas. So, let’s take a look at those to understand better.


1. The usage of a data plan is the first difference. You don’t need a data package or Wi-Fi connection to send a normal SMS. It is similar to what we send or receive using an android phone. All you need is an unlimited message package. Then, you can carry on sending SMS without any interruption.


But, the case is different for iMessages. iMessage is the default app for messaging on the iPhone. You need a data package or Wi-Fi connection on your phone to send an iMessage. As you keep sending messages or pictures, your data will keep reducing.


Once you have finished all your data, the service becomes obsolete. Every message you send after that point will automatically become an SMS text instead.


2. Encryption is another difference between these two. You see, App encrypts every iMessage you send or receive. It doesn’t matter if it’s a text or an audio or video. Even your facetime conversations are safe with Apple. Nobody can access those through hacking. They would require a password for that.


But, this encryption is not for everybody. It is strictly for iPhone users only. In case you want to send a text to your close friend who happens to use an android device, this encryption won’t work. Any message you receive from that user and send this way will not be protected by Apple. So, it is easily vulnerable to hacking.


3. Other than getting extreme protection, you can have a lot more fun. We all know about memojis, right? It’s like emoji on android but better. You can customize the face of a memoji and make it look like you.


The camera will detect your face shape and movement for some basic emotions like anger, a smile, or a laugh. And, with those samples, the IOS can create a gallery of avatars. It expresses your emotions more clearly.


Not just that, you can access a huge array of emojis that are so rare and enhance your chatting experience. Plus, you can send/receive walkie-talkie-like audios to your friends with full encryption. Sadly, you miss all of these features if you turn to the SMS text.


4. The last and most fundamental difference is the user base. When the sender/receiver both have access to iMessages on their iPhones, the texts will have all the facilities of an iMessage. But, when your sender or receiver doesn’t use an iPhone, it will be a normal SMS text.


It can also happen if someone is an iPhone user but doesn’t have a running data plan on their device. That way, the text messages will be converted into SMS from iMessage. iMessages work from iPhone to another iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


Why Are My Messages Green When They Should Be Blue?


Okay, so here we are. We have learned the basic comparison between an SMS text and an iMessage. Now, we will look at the causes that lead to your iMessage turning green. So, buckle up:


1. You Are Receiving Messages From Android User


Before you start blaming your device, check whether the sender is an android user or not. If yes, then you got the answer. If you are the receiver of text and don’t have an iPhone, you will still have this issue. Both the sender and receiver of texts must be IOS users.


You might feel bad because you are an iPhone user. But, still, you are out of this service. As we already discussed, iMessages are encrypted uniquely. And, the Android OS can’t decode this encryption. The special code is not available out there. Plus, any message coming from an android user lacks this type of encryption. As a result, iMessage can’t configure it.


We hope it is clear why the other end of your text should have the same encryption mechanism.


2. You Have Consumed The Active Data Plan


Did you check the data plan on your device? Is it active? If not, then that’s the reason behind your green text messages. iMessages can’t work without active data. It has to be either a data subscription or a Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have that, you can’t use the iMessage service anymore.


3. You Don’t Have A Wi-Fi Connection


It’s the same as the data plan. Except you don’t have to deal with any expiration of data. If you have a router at home, check whether the connection is strong or not. And here’s how you can do that:


  • First of all, you need to check the cables and plugs. Is everything in place? If you notice the cables are plugged-out, plug them in properly.


  • The problem can be with your device and not the Wi-Fi at all. For example, you check out the messaging app and enter another app. Let’s get into youtube and stream a video. Does it load fast? If yes, then there might be some problem with your device and not the connection. Don’t worry. We have included a solution for this just below.


  • Another thing you want to check is the light. These lights can say a lot about the signal strength. If you see the “green lights’ flickering continuously, it means there is no problem whatsoever.


  • However, if the router emits an “orange or yellow” light, there can be a slight server issue. Also, the lights must flicker. It should not be completely off.


  • Sometimes, the local internet provider faces some issues and it affects the end-user. In that case, it is very common not to receive any Wi-Fi connection on your phone. You can be sure of this by calling the provider yourself.


4. You Haven’t Activated the iMessage


Another common reason is not activating the iMessage texting service. We think that having an iPhone is enough for us to send/receive iMessages. But, you have to enter into settings and manually turn it on. We have described the step-by-step activation process below down:


How Can You Fix It – 3 Different Methods to Try Out:


We have gone through the reasons just above. Now, it’s time to fix it. Let’s get familiar with the solutions:


1. Fix Your Wi-Fi Connection:


Method 1:


  • The first step is to turn on and off your Wi-Fi.


  • If it doesn’t work, we have to reboot the phone.




why are my messages green when they should be blue




  • The third step would be to enter the iPhone setting and open “Wi-Fi.”


  • Then, tap on “connected Wi-Fi.” It will expand into two options. Tap on the ‘I” button.


  • Now, you have to select the “forget the network.” it will forget and remove the current Wi-Fi connection from the device’s memory.


  • You have to reconnect the Wi-Fi using the password again.




why are my messages green when they should be blue



Method 2:


If the solution we just mentioned doesn’t work for you, here is another one to try out:


  • Again, go to the “Wi-Fi settings.” Select the “Connected Wi-Fi” and tap on the “I” button as usual.


  • But, this time instead of removing the network, we will tap on “private address.” Make sure it is disabled.


  • Then, tap on “re-join.” It is a very powerful method.


  • Go to the iPhone settings again and scroll through the list to find “general.”


  • Here, if you see any type of VPN running on your iPhone, disable it.


  • Okay, so from ‘generals,” select the “reset network setting.”


  • Don’t worry it will not delete any iPhone data you have. It will only reset your network setting.


  • Make sure that you are only pressing the “network resetting” button. Don’t touch any other button there. It can interrupt the system.


  • Now, try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again.


Hopefully, the Wi-Fi-related problem won’t bother you anymore. You can use iMessage again.




why are my messages green when they should be blue




2. Enable The iMessage Service


  • Enter the settings right away.


  • Then, scroll down below and select “messages.”




why are my messages green when they should be blue




  • Here, you will see the “iMessage’ option on top. Toggle the button to turn it on.


  • Green means it is working right now.




why are my messages green when they should be blue




3. Purchase A Data Plan


If you have consumed the current data plan, you have to purchase another subscription. Even if you have Wi-Fi at home, you can’t take the router outside with you. That’s the reason why you can’t connect to iMessages while traveling.


There is no perfect data package for iPhones. It depends on the SIM card you use. Check out the offers and purchase one with a longer validity date and low price.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Block someone on iMessage?


Open your conversation with that person on iMessage > Click on the little info button on top > Now, select the “details” option > from there you can choose to block him.


2. Can I Know If Someone Blocked Me On iMessage?


Yes, there is a way to tell if someone blocked your iMessage. For example, you have messaged someone before through iMessage, and suddenly the text bubble has turned green. That’s the sign that he perhaps blocked you.


3. Why did the iMessage Turn Green?


Normally, iMessages turning green is a sign that someone blocked you. However, there are other reasons besides this. For example, the receiver/sender doesn’t use an iPhone, has no internet connection, etc. You must check all of these options before assuming the first one.


4. How to enable iMessage on iPhone?


It is pretty simple. Enter the settings menu and choose the “message” icon from there. Then, just turn on the “iMessage” button and make it green. You can change other messaging settings from that interface.


5. Why Are The Messages Not Sending?


It might not always be the iPhone’s fault. Due to poor internet connection or weak Wi-Fi strength, this issue can arise at times. Make sure you have internet strength first of all. Open another app and try examining the signal quality.




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Texting is more fun with iMessages. Apple didn’t leave any stone unturned to provide the best texting service for its users. But, they intend to only limit this service to an iPhone user. That’s why we have two types of messaging options to choose from.


But, the problem is, when we want to send an iMessage, it stays green at times, and then we end up wondering “why are my messages green when they should be blue?” It happens because we don’t know the conditions for using an iMessage.


That’s why in this article, we focused on giving you all the important information that can affect your iMessage experience.

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