What is Com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui?

If you have no idea about what is Com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui and you want to know about it in detail, this post is for you. In this article, you’ll learn about telephonyUI or InCallUI in detail. Apart from that, you will also find some complex and confusing technical jargon (related to the Android and Samsung application package names) explained in this post.

So, let’s dive in.


What Is Android App telephonyUI?


Android app telephonyUI is synonymous with InCallUI for Samsung devices. Now you may ask about what InCallUI is. Let’s spell out the literal meaning of it. If you divide the word “InCallUI”, you get In-Call-UI. As its name suggests, InCallUI indicates the User interface of an Android device during a call.

However, there is a folder in an Android device with that name or a similar name. For example, you may find “com. Samsung. android. Incallui” in your Android device and that might differ a bit from device to device. Usually, this is either called telephonyUI or InCallUI in common.


In short, IncallUI or telephonyUI shows you who is calling, offers you the options to accept or reject the call, switch to the loudspeaker, record the call, etc.




What Is Android App telephonyUI



What is InCallUI or telephonyUI Used For?


To be frank, this is a small app that displays the user interface to you when someone calls you. It shows the caller ID and provides the option to pick the call or dismiss it, make a meeting call, hold a call, mute a call, end a call, etc.

As all the InCallUI of the Android devices is not the same in terms of functionality, this might also offer the option to send a message. Note that, the screen that you see when you receive a call is also part of the telephonyUI.


Though we always see and use the InCallUI, we are not aware of it most of the time as we do not know that the formal name of this is InCallUI.


What If My Android Device Did Not Have telephonyUI or InCallUI?


InCallUI makes our life simple and easy. If there were no InCallUI, you would not be able to cut a call, record a call, mute or hold a call, and would get deprived of a lot of other things. This InCallUI also helps to lock the screen when you’re holding your device with your ear.

If the screen would not turn off when you hold the device against your ear, there would be unnecessary touches on the screen that might end up getting the call cut. On top of that, your phone would have the chance to launch another app in the middle of the call.


Another example can be that, when you need to take a note or save a number, InCallUI offers you the support to get your work done.


In case your device would not have InCallUI, you had to cut the call, write the number down, and then again make the call. Wouldn’t it be too boring? So, to sum up, you can’t imagine a smartphone without a dedicated telephonyUI app in it.



How Does InCallUI Get Into an Android Device?


InCallUI comes as a default and preinstalled app with your Android device. It works to manage the on-screen movement when you are about to receive the call or you’re in a call. It is the In-Call User Interface that deals only with the calling user interface and nothing else. However, you can modify the on-screen calling function using different APKs.


Remember, this InCallUI has nothing to do with the contact names, numbers, or any further details.


Where Can I Find InCallUI?


You can locate the InCallUI from your Settings. To find out IncallUI, go to Settings -> Apps Menu → System UI. Though in most Android phones you will find the software in this location, it might be a little different on some devices.



Does Every Device Come with InCallUI?


Yes. Every smartphone and touchpad device including Samsung comes with an InCallUI app. For all the mobile systems, this app does the same work, i.e, managing the calling user interface. By the way, it might offer advanced features such as volume up and down, dial log, etc, on some high-end devices.


What is com Samsung Android IncallUI?


Well, the answer is really simple. This is the InCallUI for Samsung Android smartphones. Sometimes it is also called com Samsung Android telephonyUI. Being one of the top smartphone brands in the world, Samsung features an attractive and effective In Call User Interface in their Android devices.


However, you should know that Samsung has launched its own OneUI on 28th December 2018 and com Samsung Android inCallUI is a part of OneUI.



What are the Uses of com Samsung Android InCallUI?


Com Samsung Android InCallUI offers a wide range of options for everyday uses regarding calls. Below are some of the highlighted features of com Samsung Android InCallUI from various Samsung devices:


  • Call recording
  • Mute the call
  • Bunch/gathering calls
  • Postpone the call
  • Call disengaging
  • Cripple the screen when you hold your device against your ears.
  • Utilize the home option to open other apps during a call
  • Send messages
  • Save any number during the call, etc.


How to Allow InCallUI Permission?


  1. Go to Settings -> Apps
  2. Tap on the three vertical dots at the top-right.
  3. Tap on “Show System Apps”
  4. Tap on the InCallUI package name and allow permission.


Is InCallUI Used for Cheating or Hacking your Device?


No and never. InCallUI is a preinstalled app on Android devices that works to deliver a smooth calling user interface to the user. It has nothing to do with cheating or hacking anything out of your phone. It is a truly useful and essential app for any Android phone and tablet out there.


How Do You Stop or Disable InCallUI?


There is no scope to delete the InCallUI from your device forever. However, you can stop it if you want, but that’s also temporary. You can’t halt it completely. Whenever a call rings to your Android device, it starts working automatically.


However, if you think that it is draining your battery or consuming a lot of RAM storage, you can stop it temporarily. You have to force stop it from your apps list. Here are the steps to follow if you want to stop InCallUI on your phone:


  • Go to Settings -> Apps
  • Tap on the three vertical dots (Ellipsis icon) at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Show System Apps
  • Find and tap on android.incallui
  • Tap on Force Stop


Can InCallUI Make Fake Calls Or Reject Your Partner’s Call By Itself?


No, that’s an impossible thing for this app. There is no way to make fake calls or avoid any calls as it is not supposed to work that way. Moreover, it does not have any power to show a name or number on the screen if no details are supplied from the smartphone contact list. It can only use the saved information such as caller ID and numbers.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



What is Com.samsung.android.app.telephonyui?

This is a package name for the Samsung devices’ InCallUI.


What is com.samsung.android.app.dressroom?

It is general system bloatware on Samsung devices to indicate the Samsung Wallpapers.



What is com.android.server.telecom?

com.android.server.telecom is a feature of Android devices that helps to display the dialler, route the calls, and switch audio in between the calls. It works between the Android operating system and  Com.Samsung.Android.InCallUI. This service is responsible for making the calls from SIM cards and VOIP connections.



What Is Android App telephonyUI



Can I uninstall com.android.server.telecom?

As it is a built-in app, you cannot uninstall it permanently from your device.


What is the difference between Android InCallUI and Android server telecom?

Android server telecom is a portion of InCallUI. While a user dials any number, the InCallUI translates that and asks the operating system to know the number that has been pressed.


On the other hand, Android server telecom identifies the nature of the call (whether it is an audio or video call). Android server telecom can manage both the sim calls and VOIP calls.



What is Com.samsung.android.fmm?

It is Samsung’s system file package name that stands for “Find My Mobile” service. You will find it on any Samsung Smartphone run by Android. This app helps the real owner find their lost devices.



What is the use of com.samsung.android.app.spage?

com.samsung.android.app.spage is the name of an application package used for Digital Virtual Assistant. You will find it on any Samsung device that runs with Android 9 and higher. Digital Virtual Assistant is also popular in the name of “Bixby Home”.


com.samsung.android.app.spage helps to initiate the Bixby voice, Bixby Buttons, and Bixby Home. This package provides the required commands and resources to run the features of the Digital Virtual Assistant on Samsung.


Why is com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder used for?

com.samsung.android.app.galaxyfinder  is the package name for Samsung S Finder. This S Finder is running on Android Marshmallow and Lollipop versions of Samsung devices. You will find the S finder either within the panel or under the panel option. This feature helps users to find any app on the phone. For example, if you search ‘camera’ on the S finder, the search result displays the camera app.



What is the device keystring app?

A keystring is the authentication code that you’ll find in each key of a key chain. samsung keystring app is the authentication code that’s included in every key of a key chain. A key chain is a series of keys that helps in setting secure communication between routers in a specific network.


What does Com.samsung.android.slinkcloud mean?

Com.samsung.android.slinkcloud is the package name for Samsung CloudGateway.



What is watchmanagerstub App?

watchmanagerstub app is a pre-installed system app. Its complete package name is com.samsung.android.app.watchmanagerstub.


It stands to mean the wearable manager installer.  This app helps to manage all the Samsung wearables from a streamlined interface.


With this app in your Samsung device, you can easily manage a variety of wearables such as Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Fit2, Gear IconX, Gear Fit2 Pro, etc. It will save your time and help you easily manage wearables and smartwatches effortlessly.



Final Thoughts

By now you have gathered a lot of information regarding what android app telephonyui or InCallUI is. Besides, you’ve also learned about some related terms and technical terms regarding Android, especially Samsung devices.

We hope that this blog will help you come out of many confusions regarding some highly technical jargon and package names. Stay with us to get more posts like this.



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