Why Is Mdnsd Draining My Battery And How To Stop It?

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Indeed, MDNSD is system software that is important to run multiple applications. Due to several task capabilities and without user command, it is able to operate by itself. In this case, the system may cause unnecessary battery drainage at times!


The system doesn’t require you to remove MDNSD, but you can turn it off to save battery life and drainage. So this article will exaggerate your thoughtful query about why is mdnsd draining my battery and how to stop it?


You can turn off the system to save your battery if you really want. So, in the end, we will also cover that particular method. Let’s get ready to dig in!


What Is MDNSD?


MDNSD or Multicast Domain Name System Daemon is a unicast setting. In a simple manner, this is a combination of multiple applications but not an application, and this is part of zero-configuration networking.


It helps you to discover services and software connected to your network automatically. Even if the user does not have a traditional DNS server set up, it allows them to identify hosts using names rather than dotted-decimal IP addresses. This operating system is essential; it keeps connected the servers.




why is "mdnsd" draining my battery and how to stop it




Why is MDNSD Draining My Battery?


Typically, MDNSD is a multicast functional operating system, it can work with multiple commands at a time. So when it works, it conducts too much battery of your device. Moreover, it is manufactured in the way that is supposed to function like this.


If you have also tried all kinds of steps to reduce battery drainage, checked the device hardware, and still can’t crack the issue, then there is a high possibility that MDNSD is the reason for your battery drainage.


Reasons behind Why Is Mdnsd Draining My Battery And How To Stop It??


MDNSD is a pre-attached OS, and you cannot remove it for any purpose. But some earmarked methods can help you to solve the battery drainage. We have discussed the reasons for MDNSD battery drainage and solutions for you. Keep on reading:


1. Turn off Background Running Applications


Background running applications continuously send commands to the MDNSD operating system. So, at that moment, this keeps operating with the device software command, which causes unnecessary battery drainage.


Technically when we exit from any application, if we do not exit it from home, it doesn’t close entirely. It keeps running behind the scene and uses the phone to charge.


So after each usage, when you turn off the phone’s light, try to close all the used applications till the subsequent usage.


To turn off the background running applications, long-press the home button on the screen; you will see the turn-on apps on the screen; tap the cross mark or the bin icon. It will take maximum eye blinking time. Through this system, you can close all the used applications. Thus, the MDNSD system will not get any command from the application and won’t cause battery waste.


2. Clean Your Apps Cache




why is "mdnsd" draining my battery and how to stop it



This unknown method is beneficial to keeping MDNSD away from battery usage. Apps caches or temporary files are the same. It generates from the application usages, and temporary files are not necessary; it occupy internal storage.


If you remove the temporary files within at least a week, you can also reduce the battery drainage problem.


Basically, when the caches remain in the phone that increases the chances of MDNSD use. So, try to keep it clean and junk-free. You can clean it from the apps and notifications option. Go to each application under the manage section and clear cache from the bottom option.


3. Update Software Regularly




why is "mdnsd" draining my battery and how to stop it




If you don’t update the software, then there are possibilities that the old software version will overload the MDNSD. This will cause heavy battery drainage.


To find out the new updates, go to the settings and click on about phone; it will show the current updates for phone apps. For third-party applications, go to the app store, and from the settings, you can see the recent updates.


4. Clean Media Files


Media files like images, videos, songs, and movies are the highest storage killer. In the past, MDNSD was also considered a media scanner. As much as you keep the unnecessary media files on your device, the more MDNSD will use them.


To stop your phone’s files from MDNSD usage, try to move the media files to google storage or i-cloud. The online storage is free, so you can store the media files as much as you want.


5. Reboot or Restart Your Phone




why is "mdnsd" draining my battery and how to stop it




In terms of file clearances at a time, reboot and restart carry the same function. This reboot method is prevalent and beneficial. You can clear the entire background running applications, stop looping, functional boost up, and prevent battery drainage.


Try to reboot your phone at least five times a week, or you can reboot it every morning to start with a fast phone.


Long press on the power button and wait until it turns off and wait for a few seconds to start.


How Can I Remove the MDNSD Running?


Honestly speaking, you cannot remove the MDNSD as it is a system application. Still, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to try to turn off the MDNSD running. These are as follows:


  • Disable or remove all the unnecessary applications and reboot the phone.


  • Enter into the battery button section.


  • Now download any third-party MDNSD removing the application.


  • Enable the app and turn on the MNSD calculation; it will take a few minutes to calculate the running MDNSD.


  • If the result is zero, it means there is no running application. But if it shows any marks, then tap on the clear button.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Type of Application Use the MDNSD?


Apps that use the user’s location and contain media files are the main users of MDNSD. But in general, almost all types of third-party applications use location access and media.


2. How Can I Stop MDNSD?


You cannot totally turn off the MDNSD but can manage it. Turn off the background running applications, remove caches, update software, use CCleaner, etc.


3. What exactly is MDNSD Stand for?


Android’s version of mDNSResponder, part of the future Zero Configuration Networking, is Multicast Domain Name System Daemon or MDNSD.


4. What Kind of Applications are the Main Reason for Battery Drainage?


The applications with large sizes are basically the battery charge eater. Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc are the reason for battery drainage.


5. Does Factory Reset Helpful to Fix the MDNSD Problem?


Actually, there is no confirmation, but you can apply this if you can’t fix it through general steps. The process will remove all your data and third-party applications. So you can set the app’s permission according to your preferences.




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Following the discussion, you can solve the battery drainage issue. In the majority of cases, when you face such a problem, you get worried about the battery quality. But in terms of Android phone’s battery drainage issues, the MDNSD is the main cause.


Hopefully, you have become able to clarify why is “mdnsd” draining my battery and how to stop it? If you can’t solve the problem, then there can be possibilities of hardware dysfunction. In this case, don’t hesitate to seek help from the experts.

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