If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered

If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered

Some iPhone users are confused about understanding Apple’s iMessage technology. There are green and blue colors for various kinds of messages on the iPhone. If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered?


Simply, blue messages indicate that the message was exchanged using the iMessage service. The person’s device may have turned off or dead or inactive iMessage service. Then, the message gets exchanged with green color via SMS.


The iMessage service checks first if both the sender and recipient have the active iMessage before using SMS. Now, the question is – can a green message become blue again? In reality, it never happens on an iPhone. However, get ready to learn more amazing facts on this topic.


Do messages turn green when someone’s phone dies?


Regular iPhone users are habituated to seeing their text messages be delivered with blue color. The fact of this blue color is that both of the iPhone devices are capable of using the iMessage service. In case someone’s phone is dead, the sender will see the sent message in green color. It happens because there is no active iMessage service on the recipient’s iPhone. However, once it’s sent via the iMessage service, it won’t change into the green from blue color.


What does it mean when your iMessage goes from blue to green?


As a part of the rare case, your texts may go from blue to green on the iPhone. This kind of incident may happen in case you’re blocked. The priority of your iPhone is to go for the iMessage service. And the delivered message through the iMessage will turn blue in an instant. But, it can turn from blue to green after a while. Maybe, the person you’re trying to send the message has a weak cellular network. Besides, it can be an indicator that you have been blocked by that person.




If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered?




What does a green text message mean?


You should gain a clear conception of the green text message of your iPhone. Some facts are briefly pictured below to make you understand a green text message.


  • It indicates that you have received a message with SMS when you see a green text message on your Android. If it would be an iMessage service, the blue color would appear in front of you.


  • An iPhone user may need to communicate with an Android user. In this circumstance, their text messages will be exchanged through SMS. And you’ll find green color on the sent message from your iPhone. The iMessage service is only a special service for Apple users. So, you’ll always find the presence of green color instead of blue color when dealing with an Android.


  • The iMessage service requires to be turned on from the settings option. In case it’s not activated, then all the messages of your iPhone will appear with the green color. So, have a quick check to the iMessage service setting.


  • It’s mandatory to remain an active internet service to use the iMessage service. Perhaps, you’re out of that service when sending messages to other iPhone users. You can check the internet connection in this circumstance.


What does a blue text message mean?


Is there a blue text message when sending a message to another Apple user? That’s a good sign as your message is getting delivered via iMessage. Know about some interesting facts about a blue text message on iPhone.


  • The technology of the iPhone always prioritizes using iMessage before SMS. This messaging service for iPhone can run on both cellular and Wifi network. But, this iMessage has some conditions for the successful delivery of the message. When everything is okay, the message goes with the help of the iMessage. The presence of blue color reminds you about using the iMessage service.


  • You may need to need to find the device of the recipient. It’s super easy with the blessing of the iMessage service. As we have mentioned earlier, the message will remain blue while passing through the iMessage service. In addition, only Apple users have an iMessage service. So, a blue text message indicates that the recipient is an Apple device user.


  • A blue text message indicates that the Wifi service on your iPhone is running perfectly. Besides, it indicates that you have a decent setting of your iMessage service.


When the message shows green?


If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered? You’ll get all the answers from the points depicted below.


  • After using SMS, your message will be shown as green.



  • Accidently, the iPhone of the recipient may become dead. It won’t interact with the iMessage service then. As a result, you’ll see green color on your sent message.


  • The recipient may have turned off the iMessage service willingly or unwillingly. You will be shown green color on text message then.


  • You might be blocked by your desired person for any reason. This incident shows the green color on your sent message.


  • Charging the iPhone won’t turn the green message into blue color.  So, the green message is a clear indicator of the failure of the iMessage service.


When the message shows blue?


Finding a text message with blue color on iPhone indicates something good. But, not every time the message turns into blue color. You can see the blue message depending on some incidents.


  • The iMessage service is highly dependent on the internet. It won’t work under a weak internet connection or the absence of a cellular network. The blue message is only found for the presence of an active internet.


  • Having permission for an active iMessage service only enables the blue color for a message. A disabled iMessage service isn’t capable of service to the iPhone user.





If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered?





  • Both the user and the receiver must have the iMessage service turned on. Then, you can see a blue message on your iPhone’s screen.


  • When you’re unblocked, the message from your iPhone shows a blue color. Otherwise, the color should be green.





Some of the iPhone users may have popular common questions on the blue and green color message. Go through some relevant questions with quick answers from this part.


Do blocked texts turn green?


Most iPhone users send their messages using the iMessage service. Usually, they can see the presence of the blue-colored message after a successful delivery. But, a green text also may appear in front of them. Perhaps, they’ve been blocked by the receiver and the blocked texts turn green then.


When a text is green and doesn’t say delivered?


Sometimes you’ll find the message on an Apple device with green color. But, they don’t get delivered successfully. It may happen for crossing the fixed data plan limit. Besides, it may happen when your Wifi is out of range or you have a poor LTE.


How do I know if a green text message was delivered?


The color “green” on a message of the iPhone expresses the use of SMS. You can specifically tell if it’s delivered or read when you’re using the iMessage service. In case you’re out of iMessage, the green text tells that it’s delivered. But, you can’t get any delivery notification on your iPhone.


Does the green message mean blocked?


No, the green message doesn’t mean only the blocking. A bunch of meanings can be established instead of blocking. Maybe, there is an internet issue or cellular issue. Or, it could be also an iMessage setting issue. The blocking issue is also a part of this inconvenience sometimes.




The two different colors of the iPhone messaging system bring inconvenience to the new users. “If a text message is green, does it mean that the person’s phone is dead and when they charge it, it will be blue again and say delivered?” – this is the most common question.


You know that the text message on the iPhone turns into a green color for some specific reasons. If the message can fulfill the criteria, then it will turn blue. The disability to perform any action from the criteria will resist seeing a blue message.


The iMessage service is beneficial for its useful features. Unfortunately, only iPhone users can enjoy those features at a time. However, turning the message color green doesn’t always mean that the person’s phone is dead. In addition, the message won’t turn blue from green once it’s delivered as an SMS.



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