What Is Com.Wssyncmldm [Everything You Need To Know]


Android devices from Samsung come with a few pre-installed applications. com.wssyncmldm is one of them which works as a system updater app. Sometimes, people doubt if this application performs any malware activity or spam on the device. For their kind information, this application doesn’t spy on the device.


Most people find this app from their google activity. And when they find its activity, they get concerned. Besides, they may also find it in the system app list. This application runs without taking instant permission as well as providing notification.


However, if you aren’t interested to use this software, you can disable it. Here, we’ll elaborate on com.wssyncmldm’s identity as well as its application. Along with this, you’ll also know about the software update and its use process.


What is com.wssyncmldm?







com.wssyncmldm works as a pre-installed, system updater app. This app monitors the update status of all the installed apps on the device. The main responsibility of this app is to notify the user about any software update. Besides, if there is any system update, this app will notify the user.


Users can’t determine the operation of this software like others. Because of its hidden operation, it’s not possible to know what exactly com wssyncmldm does. Hence, people start doubting if their data is at risk. This app doesn’t do any spying activity and it’s allowed by the manufacturer. Moreover, it doesn’t consume any data or battery despite being run from the background.


What is the used com wssyncmldm meaning?


The used com wssyncmldm means it’s in the activity log of your device. This is a kind of app package which tracks the update status of various apps. The used com wssyncmldm refers to your device’s apps are monitoring successfully. If you get notifications about system or app updates, that indicates that com wssyncmldm is being used. If it’s not used on your device, you won’t get automatic updates on necessary apps.


What is software update com wssyncmldm Android?








com wssyncmldm brings software updates to the corresponding Samsung Android device. The OS uses this application to search for updates of different applications. Developers release different versions of the app and it’s difficult to keep updated about them. Com. wssyncmldm is programmed to stay tuned with the latest updates and send you the reminder.


com wssyncmldm Android also requires updates like other built-in apps. It gets updated automatically without notifying the user. However, it’s not possible to uninstall com wssyncmldm on your own. If you perform this, which app will help you to update other apps on your device? com wssyncmldm removal is also impossible. Only, disabling the app is possible.


Com wssyncmldm application


com wssyncmldm comes with various applications. Along with keeping the device’s apps updated, it also tracks the update status. Here, you get some com wssyncmldm applications.


Monitors the app updates


The prime responsibility of com wssyncmldm is to keep all the apps updated. If you check the version of an app on Google Playstore, you can see it has many updated histories. Commonly, a user carries huge apps on the device. In that circumstance, monitoring the updates is difficult. It’s programmed in that way as it can’t miss any update status.


Notify the user


Without updating the latest version of the software, it’s possible to face various troubles. The device may work slowly or some of the apps may not run. Therefore, if any system software update is required, the user gets a notification.


Works as an app package


People misunderstand by thinking com.wssyncmldm as an app or spyware. It’s an app package rather than spyware or app. By running in the background continuously, it keeps the OS updated. The app pack is known as “Bloatware” which helps to run apps in the background.








Ensures easy access to the apps


Do you ever believe that “Google” keeps running in the background of your device constantly? Yes, it’s true because if it isn’t, you can’t access Google assistant so easily. However, Bloatware also ensures easy access to other apps. It ensures the bufferless experience of using the software.


How to use com.wssyncmldm


com wssyncmldm on your device runs automatically. So, you don’t need to put any effort into it. Rather than knowing that, you should know how to stop com wssyncmldm. As there are several methods, we’re elaborating only on some easy methods.


Method:1- Cleaning com.wssyncmldm data


  • First, visit settings from your Samsung device. You can use the search option to find the settings quickly.


  • Now, tap on apps after entering the settings part.


  • There, you’ll see the ellipsis icon in the top-right position. To find that easily, notice the three vertical dots carefully.


  • After that, tap on the “Show SystemApps” to enter com wssyncmldm. Now, press on the desired app and it’ll come with an option “Force stop”.


  • The last move is to clear the app cache as well as data. Hence, com wssyncmldm stops working then.








Method:2- Using Titanium Backup


  • First, you need to download and install “Titanium Backup”. You can download it from Google. Besides, here is the link to download it easily. ( Download Titanium Backup)


  • After launching the app, search for com wssyncmldm.


  • Now, you need to tap on it. You’ll see the “Freeze” option there. Tap on that option to freeze the app. That’s all.



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Samsung Android users now must have a clear idea about com.wssyncmldm. If you want to keep the apps of your device updated, never think about disabling Commonly, the discussing app. This app package is effective against any unexpected activity of software. Though we’ve shown the method of disabling it, we encourage you to do it.


The activity of this app is automated. Therefore, you don’t need to be pro in using it.  It’s a system app and programmed to always run in the background. Along with monitoring the apps, it indicates to you about the system software updates. The notification popup appears when they find an app to update.


However, now you mustn’t be afraid after seeing this app in your google activity. You can continue with your Android without any trouble if you let the app run. It’s not possible to uninstall com wssyncmldm. But, disabling the app may bring a disaster and void the manufacturer warranty.

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