Why Is My Iphone Battery Yellow On Status Bar?

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Why is my iPhone battery yellow? When your iPhone battery runs out when you’re outside and there’s no way to charge it, it may be unpleasant, especially if you are facing an emergency situation. Looking at an iPhone with the power symbol becoming yellow is really frightening. The sign of a yellow battery iPhone may mean an indication of a battery shortage.


Thankfully, iPhones and iPads come with Power Saving Mode, a battery-saving feature that disables or slows down non-essential tasks such as app updates, allowing you to get more battery power out of your gadget.


Here’s all you need to know regarding Low Power Mode and what does yellow battery mean on iPhone. If you are wondering why is my iPhone battery yellow? then you have come to the right article to learn about your iPhone battery.


Why Is My Battery Yellow?


Since Low Power Mode is on, your iPhone may show a yellow battery. Go to Settings, and then to the Battery option. Next, touch the button next to Low Power Mode to return to normal. Once your remaining battery hits 80%, Low Power Mode switches off automatically.


Whenever the battery power on your iPhone reaches 20%, you can choose to put it into low power mode. The battery icon will become a glaring yellow if users put it into low power mode without noticing it. So, that is your answer to the question “why is the battery on my iPhone yellow“.


Why Is My Iphone Battery Yellow on the Status Bar?


Why is my battery yellow on my iPhone? This is a question you could get from iPhone users. If you see a yellow battery icon iPhone on the status bar, it does not mean that something is wrong with your smartphone. So, what does the iPhone yellow battery mean?


Apple has included a useful function called ‘Low Power Mode‘ in your iPhone to help you preserve battery life. If you are wondering “why is my battery indicator yellow” then you should know more about the low power mode.


The iPhone battery symbol glows yellow with the iPhone energy saver option on. Besides the iPhone yellow battery symbol, the battery percentage is also displayed in the status bar.


Now that you know the answer to “why is my battery icon yellow“, let’s look at what ‘iPhone Low Power Mode‘ means.




why is my iPhone battery yellow





What really is Low Power Mode, and how does it work?


After reading this much, you may be wondering, what does low power mode do? Low Power Mode is a useful option to maximize the little power you have left and keep your iPhone or iPad working when your phone is dying and you can’t charge it straight away. Low Power Mode extends the life of your iPhone or iPad’s battery by lowering the amount of energy it consumes.


When your battery level drops below 20%, your smartphone will usually urge you to switch on Low Power Mode. If you ignore the notification, you’ll need to set the Low Power Mode when the battery is at 10%. After you switch on the Low Power Mode, you may start thinking “why is my battery icon yellow”? This is a common problem of the power-saving mode.


What happens when your battery is yellow?


Email retrieval, notifications refresh, automated downloads, and some special effects will not be there with the Low Power Mode. The low power mode iPhone results in the battery icon becoming yellow for some time. If you don’t use your iPhone or iPad for 30 seconds, it will automatically lock and iCloud Photos will be momentarily disabled.


If the battery symbol in the top-right corner of your display is yellow rather than white or red, you’re in Low Power Mode. When your iPhones have up to 80% or greater, Low Power Mode gets off.




why is my iPhone battery yellow




On an iPhone or iPad, how do you toggle Low Power Mode?


Even if your battery isn’t at 20%, you may use Settings to set Low Power Option on or off. You may be wondering, why is my battery indicator yellow? If that is what you’re wondering, then follow the following simple steps.


1. Launch the Settings application. Scroll down to Battery and press it.


2. Toggle the Low Power Mode. Low Power Mode is active when the indicator is green. Low Power Mode is off when the screen is gray.


How and where to enable Low Power Mode to your iPhone or iPad’s Control Center?


To make Low Power Mode more accessible, add it to your Control Center (accessed by sliding down from the top corner of your screen).


1. Launch the Settings application. Tap on the option that says Control Center.


2. In the More Controls section, look for Low Power Mode, then press the plus + sign next to it to include it in the Control Center.




why is my iPhone battery yellow




Is it true that in Low Power Mode, your apple device charges faster?


You’re directing your apple device to perform less work when you set it in Low Power Mode. Your gadget can concentrate more on charging now that it has more battery.


True, Low Power Mode speeds up the charging of your iPhone, but its importance varies. Without Low Power Mode turned on, an iPhone 6S recharged from 17 percent to 100 percent in slightly less than three hours in a test. The iPhone 6S charged from 17 percent to 100 percent in a little less time with Low Power Mode on.


An iPhone achieves a 66 percent charge in one hour and a 93 percent charge in two hours in the controlled test with Power Saving Mode turned off. The iPhone charged to 73 percent in one hour and 95 percent in two hours in Low Power Mode. An iPhone was not handled during either test except to check battery capacity every 10 minutes. The iPhone turned off Low Power Mode when it reached 80% charge.


Other ways to accelerate charging


Other battery-saving measures, include putting on Flight Mode, etc. Not even using your smartphone often is also another way.  Shutting off your apple device may help it charge faster.



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Concluding Notes


When your iPhone’s battery turns yellow, it’s tempting to believe something is happening. In other parts of our lives, yellow denotes caution or warning. If you want to avoid using low power mode completely, you may have to think of other ways of conserving your battery life.


Because it’s a completely new feature and Apple didn’t warn anyone, you have no means of confirming that a yellow iPhone battery symbol is a standard element of iOS. Thus, it is alright to worry at first, but you will get used to the yellow battery symbol with time.

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