Why Is My Phone Charging Slow

why is my phone charging slow

Nowadays, all Android phones tend to offer fast charging. But after using the phone for a while or even in the new state, some Android phones can face slow charging. People often get curious about, “Why is my phone charging slow?”

One of the primary reasons your Android phone is charging slowly is a damaged battery. Along with this, there can be many other reasons like a faulty USB cable, damaged charging port, issues with charging pad in case of wireless charging, unstable power supply, Damaged adapter, etc. Sometimes the problems can be with the phone’s configuration. 

When the Android phone starts to Charge slowly, users want to replace it with a new phone. But instead of that, dealing with minor issues that can cause slow charges will save a lot of money.



why is my phone charging slow



Why is My Phone Charging Slow? Here is Solution

When your Android is charging slowly, it can put you in concern. Fast charging Android phones make your work easy. Therefore, whenever your phone is charging slowly, you must identify the reason behind it.

There can be lots of reasons. Some of the reasons are the following:


Damaged USB Cable

A proper USB cable plays a vital role in charging your Android phone. Also, they are very delicate accessories in your charging kit.

After a long time of use, they get fragile. They are used very roughly. We carry them in our bags. They get Tangled with pointy or sharp stuff there. Even while taking off the phone from charging, we carelessly pull out the USB cable.

All these incidents can cause tears in the outer cover and the thin wires inside. This will disrupt the electricity flow. Also, this kind of wearing can cause short circuits. To avoid any accident, always check for any tear or scratch on the USB cable.


Adapter With Insufficient Amperage

Amperage is the parameter that determines how much electricity is flowing from your adapter to your device. An adapter with low I amperage means it will take much time to charge your device. Low amperage means low electricity flow.

Your phone is designed to accept a fixed amount of energy. An adapter with higher amperage doesn’t mean your phone will take more electricity. Rather, adapters with higher amperage help transfer electricity faster into your battery. Therefore if you are not using the default adaptor that came with your phone, check the amperage on the third-party charger before plugging it into your phone.

For example, if your phone accepts amperages of 2 amps, the adaptor must be 2 amps or higher. Adaptors for Android devices are not that expensive. Therefore, it is easier to change your adaptor than to change your phone.




why is my phone charging slow




Dusty Charging Port

We take our Android phones to all kinds of places. Therefore, there is a chance of dust build-ups in small crevices of Android phones.

Even though we clean the phone screen regularly, we avoid cleaning the small input zones. That includes the charging port. For this reason, dust builds up inside it and creates a barrier between the energy transmitters. Also, the charging port might get damaged due to friction from the dust particles.

If you find your USB port sits loosely in the charging port, then your charging port might have some tearing inside it. These issues are fixable with some easy care.




why is my phone charging slow



Unstable Power Source

If you’re using a wall outlet to charge your phone and it’s charging slowly, you should check the power supply. A continuous flow of electricity during the phone charging is essential for battery life. Also, the interaction during the charging due to power cuts slows down the charging.

When someone charges their phone without a wall outlet, like Power Banks, laptops, or other stable power sources, it slows down the charging process. These are secondary sources of power, making them weak for charging your Android device faster. Charging your phone from a wall outlet takes half the time of charging it from a secondary source of power.



why is my phone charging slow



Phones Incapability

Every Android device has a specific limit for power intake at a time. If your phone is charging slowly from thy beginning, it might not be configured as fast charging.

This doesn’t mean that your phone has issues. Rather the configuration of the phone doesn’t allow it to charge fast. In this case, to get the best charging performance, try to use a better adaptor. Also, maintain synchronization of power between all the charging kits.


Background Apps

We usually don’t clean the background apps when we put our phone in charge. Therefore even when the phone is in charge, it tends to use the energy. In the end, the charging process gets slower. If your cellular data connection is active during the charging process, it can affect the total charge time.

Many apps work even when the Android device is in sleeping mode. While charging the phone, this kind of app slows down the charging process. This kind of dynamic app is also the reason why your phone can’t hold a charge for a long time.


Heavy Usage

Using your phone throughout the day can cause issues with your phone’s energy consumption. In the long run, your phone will tend to consume more electricity than usual while charging. Ultimately this will slow down the charging.




why is my phone charging slow




Damaged Battery

One of the primary reasons for slow charging can be damaged batteries. In many ways, your battery can get damaged. Rainwater or any kind of water splash can cause severe damage to your battery. And when your battery gets damaged, there is no way other than replacing the battery to get your phone charging faster.

A damaged battery not only hampers the charging process it can also collapse the other parts of your device. It can cause central temperate mint with the phone performance.



Every phone has a definite storage capacity. But when this storage is about to fill up, the phone uses the maximum energy, making the charging process slower.


These are some of the primary reasons why your phone might be slower. To boost your charging process, you need to take some preventive and curative measures as soon as possible. Sometimes improper charging can lead to many other technical issues.

Preventive Measures For Slow Charging

Before going for curative measures, it is better to take preventive steps. Here are some preventative measures for having good charging performance.


  • Make sure that your phone is always dry.
  • Try to use your original adaptor and USB cable that came with your phone.
  • Take proper care of the USB cable and the adaptor.
  • Properly clean your phone once in a while so that no build-ups occur.
  • Use a wall outlet to charge your phone.
  • Avoid secondary medium of charging unless it is a necessity.
  • While installing any app, go through the description and learn about energy consumption.
  • Before buying a phone, make sure it has fast charging configuration and has longer battery life.


Curative Measures For Slow Charging

When our Android device starts to face slow charging, we want to change it. It might end up costing a fortune. Here are some tips you can follow when your phone starts to charge slow:

  • If you have changed your adapter recently, look into it for amperage.
  • If you have issues with the USB or adapter, replace it with a good one.
  • Cleanup your background running app before placing the phone for charging.
  • Make sure to switch off any kind of cellular data connection before charging.
  • With the help of a q-tip or small cotton tape, clean the charging port regularly.
  • Put your phone in flight mode while charging. It takes half the time to get a full charge in flight mode.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why my turbocharger is charging slowly?

Turbochargers charge slowly when they get enough voltage. You can fix it by connecting it with the voltage stabilizer and avoiding any kind of extensions.


Why is my new android phone charging so slowly?

There can be two reasons in the case of new phones getting a slow charge. First, your phone might not be configured for fast charging. And second is you might not have a stable source of electricity.


Why is the battery on my android charging slowly?

The primary reason your battery is getting slow charge is that it is damaged. There can be several reasons why a battery can get damaged and impact charging.



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Final Words

In an old phone or new phone, slow charging can be an issue. People often ask, “Why is my phone charging slow?” And knowing the reasons can help them to solve the problem.

Some preventive measures can help you save your phone battery in the long run. This will boost up your charging time and give you better performance. Although these measures might not give you the exact outcome you want, they will help you improve overall battery health!

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