Why Is Snapchat So Slow On Android?

why is snapchat so slow on android

Snapchat is one of the most emerging image-based social media applications just after Instagram. But, the application does not work with effectiveness in the Android platform-based smartphone. Though it works just fine with good quality in the iPhone or iPads. You may find Snapchat working slow and may want to know why is Snapchat so slow on Android?


The reason lies within the application itself. Its development, internal coding are the primary and main reasons for being slow on Android. Be it the Samsung, Xiaomi, Asus, or Lenovo smartphone, Snapchat works laggy in every device. The core reason is t why is snapchat so slow on android he developer behind the development of the application.


For some reason, the developers of Snapchat have not been paying attention to the application’s Android version. Therefore, no matter how many updates have been followed, Snapchat works clumsier and laggier with poor image quality in the Android platform.


Why is Snapchat so slow on Android?


An application being working slowly on an android platform depends upon two main factors. One is the device used to run the application. But in the case of the Snapchat application, the device can not be the reason.


It is because the expensive smartphones with stronger processors show the same result as using the application in a cheap smartphone. The question here arises, what makes Snapchat so slow on Android smartphones.


Lacking the codes of the Application development


The Snapchat developers have not paid much effort in writing the codes for the Android platform. Its API target always lags from the current version of the Android in which the latest update is given. Simply saying, the APIs for Snapchat are not used correctly at all.


This leads to creating a gap between the processing of the app’s behavior. As a result, it cannot properly use the speed and energy to result in betterment. The unfair treatment given by the developers in the core structure of Snapchat makes it slower.


The power of the Android processors such as Snapdragon, Mediatek Density, or the Exynos from Samsung has been underestimated. More attention and priority are given to the iOS platform. This partial treatment causes Snapchat to behave slower on Android.


Very lower Optimization


An application will never run smoothly if it is not optimized with the host platform perfectly. The optimization of Snapchat is very poor for the Android platform compared to the iOS. Snapchat refuses to use the API.


This results in Snapchat being not accessed to use the camera lenses to the full extent. Rather it uses third-party customer service to take the pictures. The application simply uses the in-built camera to display the image, crops and saves the image.


This works like taking a screenshot of what the original camera is seeing. That is why, the Snapchat camera cannot use or control the ISO, Exposure, and other professional features. This lack of optimization with the system application, hardware, and the Snapchat application makes it slower and produces low-quality images.


Bugs and Glitches


Bugs are some unwanted malware that causes interruption while compiling and running the codes systematically. There are enormous bugs in the Snapchat application. As a result, this halts the application to run smoothly. Moreover, application crashes, high battery consumption, high CPU usage, and RAM allocation take place due to the bugs.


Glitches are the gaps between the coding lines and loops, which results in the application working abnormally. Besides, it damages the output of the Snapchat application as well. You will not be getting the expected results while running the application. These bugs and glitches require to be removed with every update and newer version.


Fewer Updates and Security Issue


Regular updates of the application are important in order for the application to run accurately. These updates should come with patches for the bugs and glitches for the older version of the application.


Unlike most of the other social media applications, updates in Snapchat are mostly useless. It is because there are no fixes for the bugs or optimization of the application. Alongside, the security pattern of Snapchat remains as it was. And, there becomes no betterment in the performance of the Application.


Poor Hardware Usage and Management


The collaboration between an application and hardware should be friendly and accessible. The Snapchat application cannot properly utilize the host hardware such as the CPU, RAM, Cheapest, and Storage options. Due to the mismanagement of the hardware of the Android device, it becomes slower laggier.


How to Fix Snapchat Lag on Android?


Though the originating fault of Snapchat running slower on Android devices does not have any remedy. But following some of the basic fixes and procedures, the outcome from Snapchat can be made more fruitful.


Performing a Soft Reset or Restart


Sometimes Snapchat becomes overwhelmed by continuous usage. It cannot cope with the internal and external processes within the application and becomes slower. To solve this a soft reset otherwise known as Restart of the device can be done. This way the application reboots all the processes within and starts afresh.


  • From your phone press and hold the Power button for about 2 seconds.


  • The power menu will pop up with different Power options such as Emergency mode, Restart, and Shutdown.


  • Tap the restart button and allow the device to reboot at its pace.


You can also perform a manual restart to your Android smartphone. The impact will be similar.


  • Press and hold the Power button.


  • Tap on shut down and allow the device to completely shut down.


  • After the device display has become dark, press and hold the Power button again to boot the device.


Clearing up the user data and junk files


Sometimes, the accumulation of the cache files tends to slow down the application. It happens because there becomes a large amount of data and files which require processing. The internal cache files of the applications are not removed unless manual clearing is done.


  • From the App drawer go to the Settings option.


  • In the Settings, scroll down and search for Applications(Apps) or Manage Apps.




why is snapchat so slow on android






why is snapchat so slow on android




  • Tap on applications and select “All apps”. This reveals all the system and installed applications.


  • Scroll down and track down the Snapchat application.


  • Open the application information menu and select the Storage option.




why is snapchat so slow on android






why is snapchat so slow on android




  • Tap on Clear Cache files following the Clear all data option.




why is snapchat so slow on android




Clearing the cache files and the data would remove all the updates and user login details as well. You will have to input the login details again before using Snapchat.


Removing the Cache files from the App interface


Most of the time the app backs up some important files in the internal storage which are hard to remove.  This leads to loading time reduction and that is why your application runs slower than expected.


  • Firstly, go to the app drawer and locate the Snapchat icon.


  • Tap and hold the icon for about one second and the app info would pop up.


  • From the cog settings, open the main settings for the application.


  • Go to the Account action option and tap on it.


  • Tap on the clear cache to remove the files completely.


  • Restart your device to complete the procedure.




why is snapchat so slow on android




Track your internet connectivity and the speed of the connection


Snapchat is an internet-based application. Most of its activities use the internet. It requires an uninterrupted internet connection to load up the filters and other interfaces in between. A slower internet connection may lead to slower activity of the application itself. For this, you may recheck your internet connection before proceeding to other options.


Use online internet speed calculators such as Ookla and Fast to check your internet connectivity. If there is a disruption and lower speed in the speed tracker, then you have to contact the ISP. It is better to use high-speed WiFi for using Snapchat. If your Wifi is not working properly then switch to high-speed mobile data such as 4G or 5G to run Snapchat smoothly.


Regularly Update your Snapchat application


Using the older versions of Snapchat may show slower activity. You must keep the auto-update turned on from the Playstore. This results in updating the application automatically as soon a newer version is available on the Playstore. Otherwise, you can also perform a manual update.



  • From the up” Manage Apps and Device” option


  • On the next page tap on the “Manage” option.


  • From the list choose the “Updates Available”. This will open a list of applications installed on your device which have available updates.


  • Select Snapchat and choose the Update button to update your application.


Upgrading the Android Operating System


The applications always work well with the latest operating systems of Android. If you are facing a problem using Snapchat in an older version of your android, then you can update the System OS.


  • Open the App drawer and select Settings.


  • From the settings menu go to the Software Update button.


  • Run a check on the available Update for your device.


  • Download and install the software update to your device.


  • Perform the OS update using WiFi.


It takes time to download the latest update and install it afterwards. It is better to connect your device to the power adapter before performing a Software or OS update.


Reinstall Snapchat on your device


Many times manual or automated updates cannot collaborate with the existing application in your device. Hence, it becomes buggy and works very slowly in spite of being updated. To solve this you have to uninstall the existing version of the application and install it again.


  • Tap and hold the Snapchat icon from the App drawer.


  • When the application information opens, tap the Uninstall to remove the application from your device.


  • After that go to Google Playstore.


  • Search for Snapchat from the search bar.


  • Tap on the “Install” button to install the application again.


Reinstalling the application will remove all the user data and login credentials. You have to input the login parameters again after the installation of the application.



why is snapchat so slow on android



Killing all the background applications


If you are multitasking and using too many apps at a time, it may make your Snapchat run slower. Since the application’s optimization is poor it is better to use only Snapchat at a time.


Before opening and using Snapchat you can kill and remove all the applications running in the background. Tap on the three horizontal/vertical lines in the navigational menu. Tap on “Close All” to kill the applications at a time.


How do you make Snapchat faster on Android?


Following some tricks and tips may enhance Snapchat performance on your device. Though the ultimate solution would be to use high-quality devices with stronger processors.


  • Use the most updated version of Snapchat.


  • Make sure your Android Operating system is the latest version.


  • Use the latest security updates and Security patches.


  • Regularly clean up the cache files and junk files of Snapchat and other applications as well.


  • Kill all the background applications before using the Snapchat


  • Uninstall the applications which are not used or unimportant for the device.


  • Use high-speed internet connectivity. It is beneficial to use WIFI for Snapchat.




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Let’s check out some common questions related to this topic.


Why does my Snapchat camera lag when I take a video?


Snapchat is the most unoptimized application that uses the camera of a device. Since it directly refuses to use the APIs while capturing images or recording the video. Therefore, Snapchat cannot fully utilize the hardware of the Android device. Using too many apps at the same time also results in a laggy camera while recording video using Snapchat.


Is Snapchat different on Android?


The Snapchat for Android platform and iOS version are indifferent. Though the application user interface is not the same. But most of the features, interfaces, buttons, etc are similar to each other. No extra feature is given to the iOS version of Snapchat. Therefore, Snapchat is the same as every platform.


Which phone is best for Snapchat?


The Apple iPhones, iPads are the best for using Snapchat smoothly without any lags or disruptions. But, if the budget is not friendly then a high-quality Android smartphone can be used. But it is mandatory to use the latest and strongest cheapest CPU for Android.

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