Why Is My Phone Not Notifying Me Of Text Messages( 6 Solution)

You receive an urgent text message on your phone but fail to read it because you did not receive the notification. We can well imagine how frustrated you would feel and yell saying “Why Is My Phone Not Notifying Me Of Text Messages“. 


You are not alone and many other Android users are facing this problem. The issue of notifications is common on all types of Android phones. No matter if you own a Samsung, Nokia, or OnePlus phone, you can have a notification problem for your messages. 


Don’t fret. Check out the fixes listed in this article to solve your problem. 


1. Restart The Phone


The very first step is to restart your Android smartphone. You should either just use the Restart feature on your device or switch it around again.


why is my phone not notifying me when i get text messages android


2. Check The Volume Level


In your Android smartphone, you can adjust the volume for notifications and ringtones separately. The ringtone frequency can be loud at times, but the notification volume is still kept low. As a result, you have to double-check. So, how do you do that? Follow the steps down below: 


  • First of all, you should press one of the volume buttons. 
  • Whenever the volume adjust panel appears on your display, simply press the tiny down arrow.
  • As the notifications volume is visible. Just increase it.
  • You can also navigate the same process using Settings. 
  • After that tap the sound button. 
  • In the end, if the level sliders are hidden, press the Volume button. 



3. Check Muted Contacts


Individual text messages can be muted in many messaging applications, including Samsung Messages. You should unmute the connections from whom you aren’t receiving responses lately. 


  • At first, launch the messaging app on your device. Then, press and hold the contact. 
  • After that to get the notifications you should select unmute or press the bell icon.
  • Some phone specifications may differ and so the chat outlook may change. For them click on the three-dot button somewhere at the top. 
  • Lastly, you should choose to unmute or enable notification for the contacts. 


4. Check Notification Setting


Changing the basic requirements, such as notification settings, has become slightly complicated in newer Android phones. Important settings are hidden under many layers. As a result, users are still unable to locate them, causing problems. Among them, the most noticeable cause is SMS notification sound not functioning on Android devices properly. In order to resolve the issue, you must activate the necessary updates. You can do so by accessing the text settings option. After you’ve opened it, use the tips mentioned below to get the best results.


Option 1: From Phone Settings


  • First of all, you should go to Applications from the Settings menu on your device.
  • After that select your messaging app from the All apps section.
  • Then simply select notification on your mobile phone. 


why is my phone not notifying me when i get text messages android


Option 2: App Shortcuts


  • This method is applicable for Android 7.1 Nougat or superior versions. 
  • From the home screen tap and hold on your Messages app icon. You can also do it by tapping on the ‘i’ icon. 
  • Then select the Notification. 


Option 3: From Messages App


  • First, you should launch your device’s messaging app.
  • Then at the top corner, press the three-dot icon. 
  • Last you should choose Settings, then press the Notifications.


Tip: Enable Notifications: At first, you should ensure the Show Notifications key is toggled ON. if this option is off then you won’t receive any notification whatsoever.


why is my phone not notifying me when i get text messages android


5. Check Battery Optimization


Battery optimization can be a crucial component. Check the system optimization Settings as well. If your Message app somehow gets into the list, you won’t get the notification or it’ll delay a bit. Remove the app from the list and solve the problem. 


  • First of all, go to the Setting menu and enter into the Battery option.
  • Then select Battery optimization and uncheck the Message app from the list.
  • Although the steps may differ depending on the phone to phone, the basic concept remains the same.


5. Check Do Not Disturb Settings


There are times, the device’s Do Not Disturb mode is turned on, which is why you might not be receiving notifications. Looking at the status bar is a quick and easy way to see if it’s activated or not. DND is enabled when you see a  circle icon with a bar over it that turns blue. 


  • First of all, in order to turn it off, go to Settings on your device.
  • You should select Sound or Notifications from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, disable the Do not disturb button next to it.
  • Often the DND’s scheduled mode is turned On. Simply disable that also.
  • You should check out the rest of DND’s options as well.


why is my phone not notifying me when i get text messages android





Q1: Why does my text message not make a sound?

Answer: One of the most common reasons for SMS notification sound not functioning on Android phones is inappropriate notification settings. To resolve the issue, you must allow the necessary permission. Check out the article above. 


Q2: Why is my Samsung not notifying me of texts?

Answer: You can solve this problem by following the given solution. 

  • First, go to the Settings and select Sound & Notification.
  • Then move to App Notification. 
  • Lastly, select the app and ensure Notification of that app is enabled. 
  • Also, disable the Do Not Disturb mood. 


Final Words 

We know how annoying this is not to receive the notification of your text messages on Android. That’s why we tried to solve your problem in a very simple manner in 5 steps. Hope this article helps you find your solution. 


Now it’s your turn. Check out the reason for which you are not getting any notification. And Let us know in the comment section if you find any difficulty solving your problem. We will help you anytime. 

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