Why Can’t I Upload Pictures To Facebook From My Android?

why can't i upload pictures to facebook from my android

Nowadays, social media has become an integral part of our lives, which is why we sometimes forget to consider that it is just an app! And like every other software, it can run into trouble as well. In this case, the problem is that you can’t upload photos to Facebook, and not knowing the cause behind it may irritate us.


So if you ask why can’t I upload pictures to facebook from my android this is the exact right spot where you have landed. And not just that, we will also show you several methods as a solution to this problem, for which you won’t have to get a panic attack in terms of finding the right solutions!


All you have to do is stick with us till the end and follow every single method we have incorporated right here. So if you are ready, let’s move forward.


Probable Reasons Why Can’t I Upload Pictures to Facebook from My Android?


Without further chit-chat, let’s get familiar with some of the reasons why you can’t upload your desired picture to Facebook using your Android device:


1. Slow Internet


Before you start blaming either your phone or Facebook, relax a bit. The slow data connection can cause this as well. Not just uploading photos, slow internet is the enemy of all your online activities. So it would be wise to check the speed before taking further steps.


How do you check if it’s the internet speed or not? Alright, close the app and open another one. For example, try streaming a video on Youtube or try to refresh the Facebook app. If it shows a loading sign, then you know who to blame. However, if the streaming speed is fine, then you have to move on and find the real reason behind it.


2. Wrong Format


There is a size limit for uploading photos on Facebook. For example, if the photo is too large (15 MB) or in irrelevant format, it will show an error. That’s the same case for videos. That’s why it is better to stick with the original photo.


You might be using some editing software that is messing up the photo size or format. So be aware of that.


3. Restrictions from Facebook


If you are flagged by Facebook, then your further photo uploads will not be approved. Maybe the content you are trying to publish doesn’t align with Facebook’s policy. This can also happen if too many people have reported against you. So check the terms and policies before uploading anything.


4. Server Problem


And lastly, the issue can be with Facebook’s server. It happens when they are making some updates. For a while, the app stops working and they send you an “apology” notification. Normally they revive the system again within a few minutes. So wait a bit.


How to Fix the Issue?


Now that you know why you might be facing such an issue, let’s get into the troubleshooting process right away to get rid of that bummer once and for all:


1. Clear Cache Data


The cache is important when we use an app frequently. It saves the log-in information like username or password so we don’t have to identify ourselves every time. Plus, it records our user behavior and notifies Facebook regarding our choices. That way we can get more relevant results.


But if you don’t clean it up periodically, it will create a pile of cache data in the background. And that can make the app slower.


So here’s how you can clean it.


  • Enter the settings of your device.


  • Now find the ‘app management” or “app.”


  • Here you will see a list of all apps installed on the device. Find Facebook and enter it.


  • You will see the cache detail along with the option to delete it. Just click “clear data.”


  • And that’s it. Check the app again.


2. Restart the Android Device


We are all familiar with this method. All you have to do is press the volume and home button at the same time. Make sure you don’t release the hold until the “power off” option comes along. Once you see the option, just tap on it.


And the screen will turn black following a vibration. That means the reboot is successful. Now wait for some minutes and start it again by pressing on the “home” button only.


3. Reinstall the App


You can uninstall the app altogether and download it again. This might solve the issue if the app was faulty. The process is simple, go to the Play Store and type “Facebook.” The current app will show up. From there you can either uninstall or update it. In case the app is not up-to-date, try the “update” option too.


4. Force Close the Facebook App


The easier method is to click on the “back” button of our phone. it will show you all the apps you have used. You can tap on the cross mark below the apps and it will close the apps in the background. But if you only want to close the Facebook app. Just swipe it up.


But if that’s not working. There’s another way to force close an app from running in the background.


  • Open the settings> go to “apps management.”


  • Here you have to locate the Facebook app and enter it.


  • You will see the option “uninstall” and “force close” there.


  • Tap on “force close.” And the task is over.


Now you can open the Facebook app again and it will start fresh.


5. Contact the Internet Provider


This is the fix for you if the internet in your area is too slow. Photo uploads require a fair signal strength. And the possible way to do it is by increasing the Wi-fi strength. For that, you can just call the local internet provider. They will let you know the cause of such slow internet access in your area. And then you can ask them to resolve it or increase your home’s Wi-fi strength.


How Do You Upload HD Photos To Facebook?


People nowadays use so many social media platform. It might be confusing to remember the uploading process for each of them. You might want to upload an HD photo that the app is not supporting.


If that’s what happens to you too, check out the guide below to learn the exact process of uploading HD photos to Facebook.


  • Okay, so first of all you will have to go to the Google Play Store. Then type “Facebook.” The app you have already installed will show up.


  • You have to click on the “update” button. And if you have updated it recently then just click on the “open” option.


  • Once you open it, you have to put your username and password to get in. Make sure to save the account for that device, to get a hassle-free entry every time.


  • Now that you can see your timeline click on the three horizontal lines on the top.


  • Then scroll down and locate the “settings.” Inside the settings, you have to select “media and contacts.”




why can't i upload pictures to facebook from my android




  • After you click on that, you will see “upload photos in HD” and “upload videos in HD.”


  • If those buttons are not blue, make sure you enable them.




why can't i upload pictures to facebook from my android




  • Now go to your timeline again and enter your profile.


  • From there select the “upload photos” option and select the photo from your gallery. To upload an HD photo, the photo in your gallery should be in HD form. You can check it by clicking on the properties of the photo.


  • Now follow the same process by selecting the particular photo and choosing “upload.”


  • It will take a few seconds to know whether you succeeded or not. Also, the method is exactly the same for HD videos also.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why Can’t I See Photos On Facebook After Uploading?


There are several reasons for that. It might be a server outage or a slow Wi-fi connection. But if you are sure that’s not the cause check for the format and size of the photo.


2. How Can I Upload Photos On Facebook?


Go to your timeline and check into your profile. There at the top, you will see “say something or what you feel.” Tap on that and a list will show up. From there select the “upload photo” option and choose any photo from your gallery.


3. How Is Facebook Restricting My Photos?


It can happen if the content you are sharing is too explicit or violent. Plus, there are other conditions for photo approval in their terms and policies. Make sure you check that out.



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Nobody likes to get interrupted while sharing something with their friends or family. But Facebook is only a software that can have issues like server outage. In those situations, we don’t have much to do. However, there are fixes that we can try if the reason is something else. That’s what we showed in this tutorial.


Here, we want you to find a method that can resolve your issue and share photos with everyone like before. So hopefully, you have got the answer for why can’t I upload pictures to facebook from my android?

By Imran Chowdhury

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