Why Does My Music Keep Pausing On Android And How To Fix?

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Suppose you are listening to music on your Android device. And the music player keeps pausing after 20-30 minutes automatically. Isn’t it disturbing? You are thinking, why does my music keep pausing?


There are many reasons that your music player keeps pausing. It can happen on manual music players, Google Play Music, and Spotify as well. Here, you will know why does my music keep pausing?


Why does My music keep pausing on Android?


We know it is tough to find the reasons. Bear with us, and we will explain the reasons.


Unstable internet connection


If your music app isn’t working, it can happen due to weak internet signals. It can’t be compatible with a manual music app. But with the Google Music app or Spotify. To solve this problem, you have to check the internet connection.


Low memory capacity


Sometimes your music app stops because of low memory status. Because your phone memory is full of music files. In that case, you have to delete some unwanted files.


Software malfunction


The music app can be stopped if you don’t update the software. So it won’t work correctly. Updating software can help you to get rid of bugs.


Power saving mode


For saving the battery, we turn on the power-saving mode. It can keep your music app stopped. If you fix the settings for your Android phone, it will restrict high power software. If you turn it off, it will allow you to play music without restrictions.


How to fix the music pausing on Android?


With music app


If you want to solve the problem, you must take your Android device. After that, follow the easy instructions.


  • The first thing you have to do is open ‘settings’ on your device.




why does my music keep pausing




  • Then click on the ‘applications’ and choose the ‘music’ app.




why does my music keep pausing




  • Finally, tap on the ‘Permissions’. Now you can enjoy the music without any hassle.


With Spotify app


  • The easiest way is you can uninstall and reinstall the app. Otherwise, you can go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Applications’.


  • Moreover, you have to open the ‘Storage ‘.


  • Tap on the ‘clear cache button. It will fix the bugs.


  • Click on ‘Delete’ on clear cached data.


  • Restart your phone and enjoy music on the Spotify app.


  • Also, you can enable ‘permission’ from the settings option of the device.


 With the Google Music app


  • In the beginning, you have to turn your Android device off for a while.


  • After restarting the phone, check if Google Music is working or not. We hope it will work.


 How to stop apps from pausing music on Android?


  • For stopping apps from pausing music, you have to keep your phone in Silent mode.


  • Turn off the background apps.





Finally, you can understand why does my music keep pausing? Without fixing the bugs, your music app won’t work correctly.


Keep your phone battery charged. Delete some files if the memory is filled with files. Don’t load up your Android phone with large files.




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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does Google Play Music keep stopping?


If you don’t update Google Play Music, it will stop your music. However, it can happen if you have low memory space.


2. Why does my music keep pausing with earphones in?


Sometimes the earphone point can be damaged. Or you are using the wrong earphones. Another reason is connecting the earbuds. You can clean your earphones and change the connector to get rid of this problem.


3. Why does my music keep stopping when I lock my phone?


Because your Android phone comes with background limitations. It can’t take the load of your music app. That’s why your music app when you lock your phone.


To get rid of this, go to the Advanced settings on your phone. Then open the battery manager and select ‘power plan set to performance’. It will solve your problem.

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