Will iPhone XR Support 5G?- Get to Know the Secret!

IPhone XR is overall an amazing device with cool features. However, the users are more knowledgeable than ever. They are not impressed by the looks or camera specs only. In that case, they have queries like will iphone xr support 5g or not. What is the peak speed for the XR series?


And if you are considering replacing your current device with an iPhone XR, then we bet you are thinking the same!


No need to spend hours surfing the internet for these answers. We have prepared this article answering every question you would possibly have regarding iPhone XR and whether it supports 5G or not.


So, if you are ready, let’s jump into it.


Is iPhone XR 5G Compatible?




will iphone xr support 5g




IPhone XR has the XMM 7560 baseband from Intel. If you ask whether the iphone xr 5g compatible not, the answer is No.


In layman’s terms, the iPhone XR doesn’t come with the necessary hardware like a baseband chip that can support 5G network. So yeah, you got it.


But does the XS or the XS Max come with 5G basebands? After all, people claim that the XS series has better signal strength than the XR model. What does better signal quality even mean? Does it certify that the XS series will be able to adjust to the 5G in near future? Okay, let’s talk about it.


The XS series indeed comes with a better or should we say stronger signal range. That’s not because it has 5G enabled in it. The main player in this scenario will be the 4×4 MIMO in the XS series. What is a 4×4 MIMO? And what is its role?


Well, MIMO stands for multiple IN multiple Out. That refers to the transmission paths. If it has only one path for sending and catching data it will be called 1×1 MIMO. So in this case, Apple has used 4 antennas in the XS series that act as four transmission paths. At a time, it can work on four different streams of data.


On the other hand, the iPhone XR has 2×2 MIMO in it. That means, only two antennas are dedicated to transmitting and receiving data at the same time. We guess that clears up a lot of questions regarding the downloading and uploading speed in the iPhone XR. You can think of it as a highway road.


The more channels are available, the less traffic congestion you face and the faster vehicles can move. It is a plus point for the XS or the XS Max users. Also, the 4×4 MIMO is tested to have a stronger signal than a 2×2 MIMO.


You see, the reason behind the stronger downloading power of the iPhone XS is not because of the 5G network as many assume. It is simply because of the increased number of antennas used in this model. We hope it cleared things up for you.


Now that being said, we can’t ignore the fact that even the XS series iPhones have 2×2 MIMO for wi-fi networks. It doesn’t matter if the router is 4×4 MIMO. We have no idea if Apple is considering upgrading the XR models to 4×4 MIMO this year.


Which iPhones Are 5G Compatible?




will iphone xr support 5g




Apple has made its new iPhone series 5G compatible. The list includes iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 pro max, iPhone 13 max, etc. models that were released before they wouldn’t be able to connect to a 5G network even if the provider makes it available. That means, the iPhone XR series along with the XS, XS Max (8/9/10) won’t be able to give you a 5G experience.


This information is important if you are a pro gamer. Typically, gamers get very excited about the 5G virtual-reality feel in the gaming world. That’s why the inability to connect to the 5G network might be the dealbreaker for certain customers.


Here we would like to clear up some doubts that most people have. If you are thinking you can buy whatever model that suits your budget now and can upgrade it to 5G in the future, you are dead wrong. 5G doesn’t work that way (at least for now).


You must have the essential hardware included or set up in the model. In this way only, you can access 5G by turning it on when it becomes official and the internet provider starts providing it in your area.


Suppose, you have an iPhone 8. It doesn’t come with souped-up chips or core processors. And then, the world has received 5G. If you want to experience that, you have no other choice but to get a device that has those special chips in it.


That’s why if 5g is a big deal to you, you must pay attention to these details before making a purchase decision. Don’t hesitate to ask questions like “is the iphone xr 5g” to the seller.


Why You Should Stop Chasing 5G


Instead of asking: is the iphone xr 5g, you should be asking if 5G is worth the hype or not. Let’s dig into it.


  • First of all, 5G is not official yet. You can’t expect Apple to announce 5G connectivity when it is not even a real thing yet.


  • The companies that are advertising on social media about the 5G connectivity are false claims. The 5Ge is nothing but a faster version of the existing 4G LTE. It didn’t have to be marketed as something evolutionary. People who believed in those marketing schemes are thinking they have 5G enabled on their phones.


The peak downloading speed of 5G would be 1Gbps in areas with coverage. On the other hand, the peak speed is 300 Mbps for the 4G LTE users. The difference is huge as you can see. Now, where does the 5Ge stands? The peak speed is around 400 Mbps (depending on the area coverage). It is nowhere near the range of 5G. Thankfully, more and more customers are getting aware of this fact.


  • 5G might not guarantee you better signal strength than 4G LTE. 5G will cover more areas than its previous versions, like larger-than-life movie experience, etc. but it might not upgrade the current signal quality. In case, you are not a big fan of enjoying those virtual-reality experiences with your iPhone, 5G is not a good choice for you.


  • The more upgrade you want the iPhone to be, the more money it will cost you. You can guess the price range if iPhone announces a new model with 5G capacity in the future. For a more budget-friendly range, you should just stick with a high-quality XR or even an XS series.


Is the iPhone XR Still Worth Buying?




will iphone xr support 5g




Now that you got an idea about whether the iphone xr 5g capable or not, you might be rethinking your buying decision. Is it still worth buying?


IPhone XR is sandwiched between the XS and the XS Max. it belongs to the budget-friendly iPhone spectrum (it is rare). Anyone with a budget, looking to experience the iPhone IOS must consider going for an XR series.


And if you are not convinced yet, here are some cool features of the iPhone XR to put a smile on your face:


  • It comes with an LCD rather than an OELD one. LCD screens are a little cheaper and cause low battery consumption. So it contributes to the longevity of your iPhone.


  • Another attractive feature is its glass aluminum body. It gives a matte look rather than looking shiny or sparkly. Aluminum also plays a role in its weight and higher heat conductibility.
  • Imagine your iPhone doesn’t get hot even when you give it a lot of stress. Isn’t that a dream, guys?


  • With a 12-megapixel camera and backscreen lights, you can get crispy and sharp images even when the lighting is dark or shady.


  • Lastly, is the iphone xr 4g or 5g? It uses 4G LTE for faster downloading and uploading speed.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is iPhone 11 5G Or 4G?


IPhone 11 is not 5G. It uses a 4G LTE network. It is faster than regular 4G networks. And the speed increases if you go to an area with good coverage.


2. Can I Get 5G on My iPhone XR?


No, you can’t. The XR series don’t have the fundamental hardware chips that will connect to the 5G. So even if the provider can support 5G, you won’t be able to use it.


3. How Do I Know If My iPhone is 4G Or 5G?


Go to the settings> enter the cellular data> check the network type. If it doesn’t have 5G listed there, your iPhone can’t support it.


4. How to Get 5G On iPhone 11?


Unfortunately, your iPhone 11 is not eligible to connect to the 5G network. Only the iPhone 12 series and the newest iPhone 13 models are manufactured to support 5G in the future.


5. Can iPhone 13 Support 5G?


The iPhone 13 (max, pro max) is designed with souped-up chips that can process the 5G network in the future.



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We started this article by answering will iphone xr support 5g. Afterward, we dived into the issue further and discovered why all the iPhones can’t connect to 5G. We aimed towards removing misconceptions like any device can be upgraded to a 5G plan in the future. These details will help you make more informed decisions when you go shopping for an iPhone.


However, if you are someone who needs 5G connectivity no matter what we suggest you opt for the iPhone 12 or 13 Series.


Hope you enjoyed it.

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