Why are my messages green? [Solution & Answer]

Why are my messages green

You have written an important message to your colleague, friend, or someone else.


You have sent a message wishing someone on his or her birthday, promotion, or marriage anniversary.

And you see the message is green.

You check your phone, confirm it is iOS, and so is the one you sent the message to.

The question comes to your mind “why are my messages green if the person I’m texting iOS is on and so is mine?”

At the same time, another question will arise whether the message has been sent or not. If not, then you should think about the solution or alternatives.

Otherwise, your valuable message may get lost and this can create a bigger problem. Of course, if this is not an important message, it might not be a big deal. But for important messages, it will be a disaster. So let’s discuss details about it.

Why Are My Messages Sending In Green If The Person I’m Texting Ios Is On And So Is Mine?

If your messages are showing green, there might be some common problems. Let’s check those out. Also, we will talk about the solution.

Reason 1: The messages are sent as messages, not iMessages

The first reason for the message you are sending is green is that you are sending them as messages, not as iMessages. Don’t you know the differences between these two?

The basic difference between these two is the way they send messages. General messages are common among all mobile phones. It can be a button phone, android, or iPhone. It does not require any internet connection or data plan. You can simply send it to any mobile number.

why are my messages green

On the other hand, iMessage requires an internet connection or data plant to send the message. At the same time, you should have the settings enabled on your phone. Moreover, you cannot send the iMessage to any android or button phone users.

If that is the case, then your message will be green instead of blue.


To solve the problem, you need to make sure that you are sending the message over the iMessage. You should not use general text messages referred to as “SMS”.

Reason 2: Your phone does not have an internet connection

As you already know that iMessage requires an internet connection to send messages. If there is no connection, you cannot send the message. Yes, you can do that without iMessage. If that happens, you will see the messages you have sent are green instead of blue.


To solve the problem, you need to connect the phone to the internet. You can use either Wi-Fi or mobile data. No matter what, you have to activate the internet connection.

why are my messages green

Reason 3: You are sending a message to a non-iPhone user

Yes, I know you are sending a message to an iPhone user. But what if he or she has recently shifted to an android or button phone. It can happen for many reasons. I know iPhone users do not use other types of phones. But in case it happens, you will see a green message instead of a blue one.

why are my messages green


Make sure the receiver has an iPhone. You can do that by calling him or sending him a message.

Reason 4: The iMessage setting is not ok

As mentioned earlier, you need the iMessage setting activated to send messages. If your phone does not have that setting activated, the message will be green. It is a common problem lots of people ignore.


To solve the problem, you need to activate the setting. Follow the settings below

why are my messages green
  • Start your Settings app.
  • Click on “Messages.”
  • Turn on the iMessage by swiping the button to the right.

And you are done.

Frequently Asked Question

Have any questions to ask? Then follow the most popular questions below.

Why is my text green on another iPhone?

If your text is green to another iPhone, it means that you sent the text as an “SMS” instead of iMessage. Make sure you send it as an iMessage instead of a text message.

How do I get my iMessage to stop sending Green?

You can get your iMessage to stop sending green by enabling the iMessage option from the setting. To do that, go to Settings and then click on the Messages option. Now Turn OFF the iMessage option and then back ON again.

Why are my messages green when I’m on WIFI?

Your messages are green when you are on WiFi. That can be for the disabled iMessage option. Activate the setting from the setting option.

Does green text on iPhone mean blocked?

Whether the message is green or blue, it does not have anything to do with the block. Your setting may be deactivated or maybe your internet connection is not connected. Also, chances are high that you are sending messages on an android phone.


So, why are my messages sending in green if the person I’m texting iOS is on and so is mine? You know the answer. Basically, if you are sending SMS instead of iMessage, they will show up as green. So make sure you send the messages as iMessage.

At the same time, you need to consider that you need an internet connection to send messages. Otherwise, you will find green instead of blue. Simply connect the internet to solve the problem.

In addition, check whether you have activated the iMessage setting from your setting option or not. If not, then you will always see green. Make sure you activate the function properly.

Lastly, make sure you are actually sending messages to iPhone users. It is possible that that person was an iPhone user but now he is using android. Check all those factors and you will get your answer.

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