Windows 10 Pro Vs Pro N | What Are The Main Differences

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You probably know that Windows 10 has different versions to meet the different purposes and preferences of the users. And it can get quite overwhelming to choose between the 10 pro and pro N version as both of them offer a seamless user experience.


But you aren’t allowed to use two versions at once. So you are here to know Windows 10 pro vs pro n. In order to help you decide your best one, we will review both versions in detail.


Here, we will break down the differences and similarities of both Windows operating systems so that you can understand which one meets your requirements in a better way!


What Is The Difference Between The Windows 10 Pro Vs Pro N?



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Developers release different versions of the same operating software to make the experience of users more convenient. And Microsoft does the same thing with all their OS. So, there are almost twelve versions or editions of the Windows 10 OS. Two of them are the Windows 10 Pro and the 10 Pro N. The major difference between the two versions is in the pre-installed multimedia applications.


If you install the Windows 10 Pro, you will get to use the pre-installed multimedia applications such as Windows Media Player, Skype, Music, Voice Recorder, and related technologies. You do not need to download them on the 10 pro separately.


However, 10 Pro N does not come packed with those pre-installed apps. You have the liberty to download any alternative apps of your preferences. It is a better choice to customize your OS with your preferred apps and tools.


The N in the title refers to the “not with media player” terms. Microsoft has got rid of the pre-installed apps in the N edition to resolve the court issues. And they have exclusively released it for the European regions.


The European court has made a claim against Microsoft that they are running a monopoly business with those pre-installed multimedia apps. So, Microsoft had to develop another edition entitled Windows 10 Pro N to get rid of the court hassles.


Two of these editions can put you into a fix when it comes to choosing between them. Because both of them have their unique features and tweaks. And to know which one is better for you, go through the next sections.


What Are The Similar Features of The Windows 10 Pro and the Pro N Editions?


The features you get to use with the Windows 10 Pro and Pro N are not quite different from each other. And here is a detailed review of the features –


1. Information Protection 


Windows 10 Pro or Pro N is a good choice to install for your employees or office monitors. Why? Because both versions have a built-in BitLocker program that protects confidential business data. You are not at the risk of facing a data breach as the BitLocker encryption prevents data leaks through emails, clouds, or any social media apps.


The BitLocker adds an extra layer of protection to the user data. So, no one else can make unnecessary changes to important files without the required permissions.


2. Remote Login 


Both editions have the remote login feature so that you can manage the essential files on your computer even when you are away from your computer. You can connect your PC to a macOS, iOS, or Android device to remotely monitor or use the computer programs.


The Windows 10 Pro has the remote desktop protocol so that you can use your phone as your computer. And the Pro N version has the continuum or the windows productivity tool to access your PC through other devices on the network.


3. Windows Sandbox


If you want to run a potentially harmful app on your computer, the windows sandbox is an efficient feature on both versions of the OS. It lets you run the harmful apps in a controlled environment so that those apps do not attack your computer with viruses or malware.


When you are not sure whether an app or website is safe or you can run it in the sandbox. Even if they are harmful, they will not directly interact with the main OS or other programs because of the sandbox.


Is Windows 10 Pro or Pro N Better? 



windows 10 pro vs pro n, is windows 10 pro or pro n better




Windows 10 Pro and Pro N both editions have introduced improvements and features to meet the preferences of the users. But the Pro N is slightly better than the former because of these features below:


1. Game DVR


The Pro N version is not only suitable for business work but also heavy gamers can prefer this. Because with its game DVR feature, you can record the whole gameplay.


It is a good way to share your game streams and experience on different platforms with other gamers. It also lets you take screenshots of your best moves to share them.


2. No Updates Issues 


Microsoft releases the latest updates for all editions from time to time. Once you install the Pro N, you are less likely to face any bugs while upgrading to its latest updates.


But with 10 Pro, many users have reported that they are struggling to install the recent updates properly. It is probably because of hardware and software incompatibility.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Is the Windows Pro N Available in All Regions?


No, Windows 10 pro N is not available in all regions. Microsoft has made the N version available for certain regions, especially European regions. They have not made a global release for the N edition.


2. Can You Upgrade to the 10 Pro N from Windows 10 Pro?


No, you cannot upgrade to the Windows 10 pro N from the 10 pro version. You need to install the N version separately. As both versions are not compatible with each other, you do not have the liberty to upgrade to either version from the other. You need to perform a clean install to get 10 pro or pro N on your PC.


3. Is the Windows 10 Pro Available in the European Regions?


You will not find the Windows 10 pro version in European countries as the European court is not quite welcoming of the pre-installed apps of the 10 pro edition. And it has its separate license code which is not available in Europe. So, European users cannot use the 10 pro version.


4. Can You Install or Use 10 Pro N from the USA?


No, you cannot use or install the 10 pro N in the USA or any other region other than the European countries. The license code for windows 10 pro N is not available in the USA.


5. Is It Possible to Use the Windows 10 Pro Key for 10 Pro N?


Every Windows OS has its separate activation key. So, you cannot use the 10 pro key for the 10 pro N edition. You will need the key meant for the N version to activate it. 




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As there are many similar features in both editions of Windows 10, you can get confused over which one to choose as a newbie or experienced Windows user. In this case, if you seem to ask yourself, windows 10 pro vs pro n which one is better in terms of improvements, you can rely on Pro N.


You do not have to worry about the missing multimedia apps on the Pro N as you can download them or alternative apps from the store. Though both editions have high-end features, you can get more control over your OS with the pro N.

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