Where Is Windows 10 Programs?

windows 10 programs

It is really frustrating when you have upgraded to Windows 10 to save your time and effort, but instead, you are struggling to find your valuable programs in it!


And what is more frustrating is, by default Windows 10 is not letting you generate the list of all types of programs you are searching for. And that is why you are probably wondering – “where is windows 10 programs, right?


Well, fortunately, Windows 10 supports some third-party tools and built-in features so that you can get a hold of the programs within a snap!  However, we understand that technical terms can hold you back from using them.


So, considering these facts, we will break down the methods to show you where you can find all programs in windows 10.


Let’s Find Out Where is Windows 10 Programs Installed:


It is not always possible to remember all programs or their location on your PC. And to scan or rearrange the files, you might need their list. So, here are the built-in programs and third-party tools to view apps installed on your computer:


1. Windows Setting


Hands down, the Windows Setting comes in handy when you need to find specific programs. Also, it helps to locate the programs on a specific disk. If you press “Win + I” on your keyboard, the setting dialog box will appear. And from its Apps and Features, you can find all the installed or pre-installed apps with ease.


This method lets you filter the list you are looking for. At the center of the interface, you will find the options to filter. Feel free to choose a specific location or system drive and then press “enter.” After that, the result will show you where all your system programs are at.



windows 10 programs



2. Windows Registry


The Windows Registry Editor database can be a resourceful tool, especially if you are looking for non-frequently used programs or hidden apps. You will find the tool from the taskbar by entering “regedit” in the search bar.



windows 10 programs



The Local Machine menu will show you some locations of registry hidden files or some installed programs. You can also find some apps installed from its Hardware, Security, Software tabs.


3. Task Automation Tool


PowerShell is a task automation tool by Microsoft. This tool doesn’t include a typical search bar. So, after opening the PowerShell, you might wonder how to see all programs in windows 10. The answer is by running a command!


Find the PowerShell icon from the Start menu or press “Win+ X” to find the tool. Then run the tool as admin. Now you need to disable the restriction set against running script or command. So, copy and paste the following scripts-


  • Set-Execution Policy Unrestricted


You need to choose the Yes to All option by pressing the A. Now you need to go back to the default interface to locate windows 10 all programs. Pressing the N will take you to the default site. Now enter the command.


  • Get-ItemProperty


HKLM:\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\* | Select-Object DisplayName, DisplayVersion, Publisher, InstallDate | Format-Table –AutoSize


Now, this command will run once you hit the enter key. You will get to see a list of all installed apps and their versions, installation date, and publisher in a while.


  • Use CCleaner


In a nutshell, CCleaner is a windows tool to free up space on your PC. And it can also help to see and generate the list of installed software.



windows 10 programs



Users can find the CCleaner from the taskbar. After opening it, click Tools, Uninstall, and the “Save to text file” button. Now, choose the location you want to keep the list saved. Then name the file and click “save.” We’d recommend keeping the list on your home screen for easy access to all programs.


Where is the List of  Windows 10 All Programs?


You probably do not know that you usually can generate or find the classic desktop windows programs or the win32 apps from the settings or command run. The options mostly show you the programs in specific disks or drives, not a list of all apps you’ve installed on your computer.


But you can use two of the following methods to find all programs list –


1. Third-Party Tool


There are some third-party tools to help you find all program list pretty easily. But some of them might not be free to use. So, you can rely on UninstallView to generate the list of Universal Windows apps or all types of apps. It is in wide use because of its easy-to-use features.


  • At first, you need to download the tool from their website. It does not need installation, so you can launch it right away. After opening it, it will show you the list of the common win32 apps.


  • To find the list of all programs via UninstallView, you need to choose the Options tab from its quick access menu at the upper-left corner. Then select the “Load Windows Apps” option from the dropdown menu. This filter will command the computer to show all apps that exist on your computer. And you can save the list also.



windows 10 programs



2. PowerShell Command


If your computer is running low on space, a third-party toll might not perform well. So you can wonder where to find the list of all my apps without third-party software? But with PowerShell, you do not have to worry about it!


After opening the PowerShell from the Start Menu, you need to copy and paste the following command-

Get-AppxPackage | Select Name, PackageFullName |Format-Table -AutoSize > c:\docslist-store-apps.txt



windows 10 programs



Once you run the command, it will generate the list of all apps for the current user, including the Microsoft Store apps.


Where is All Programs Located in Windows 10?


Sometimes, you cannot remember the installation path or location of the installed programs. Program Files is the main location for most of the installed programs. If you open the Drive C and then the Program Files option in File Explorer, you will get to see most of the apps here.


Also, you can type the name of the programs in the windows search box to find the programs with installation paths. Once your program appears in the search result, look at the bottom-right corner. It will show an “open file location.” This can let you access all the files or apps located in that location or program.


If you are hunting for the location of a shortcut program available in the Program Folders, you can use the Start menu. From its menu, click “More” and select “Open File Location.” Then right-click on the shortcut program. It will allow you to choose the Open File Location option.


And after clicking the option, you will see the following location –


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


Once the path appears, right-click on the shortcut program to select the File Location. This click will now redirect you to the actual installation location of the program.


Where Are All Uninstallable Programs in Windows 10?


If you can find a list of uninstallable apps or programs, it will be helpful to understand which programs you can remove. And to find those programs, at first, you need to press the Windows key. Then on the search bar, type “control panel” and press the “Enter key” to search.


The search will show the Programs section at the bottom-left of the interface. Now, you need to click the “Uninstall a program” option located under the programs section. And guess what? A new window will appear with the list of all uninstallable programs.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



Where is All Programs in Linux in Windows 10?


File Explorer helps to locate the Linux Subsystem programs in Windows 10. To launch the Explorer, you need to run the “explorer.exe.” command within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).


Afterwards, the Linux Directory will appear with the Linux programs. Running the “\\ws1$” within the Explorer will also let you access the installed Linux programs.


Where is All Programs Folder in Windows 10?


Windows 10 does not feature a separate All Programs folder. But the older Operating systems used to have the folder. However, in Windows 10, you will see the lists of all win32 apps in the left corner of the Start Menu. And at the upper-left corner of the menu shows the list of the frequently used programs.


Where is All Users Startup Programs Folder in Windows 10?


You can use the Run dialog box to access the All Users startup programs folder. Press the “Windows + R” and the Run box will appear. Then enter “shell: common startup” in the text field and click ok. The command will locate the All Users programs folder.



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Final Words!


As Windows 10 does not feature an All Programs folder, it can get quite difficult to locate the list of every program or app. But the PowerShell, third-party tools, and the quick access menu of the windows setting and registry let you locate common programs within no time and less effort.


Once you find out where is windows 10 programs, it is better to extract or save the list right away. The saved list on your notepad or home screen can save you time whenever you want to know the location of a specific program.

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