Will An Iphone Sim Card Work In An Android Phone?

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Thinking about switching to Android OS? Congratulations! Everything is different with the android operating system. But, that can cause a bit of trouble too, especially if you want to use some of the features of your old iPhone device.


And, it is the SIM card that people worry the most about. As you know, SIM cards are an essential part of our virtual identity and experience. It contains useful information that is hard to replace.


That’s why we end up asking will an iphone sim card work in an android phone?


Don’t worry. All you have to do is stick with the article till the end. Here, we gave a proper explanation of how iPhone SIM sizes work, and the recommended size for each model.


So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.


Will An iPhone SIM Card Work in an Android Phone?


It seems like Apple hates following the norm. It has a different IOS, a different play store, different app development process, and so on. We guess that’s why many people wonder about the sim cards too.


So, can you put an iphone sim card in an android? Of course, you can. The same old sim card you have been using for years will do just fine. All you have to think about is the size. Now, there are three sizes to consider.


You don’t have to worry about a thing if the size of your android and the iPhone matches. You can just follow the below guideline to put it inside the new iPhone.


However, there are more chances that the size won’t match perfectly. Here is a list you might want to keep in mind.


1. Nano Sim Cards


Keep breaking a convertible SIM card into a smaller piece. You will reach a point when the process has to stop. That means you have converted into the smallest unit possible for a sim card. It doesn’t have a shell anymore. This is the nano-SIM card.


If you are hoping to buy the latest iPhone model, you will need a nano size. iPhone 12 series including the pro and pro max, iPhone 11 series (pro, pro max), iPhone XR, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone8(plus), iPhone 6, iPhone 7 all of these models come with a nano-SIM card tray.


That means, if your sim card has the breakable feature on its cover, that’s awesome. Otherwise, you would have to get a nano-SIM card.




will an iphone sim card work in an android phone




2. Micro SIM Cards


Next comes the micro sim cards. It is larger than the nano cards and smaller than the mini ones. You guessed it right. When you don’t take off the last layer of shell around the nano sim card, it becomes a micro one. Not many iPhones offer a micro-SIM tray for the users. The iPhone 4 and 4S series needed this type of SIM card to operate.


You can say, it is not very popular in the Apple world. The micro era was very short.


3. Mini-SIM Cards


No doubt, the mini-SIM cards were needed in the older iPhone models. For example, the original iPhone along with the 3G series used to require such SIM cards. This is the largest size among all of the sizes we mentioned here.


However, the era was very long ago. You can’t properly use the 3G series now. Because it won’t be able to adapt to the modern network settings. The same thing goes for android phones too. Nowadays, almost no phone uses a sim-tray for mini-SIM cards.


Which iPhone has A Dual SIM-Tray?


Most android users are used to having a dual SIM tray. The idea is simple. You don’t have to carry two phones in your pocket all the time. But with the newer models, Apple has broken this stereotype too. The iPhone XS series and the iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max come with an eSIM feature.


It enables the user to add two phone numbers to the same sim card. That’s more convenient, isn’t it?


So, if you want to enjoy the android dual sim feature, go for an iPhone that offers eSIM.



  • All phones have a storage door on the side. And it comes with a small pin. Make sure you find that. You can also use a paperclip, but these keys work the best. Besides, these outer items like needles or paperclips can end up damaging the phone. The only problem is that many users forget where they kept the keys.




will an iphone sim card work in an android phone




  • Before proceeding further, you have to turn both phones off. Press and hold the power button for a long time simultaneously. This will show a “power off” option, and you have to swipe it.


  • Then, put the pin inside the small little “hole” near your storage door. With a little push, the slot will open. Then, take the pin-out and use your fingers to pull the tray out of your mobile phone. You will see the micro sim card and memory card placed into the slots perfectly.




will an iphone sim card work in an android phone




  • The sim card has your account information, contact lists, messaging, and subscription list on it. Now, you should be very careful about touching the copper at the back of the card. Try using a tweezer instead of your fingers.


  • After that, repeat the same procedure with your iPhone too. Find the key and put that inside the holes. After a little pushing, the slots will open up automatically. Then, retrieve the cardholder carefully.


  • You have to see the slot size available for sim cards on your iPhone. Most of the time, it requires a Nano sim card. If your sim card is already in that size, congrats. You don’t have to go through the complexities.


  • However, if the size of android card slots and the iPhone ones differ, you will need a shell to cover the sim card. Depending on which model you use, the size can be different. Some might work with a Nano size, while others would require a micro card. Whatever the size is, you will be okay with a convertible sim card cover.


  • Put the sim in the slot and make sure the adjustment is perfect. It has a notch on the sides. So, you can easily identify whether the match is perfect or not. If you feel that something is off, try flipping the card upside-down and re-adjust it.


  • Then, put the holder back into the slots. Be a little gentle here. You don’t want to be too aggressive and disrupt the position of the sim. In that case, the phone won’t detect the sim input and will cause trouble.


  • Once you set it nicely, try restarting the phone. Use the same old trick for that. Just long-press the “home button.”


  • After the “logo” display, you can enter the android. Does it show a detected card on the top bar? If yes, you can use your account without any issue.


And, that’s how easy it is folks. Your iPhone is ready to serve you.


How to Transfer Contacts from Android To iPhone


As we transport the SIM from one phone to another, it is easy to lose information. For example, some of the contacts are not saved into the SIM. So what do you do? How do you make sure that you won’t lose those valuable contacts?


Here’s an easy method for that:


  • First, sync your android phone to the Google account.


  • Go to your computer and log into Google.



  • It might ask you for a g-mail account. So, log into that as well.


  • Hover over all the contacts and select the ones you want. Then, press on “export.”


  • The file will be downloaded on your IOS.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Sim Size Is The Most Common For iPhones?


Nano-SIM cards are the most popular among the latest iPhone models. For example, the new iPhone X series, 11 and 13 series come with a nano-SIM tray. It would be better if you have a breakable or convertible SIM card.


2. Does The Mini-SIM Cards Still Available?


If you want to purchase an iPhone, there is hardly any scope for that. Only the original iPhone and the old 3G series offered SIM card holders like that. After that, the world quickly adopted the micro-SIM size.


3. IS The SIM Size Same for All iPhones?


If you own a nano-SIM card, you would get by with any new iPhone model in the market. All the newer devices offer Nano-SIM trays. However, there are still models like iPhone 4 or 4S that use a micro SIM-holder.



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In this article, we tried to debunk your worries regarding the SIM-card switch. Will an iPhone sim card work in an android phone; this is one of the most basic questions of android users after they switch from IOS to Android Operating System.


And that is what you have learned through this informative tutorial. Now, there is no hindrance on your way to buying the new android device of your dreams!


So that was our take on this topic. Hope you enjoyed the entire article.

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