Why Did I Get A {Obj} In My Text Message I Received?

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OBJ is a hidden character that is unsupported by your device. Ordinarily, it appears in the cases when the program can’t show emoji messages. As you are here, it makes sense that you have already seen this small dotted square box on the corner of any message. So it’s pretty common to ask, why did I get a {obj} in my text message I received?


Well, you can have it in your Facebook chat, on Twitter, or even in text messages. Many devices can’t read specific emojis, so the text is ultimately shown as an alternative and can’t detect what’s inside it.


But if you go through our complete post, we believe that you can get a better idea about what it is and solutions to fix obj dotted. So, are you ready?


What Does OBJ Mean in Text?


OBJ or “Object Replacement Character” is the alternative for another emoji or letter. It’s visible when your device is unable to show the character. So instead of the latter or emoji, it shows the OBJ sign.




why did i get a {obj} in my text message i received




While chatting on any social media example: Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram, it possibly happens. Sooth to say, there is no specific reason for this query. But generally, if you are using any backdated phone, old software, or internet bug, then such trouble appears.


OBJ is a variant of a particular character, which hides the original text, but you can decode this and see what’s inside the OBJ.


Why Did I Get a {OBJ} in My Text Message I Received?


In point of fact, web bugs, backdated software, emoji library, corrupted files, and voice text functions are accountable reasons for this OBJ text. Let’s elaborate on the grounds –




why did i get a {obj} in my text message i received




1. Software and Malware Bug


In terms of this bugging issue, old software versions are the significant cause of the OBJ text box. The common possibilities of this software bugging issue are multiple, like a backdated android keyboard, old software, and geriatric device OS versions.


Generally, one or two problems of OBJ are usual, but if you frequently experience this issue, there is possibly a software bug glitch. The software providers frequently develop applications with new features. So, for that reason, if you don’t follow the latest update, perhaps, you can face this OBJ issue.


2. Tainted Data


The possibility of this corrupted data is infrequent. Basically, in the modern era with fast internet speed, it occurs significantly less.




why did i get a {obj} in my text message i received




When you or someone sends a text emoji, then while showing on the other device, it can’t convert the exact one, so alternatively, to prove that there is a message, the system transforms it into OBJ.


This may happen due to unstable and slow internet conditions or device acceptance glitches. Specifically, with Apple devices, the chances are higher than with smartphones because the android users rate it taller than the Apple users.


3. Emoji Library Imbalance


This is a common and identifiable issue. Innovative Apple very often comes with new emojis on its key library. Following the trend, android producers add the new one later. So meanwhile, the recent adoption process of this OBJ can occur to smart devices. But on the Apple gadgets, there will be no issue.


4. Voice-To-Text-Option


When an apple or competent Android device user utilizes the voice-to-text tool to compose a message or post, this issue frequently happens.


However, the computer encounters numerous difficulties due to your unidentifiable accent. So, on account of an unrecognized issue, the software substitutes OBJ symbols or objects for your unintelligible voice. There isn’t anything you can do besides speak slowly enough for the software to understand what you’re saying.


OBJ Format Based on Different Platforms


Codes control our device system, so it transmits the exact message when we send or post something on social media. The code that it can’t crack, the system program code converts it into OBJ.


Every text, symbol, emoji, or image you see on your screen is a character of the device code, which is a piece of technological equipment to identify those characters. Platform-wise, the problem’s possibilities vary, so let’s dig into the potential issues so that you can fix them –




why did i get a {obj} in my text message i received




Platform Possible OBJ Reason
Facebook Undefined character and letters, corrupted file, or unsupported emoji.
YouTube Undefined character and letters, corrupted file, backdated software version.
Website Undefined character and letters, corrupted file.
Text Undefined character and letters, corrupted file, or unsupported emoji.
Several social media Undefined characters and letters, corrupted files, backdated software version, corrupted data, loading issues, unsupported GIF


Solutions to Fix OBJ Dotted


This is not a hardware-related problem, so you can fix the issues using some techniques. But in case of failure, you are allowed to consult with a device expert.


Let’s see how much we can dig the solutions for you, and so far, there will be nothing left after this:


  • Check the application version if there is any update, then go for it if you don’t have any storage issues, as updates take space. Most OBJ occur due to this. So this can be a beneficial solution.


  • A software bug is another possible issue; in order to avoid this, clear the application cache from your phone’s settings option.


  • Keep your device updated when the OS offers any new updates.


  • Check whether the file is corrupted or not.


  • Use the last keyboard.


  • Update the device performance.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is There Any OBJ Converter?


If any discussed methods don’t work on fixing the OBJ Unicode issue, then you can go for the online converter. There are multiple numbers of free online OBJ converters available on the website; just go and search for one and put the text, and it will show you the exact message.


2. How to Fix OBJ Problem on Mac?


The OBJ fixing methods are the same and applicable for Mac, Android, and Windows. Update the software, set the emoji library, and update the device O.S.


3. What Is the Meaning of The OBJ Emoji?


If a social media application like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter fails to show a specific emoji, then it converts that emoji into an OBJ text box. This is just an obscure version of emoji text.


4. What Is the Reason for The Dot Box OBJ Icon?


In a nutshell, backdated applications, malware bugs, factory updates, and multiple texting functions are some of the reasons for the OBJ dotted box.


5. How Can I Fix the OBJ Issue?


Use a new keyboard if you’re using your phone; there are numerous free keyboards available in the app store, and you can install one from there. Else you can refresh the application, update the version and remove the cache.




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OBJ dotted box is mordant without any doubt. Imagine your loving one sent you an emoji to express the feeling, but guess what? Instead of the emoji, you see an OBJ, and you don’t even know why did I get a {obj} in my text message I received?


So we hope this article has cleared your subtle knowledge about OBJ Unicode and discussed steps that can solve the problems. Long story short: if you see it, just refresh the browser, update the application, delete the caches, and lastly, change the keyboard right away.

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